BBC News Review: Mr Markle may not attend royal wedding

source: BBC Learning English        2018年5月15日
Reports suggest that Meghan Markle's father may not attend her wedding to Prince Harry. It follows the appearance of photographs showing him being measured for a wedding suit and reading newspaper stories about his daughter. He is reported to have said that he did not want to cause his daughter embarrassment by attending the wedding. Dan and Catherine bring you the language you need to talk about this story.

Language challenge: 
Who takes photos of celebrities to sell to newspapers and magazines?
a) shutterbugs
b) photojournalists
c) paparazzi
Watch the video and complete the activity

The story
There is uncertainty whether Meghan Markle's father will attend Saturday's wedding between his daughter and Prince Harry, the sixth in line to the British throne.
It follows reports that Thomas Markle co-operated with a paparazzi photographer to pose for pictures. Mr. Markle had been expected to walk his daughter down the aisle, but he's now reported to have told journalists that he's decided not to go.

--fiasco: complete embarrassing failure
• Filming was a complete fiasco - the cameras didn't work and the sound was bad.
• There was a bit of a fisaco when the best man realised he'd lost his speech!
--bails: quits before the end
• Don't rely on John for anything. He always bails at the last minute.
• He bailed on the presentation to go to the beach?! Tell him he's fired immediately!
--frantic: out of control due to worry or urgency
• After the earthquake, their frantic rescue attempts saved many lives.
• Dan's mum was frantic with worry when she couldn't find him at the theme park.

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Why you should make mistakes, and how to learn from them

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]        2018年4月6日
Are you embarrassed or frustrated when you make mistakes? You are not alone. Many learners feel bad when they make a mistake, but they don't realize that making mistakes can help them improve! In fact, making mistakes is one of the BEST WAYS TO LEARN, especially if you are trying to learn a language. In this video, I will teach you that making mistakes is a very important part of learning a language. I will then show you some ways you can use your mistakes to improve your English. We will go through some practical tips on what you should do to maximize your learning. Which mistakes should you focus on? How do you know what your mistakes are? How can you make sure that you are improving? For answers to these questions and more, watch the video.

English with TV Series: Joey's Perverted Tailor (Friends)

source: Learn English With TV Series        2016年11月8日

The smart way to improve your English | Learn Collocations

source: mmmEnglish        2018年4月13日
Have you heard of collocations? When two or more words go together naturally in English - words that often appear together in sentences.
Learning COLLOCATIONS (rather than individual words) helps you to sound more fluent and natural when you use English!
In this lesson, I'll go through 20 collocations with the verb MAKE (words that often appear in sentences with the verb make!)

Learn Scientific English Vocabulary used in daily English conversations ...

source: Learn English with Let's Talk          2018年4月20日
Learn Scientific English Vocabulary used in daily English conversations | Improve your English level When you think of scientific English words, I am sure it sends shivers down your spine. Don’t worry, in today’s English Vocabulary with your English teacher Michelle, you will learn some useful scientific English words used in daily English conversations. Practice these words as you learn them in your Everyday English speaking to advance your English level and speak fluent English confidently. At Let’s Talk we always strive to provide better English lessons related to Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, English conversation etc. So that you could improve your English and communicate more confidently in the English language.