CNN Student News February 23, 2016 with English subtitles

source: ANTONIO GALIMBERTI    2016年2月23日
CNN Student News with closed caption. (You can click it on by yourself.)
Vocabulary Quiz for EFL Students N° 00035
A deadline approaches in a case between the U.S. government and Apple, a French law targets food waste, and a Character Study features a young cancer survivor.

Halloween Night (English Listening Level 1 - Lesson 15)

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年1月31日
Halloween is fun.
My mom buys candy.
My Mom buys potato chips.
My Mom buys chocolate bars.
It is for the trick or treaters.
My Mom buys me a costume.
It is a ghost costume.
I am going to be scary.
My sister is going to dress up as a princess.
She will have a wand.
She will have a crown.
She will look beautiful.
My Dad buys a pumpkin.
It is going to be a Jack O'Lantern.
We draw a face on the pumpkin.
We carve the face with a knife.
Our Jack O'Lantern looks funny.
We go trick or treating.
We knock on the neighbour's door.
We say, "trick or treat."
Our neighbours give us candy.
We say thanks.
We go to many houses.
We go home.
Our parents check our candy.
It's safe.
We eat lots of candy.
We don't feel very good.
We go to bed.

English Conversation 15

source: Trung Mai    2015年11月5日

English Way DVD 19 with English subtitles

sources: Learning English Online / English Subtitles   2014年10月25日
In the professional area, learn useful expressions for telephone conversations. In health, discover the relationship between clothing and personality. In the leisure area, knows all about the leisure activities and how to describe the places.
Lesson 17 - Hang on a second
Lesson 18 - Thanks for calling
Lesson 17 - Dear Emma
Lesson 18 - Elders and betters
Lesson 17 - Let's go to the swimming pool
Lesson 18 - Something out of the ordinary


source: 美国之音中文网   2012年12月5日
1. scalper 黄牛党 
2. bro code 兄弟行为准则 
3. second base 二垒(接吻) 
4. wrap around her little finger 任由她摆布