English Idioms From Around The House

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Linking words of contrast. Lesson 2

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This lesson analyzes more ways of expressing concession and contrast. You can find more information about linking words here:
And this is Will's fantastic website

Even so
All the same
(as) much as + like/love/hate
No matter how much + like/love/hate
As + adjective + as
Adjective + though

Good Manners: What to Say and Do (Polite English)

source: Learn English with Rebecca  2013年10月10日
http://www.engvid.com/ Learning English? Then you must learn about English culture and etiquette too. I'll tell you the one secret you MUST know to be accepted in North American and British cultures. You'll also learn 12 other good habits if you're studying, working, living, or traveling overseas. This is a cross-cultural English lesson you cannot afford to miss. Take a quiz on this lesson here:http://www.engvid.com/good-manners-po...

Nouns with Different Meanings in the Singular and the Plural

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2014年7月20日
Some nouns have different meanings in the singular and the plural. Examples are given below:
Air -- atmosphere
Airs -- affected manners

Blind - unable to see because of injury, disease, or a congenital condition.
Blinds - a screen for a window, especially one on a roller or made of slats.

Character- the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
Characters- People in a novel, play, or film

Custom - a traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time.
Customs -the official department that administers and collects the duties levied by a government on imported goods.

Content - Someone who is in a state of peaceful happiness.
Contents - the things that are held or included in something.

Good -having the required qualities; of a high standard.
Goods - merchandise or possessions.

Force - strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.
Forces - an organized military force equipped for fighting on land, sea or air.

Spectacle - a visually striking performance or display OR Some visual scene.
Spectacles - a pair of glasses.

Wood - the hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub, used for fuel or timber
Woods -an area of land, smaller than a forest, that is covered with growing trees.

Manner - a way or method in which a thing is done or happens.
Manners - polite or well-bred social behavior OR etiquette one follows.

15 English Phrases for the Doctor's Office

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English in a Minute: Shoot the Breeze

source: VOA Learning English    2015年5月28日
If you're "shooting the breeze" with friends, what exactly are you doing? Find out in this week's episode of English in a Minute!
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Financial English Vocabulary VV 28 - Bonds (Lesson 1) | English Vocabulary for Finance

source: Business English Pod    2012年3月26日
http://VideoVocab.TV Bonds have been a hot topic in the news recently. But what exactly are bonds and how do they work? In this English vocabulary lesson, we'll explain some of the main ideas and vocabulary, starting with key terms such as yields, coupons, and maturity. Then we'll get into different types of bonds. And finally we'll look at how governments use bonds to finance their borrowing needs.

English for Human Resources: VV 44 - HR Management (2) | Business English Vocabulary Lessons

source: Business English Pod    2015年6月2日
In this http://VideoVocab.TV lesson, we’ll look at business English vocabulary related to human resources. Human resources, or HR, is concerned with talent management and staff development. This may involve performance appraisals as well as learning and development to improve employees’ proficiencies. Employees may develop through on-the-job training as well as coaching. We’ll also cover equal opportunity initiatives and leadership development.

Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 15

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年2月16日
Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences Day 15.
262. Take care.
263. Take it or leave it.
264. Take my word for it.
265. Take your time.
266. Thank you all the same.
267. Thank you for everything.
268. Thanks a million.
269. Thanks for the warning.
270. Thanks for your cooperation.
271. That couldn’t be better.
272. That depends.
273. That makes sense.
274. That reminds me.
275. That rings a bell.
276. That sounds like a good idea.
277. That’s all right.
278. That’s disgusting.
279. That’s fair.
280. That’s for sure.
281. That’s good to know.
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