Relationship Vocabulary 1 - Getting together

source: Practice English with Paul     2015年6月22日
Relationship Vocabulary 1 - Getting together
For intermediate students and above:)
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00:44 to go on a date
01:13 to get on well (with)
01:34 to have a lot in common (with)
02:00 to enjoy one's company 
02:40 to get on like a house on fire
03:07 to fancy someone
04:05 to fall for someone
04:31 to fall head over heals in love 
04:54 love at first sight
05:05 to be crazy about someone
05:35 to be infatuated in 
06:30 to be attracted to 
06:57 to be quite/rather keen on 
06:57 to be quite/rather fond of 
07:33 to date/to go out with me

News Review: 100 year anniversary for women's rights

source: BBC Learning English     2018年2月6日
Rob and Dan teach you the language the world's media is using to discuss this story:
Today marks 100 years since The Representation of the People Act was passed, giving women the right to vote.
The change in law affected women the age of 30 who met certain property qualifications, but full electoral equality didn’t follow for another decade.

pardoned:officially forgiven for committing a crime
caricature: exaggerated depiction of someone
sanitised: made less offensive or unpleasant
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CNN 10 | February 9 2018 | English Subtitle

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Student News Anchor: Carl Azuz.

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Common Transition Words

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Mindhunter Phrasal Verbs 2

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English Conversation: word game

source: Rachel's English     2018年1月9日
Study real English conversation to understand how Americans speak and learn the phrasal verbs ‘listen up’ and ‘plug in.’ Play a word game with me and my family – we study the conversation so you can understand everything that’s said and improve listening comprehension. Learn how to imitate Americans to improve English fluency.
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Transportation (Advanced Listening & Speaking Practice)

source: Interactive English    2017年8月29日
This is a listening & speaking activity! In this activity, you will identify and describe different types of transportation.
Build your vocabulary and increase confidence in speaking!
Listen and guess the types of transportation being described in the video. Then, practice your speaking skills by describing different transportation nouns to us. :)

The secret meaning of "Let's get together" - American culture & small talk

source: Speak English with Christina      2017年3月28日
Why do Americans say "Let's get together" and then you never see them again? Learn the secret meaning of this common small talk expression.
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Modals: Can and Could

source: Gerry English Expressions     2016年6月7日

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Take the Present Perfect Progressive challenge!

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]      2018年1月15日
Will you be able to pass my Present Perfect Progressive Challenge?! In this lesson, you will review the grammatical structure of the present perfect progressive tense and learn how to use it in conversation. You'll hear many examples taken from real English conversations and I'll explain how and when you should use this tense. Here is the challenge: First, watch this video. Second, take the quiz to make sure you're using the tense correctly. Third, use the present perfect progressive tense in conversation or in our comments section. Complete this challenge and you'll become more comfortable USING the grammar you learn. Good luck! Practice makes perfect!

Confusing verbs

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✪ Basic English Listening for Beginners: Top 20 Daily Topics - Part 1

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English Conversation Sample
A: My name is Maria Carter and I have a reservation.
B: Is that M-A-R-Y C-A-R-T-E-R?
A: No, Maria. M-A-R-I-A.
B: Oh, right. Here it is. Two nights, right? A: That’s right.
A: Can I have your name, please?
B: Smith. Suzanna Smith.
A: Is that S-U-S-A-N?
B: No, S-U-Z-A-N-N-A.
A: Sorry, Ms. Smith. I don’t see anything here. And the hotel is full tonight.
B: What?
A: Mr. Wilson?
B: That’s right. Harry Wilson.
A: Is that H-A-R-V-E-Y?
B: No, H-A-R-R-Y. They call me Dirty Harry! A: Oh.
A: My name’s Abramson. A-B-R-A-M-S-O- N. Do you have a reservation for me?
B: Hmm… just a minute. First name Joseph? A: That’s right. Joseph.
B: Ah, yes. Here it is.
A: My name’s Louis Jackson.
B: Is that L-O-U-I-S-E?
A: No, that’s a girl’s name.
B: Oh, sorry.
A: It’s L-O-U-I-S. ‘
B: Of course.