Common Prefixes - ‘re-’, ‘anti-’, ‘dis-’, ‘ex-’ and ‘mid-’

source: Learn English with     2017年12月26日
In this English grammar lesson you will learn more about English prefixes you must know. A prefix is a letter or a group of letters attached to the beginning of a word that partly indicates its meaning. Being able to recognize prefixes can help us build our vocabularies. Today we teach you those common prefixes: ‘re-’, ‘anti-’, ‘dis-’, ‘ex-’ and ‘mid-’.
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CNN 10 | January 24, 2018 with English Subtitles

source: Mathew Smith     2018年1月23日
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Phrasal Verb SET UP

source: Gerry English Expressions      2016年10月26日

Let's Learn English Level 2 Lesson 14: Made for Each Other

source: VOA Learning English       2017年12月17日
Pete and Ashley have found perfect partners. Anna says she has a new boyfriend but Pete and Ashley don't believe her. Is he real or not? See the whole lesson at:
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Learn English with GAMES (LET'S PLAY) | Super Fun Lesson

source: Interactive English     2017年12月2日
Do you like GAMES? Of course you do. We all love games. And we should use games to practice our English skills.
What better way to learn about games than by playing them. So let's play a few different games to help you learn and improve your English skills.
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FCE/CAE Writing: Getting Started

source: Practice English with Paul     2016年8月14日
People fear the FCE/CAE written exam. But actually it's not all that bad when you know how... and I WILL show you how. This is the first video in a series for FCE and CAE: getting started - "know the written exam." A good pass mark chiefly comes down to being prepared and after watching this video, you'll be in a much stronger position.

Job Interview in English #2: Highlight your skills & experience

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How to Understand All Native English Speakers [English Fluency Lesson]

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Using the verb 'DO' in many different ways

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年12月18日
in today's English Grammar lesson, we are going to look at the verb, do. well, I'm sure you've come across many lessons in the past using the verb, do and yes a lot of people get confused with this verb, okay and they do make mistakes when they use the verb, do. So, well it's one of my favourite verbs and I thought let me do a lesson on this today but we'll look at how we use do in different ways. Okay, so let's get started.
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My English tips for Portuguese speakers

source: EnglishLessons4U      2017年12月8日
Are you from Brazil or Portugal? Are you learning English? Then you need to watch this video! You're lucky if you are a Portuguese speaker learning English, because there are a lot of words that are similar between these two languages. But you have to watch out for false friends! False friends are words in one language that sound the same or almost the same as words in another language -- but mean something different! In this video, I'll give you the most common false friends between Portuguese and English, so you can avoid making these mistakes. Improve your English in less than 15 minutes with this fast and easy lesson.

verbs followed by the GERUND or INFINITIVE

source: Your English Web      2016年3月15日
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Grammar: How to use the past perfect continuous

source: BBC Learning English      2015年10月6日
‘I passed my English exam! I had been preparing by listening to all the 6 Minute Grammar programmes!’ Find out all about this area of grammar with Neil, Catherine and Finn. Remember to check our website for more practice activities:

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801 Common sentences in Daily Life for Beginner (part 1)

source: Helena Daily English     2017年8月13日
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Ielts Speaking Test (Samples Band 7-8) Part 1,2,3: Topic 1: Education, Senior Citizens

source: Helena Daily English     2017年9月14日
Ielts Speaking Test (Samples Band 7-8):
Topic 1: Education, Senior Citizens. Learning today, leading tomorrow.
Part 1 Questions and Answers: Topic 1: Education and Learning
I. Education and Learning
1. Do you work or are you a student ?
2. What subject are you studying ?
3. Why did you choose to study that ?
4. Do you like your university?
5. Is there anything you don’t like about your studies?
6. Which subject do you like the most?
7. Which subject do you think will be most useful to you after you leave university?
8. Do you often get together with your classmates after classes?
9. What was your favorite subject in high school?
10. Which school subject do you think is most useful for people in adult life?
Part 2 Questions and Answers – Topic 1: Senior Citizens
Describe the oldest person you know.
You should say:
- Who this person is ?
- How you know this person ?
- What kind of person he or she is?
- And explain what you think about this person
Part 3 Questions and Answers: Topic 1: Senior Citizens
Senior citizens in China
1. What do people in China do in their retirement year?
2. How have the lives of senior citizens in China changed in recent years?
3. Would you like to live with elderly?
4. What changes do you think will take place in the future regarding senior’s live in China?
5. Who do you think should take responsibility for looking after the Elderly? Should they live with their children or is it better for them to live in nursing homes?
6. How you do think modern technology has affected senior citizens in China today?
7. What are some of the differences in attitude towards life between young and old people in China?
8. What are some of the main problems facing the elderly in China today?
9. Do the elderly in China have a lot of influence on their children’s and grandchildren’s lives?
10. What role do the elderly play in the family ?
11. It seems that grandparents love their grandchildren more than their own sons and daughters. Why do you think that is?
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