Confusing English Verbs | BEEN & GONE

source: mmmEnglish        2018年3月22日
In this lesson, we'll take a closer look at the past participle forms of 'to be' and 'to go' ... Because sometimes, they are exactly the same! Look at these examples:
He has been hungry for hours! (verb to be)
He has been to Canada twice. (verb to go)

English vocabulary lesson | fancy

source: Crown Academy of English         2018年3月27日
In this English vocabulary lesson, you will learn the English word "fancy".
So what does fancy mean?
We can use it as a verb, adjective or noun. It has several different meanings and definitions, depending on the structure.

You will learn the following structures:
fancy someone
fancy doing something
fancy something
The 2 meanings of fancy as an adjective and as a noun with 2 expressions

Make sure you watch the video to listen to the correct pronunciation and to see all the examples. The accent is British English.

English with Friends: The Crazy New Years Resolution

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CNN 10 | April 23 2018--Some recent events from Nicaragua, Afghanistan and North Korea

source: 48h Hot News      2018年4月22日
A trio of world headlines starts off today's show: We're bringing you up to speed on some recent events from Nicaragua, Afghanistan and North Korea. After that, a Positive Athlete from Illinois volunteers to help children. And a growing family in Michigan has a serious grocery bill to contend with.