British measurements: pints, feet, Celsius, and more!

source: Learn English with Gill (engVid)   2015年12月14日
If you're interested in British culture, you need to know British measurements. It's useful to know about the different measurement systems, and interesting to learn how they came to be used. In the UK, we use a combination of imperial and metric measurements. In this lesson I will explain the British measurements we use for height, weight, distance, and temperature. I'll also teach you some vocabulary connected with measurement. Watch the video, then take the quiz at and see how you measure up!

Temperature Dropped! (OMG!美語)

source: 美国之音中文网     2015年11月23日
1. temperature dropped 降温了
2. bundle up 多穿点
3. long underwear 秋裤
-I'm totally gonna wear long underwear today. I'm gonna freeze if I don't wear long underwear!我今天必须要穿秋裤了。如果我不穿秋裤会冻死的!

今天来看看@TING-HYF 提的话题:天冷了注意事项:
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Man-day 美語怎麼說(52)

source: 美国之音中文网      2014年4月3日
1. Man cave 男人的個人空间
2. Light bulbs点子,主意
3. Binge-watch 使用智慧型裝置連續觀看多部影集或電視節目
4. Play the ___ card 打什么樣的牌
5. Whipped妻管嚴
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