Asking for and giving directions

source: Thanh Ngo Duc
# movement phrases
--until you come to the ...
--for about 4 miles
--about 4 blocks
# phrasal verbs and useful phrases
--go along this road
--go down there
--walk down
--drive down this road
--make a right/left
--take a right/left
--turn right/left
--hang a right/left
--walk/go past the bank
--pass the bank
# describing location
--X is on the left side of the street.
--X is on your left.
--It's next to a laundromat.
--You will see it on the ...
# scene 1
--Excuse me. I'm new here. Is there a bank on the corner of Bradley Boulevard.
--Yes. Go along this road until you come to the intersection of Wilson and Bradley. It's at the intersection.
--Is it far?
--No. It'll take you about 3 or 4 minutes to get there.
--Thanks. You've been very helpful.
--Don't mention it. Good luck!
# scene 2
--I'm lost. Do you know where the bank is?
--Yeah. Turn left here (at this intersection). Follow that road about a mile. The bank is in the shopping center. You can't miss it.
--I don't get it. Can you repeat it again, please?
# scene 3
--Can you tell me where the bakery is?
--Sure. Turn right here, and go down (this road) about 4 blocks, then turn left. That is Warren Road. Go down there and you will see it on the left side of the street.
--I'm sorry. I'm lost. Can you repeat that?
--Thanks. I got it now.
--If you can't find it, just ask someone.
--Thanks. You've been a big help.
--Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I was wondering how to get to St. Paul's Hospital from here?
--It's pretty far.
--make a left
--hang a right
--Do you know where the nearest police station is?
--take the third right
--Thanks for your time.
--No problem.

Asking and Giving Directions

source: René Moran

Giving Directions in English

source: Taniussia

How to give directions in English

source: English Teacher Jon - LEARN ENGLISH
--at/on the corner of  
--A is near / close to X.
--X is between A and B.
--It's on Ontario Street (St.)/ Avenue (Ave.) / Court (Crt.) / Lane (Ln.) / Boulevard (Blvd.) / Road (Rd.) 
--A is opposite / across from B. 
--turn right/left
--go straight
--Hi, sorry to bother you. / Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to (somewhere)?

how to get to ...(3-1)

source: EnglishEater

how to get to ...(3-2)

source: EnglishEater

how to get to ...(3-3)

source: EnglishEater     2009年11月26日

Giving Directions for Beginners

source: Real English®

Asking for directions

source: Twominute English    2012年11月20日
# going to the beach
--I will be driving to the beach this weekend. Can you help me fiture out how to get there?
--I'll be happy to help you. Where are you starting from?
--I'll be driving from my house on Lewis Avenue near the post office.
--You should drive to the expressway, take Exit 14 and then follow the Belt Parkway until you see the exit for the beach.
--Do you know if the beach exit is on the right or left?
--You will have to stay to the right.
# finding a coffee shop
--Hi. I'm looking for the coffee shop in Queens Village.
--Is it the next town over?
--You're in Kings Town. Queens Village is two towns over.
--You have to go down the road 1 mile and then follow the stone path. You'll see a pond when you get there.
--Is there a sign when I arrive at Queens Village?
--No, sorry. Just follow the landmarks I gave you.
# to a shoe store
--I need to go to a shoe store in the mall quickly.
--You should take the elevator to the third floor and then walk straight down the aisle until you see Nine West Shores.
--That seems far and I have to rush. Wouldn't it be faster to go to Guess Shoes on the first floor next to the candy store?
--Yes, it would be. You can exit the store directly into the parking lot afterwards. Just pass the cashier and walk out the bank door.
--Which back door? There are two.
--The one on the left with a sign that says, "Parking Lot Exit."

Directions (Learn English 04 for beginners)

source: EF podEnglish    2007年11月28日
Learn to ask for directions and understand the directions given to you in English. In this beginner English lesson you will watch people ask questions using "where is" and listen as they receive directions.
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Planning a vacation

source: Twominute English
# planning for a family trip
--Do you want to come along with my family for a short trip?
--Where are you guys heading?
--We are planning to go to Texas.
--Wow, that sounds interesting. I'm in.
--That's great. It'll be really fun.
--I'm looking forward to it.
# going to the Grand Canyon
--Hey Laura, I'm thinking about going to Grand Canyon this summer.
--Hmm...but I wanted to go to the beach with you.
--We went to the beach last year. Could we go to the Grand Canyon this time?
--Okay Chip. If you want it that bad, we'll go there.
--Thank you. We'll take a flight.
--Sure! No problem. Book the tickets in advance.
# an office trip
--The office is planning a 3-day weekend trip to San Francisco. Are you coming?
--When's that?
--Next Friday. The entire office is going.
--Friday? Oh no, I've promised my son we'll go fishing that weekend.
--Well, that's a shame you won't come then.
--I don't think so. I can't let my son down.
--I understand. We'll miss you.
# advance booking
--Hey Chip, did you book the hotel and the flights for our vacation?
--Oops! I'm sorry Laura. I forgot all about it.
--That's not good. You must make the bookings today!
--Of course. I'm going to go online and book the flight right now.
--Good, and don't forget about the hotel.
--We need a double room for 2 days starting Friday.
--Absolutely. I'm also going to hire a taxi to take us from the hotel around the town.
--Oh yes! I forgot all about the taxi. Thanks for remembering that.
--No problems. I'll make the bookings right away.
# booking tickets
--How can I help you?
--I would like to make a flight reservation for the 22nd day of this month.
--OK. What is your destination?
--Well, I'm flying to Tampa, Florida.
--Let me check what flights are available. When will you return?
--I would like to catch a return flight for the 30th.
--Do you want to fly out of Los Angeles International or Burbank airport?
--I would like to fly from Los Angeles International Airport and prefer taking a morning flight.
--Alright. I have booked a morning flight for you. I am sending you the tickets in e-mail.

What's the worst holiday you've ever had?

source: Learn English

Talking About Holidays and Leisure...

source: australianetwork

talking about vacation plan (elementary level)

source: EFEnglishtown HK
# using "be going to + V" for future plans
--I'm packing my bags.
--I'm getting ready for my vacation.
--I can't wait to go.
--What is Sally going to do?
--Sally is going to stay at home.
--Who is Mark going to visit.
--He is going to visit his parents.
--How about you? Do you have any plans for the holiday?

Planning a Weekend Getaway - Fun Vacation English Lesson

source: Twominute English
# planning a trip with your family
--Hey Mom, I was wondering if we could plan a getaway trip this weekend?
--Well, that's a great idea, Polly.
--It's been a while since we did something together as a family.
--Where do you think we should go?
--I think camping would be a good idea. Your father is quite fond of camping and adventure trips.
--I was thinking the same. I know this wonderful camping site organized by NTC. Let's call them and ask for availability and prices.
--That'd be great. Call them up and find out all the details. I'll talk to your father in the evening.
# planning a trip with your friends
--Hey, tomorrow is our last exam. Doesn't it call for a celebration?
--Yeah. You're absolutely right, Carl. I think we should plan a weekend.
--That's a good idea, Polly. Where do you think we should go?
--I went camping with my family a couple of months back. It was quite adventurous and exciting. I think we should go there.
--Camping is not a bad idea. Can you call the campsite and ask about availability?
--Yes, I will. I have the number. I'll call them and ask.
--That'd be great. Let me know. I'll have to tell my parents as well.
# planning a trip with your office colleagues
--Do you know we have a three-day weekend next week?
--Who told you that?
--I had a word with HR and they told me that the office will be closed for three days next weekend.
--Oh, really? Let's plan a weekend trip together then. I think our team deserves a good weekend getaway.
--I was thinking the same. Where do you think we should go?
--I think San Antonio would be perfect.
--It's a beautiful place to visit in the fall.
--I was thinking about some national park.
--Let's discuss these options with the team members and let them decide where to go.
--Yeah. That's a great idea.
# telling your friends about your weekend plan
--Hey, what's up, Rustin?
--I'm good. You look so happy. What's the matter?
--Well, I'm going on a weekend trip with my family after such a long time.
--That's good news. Where are you going?
--We are going camping at Locust Lake State Park.
--Oh, that's a really good place for camping. I went there with my family as well, a couple of years ago.
--Yeah, you told me once.
--Hope you have a great trip. Call me when you get back.

Talking About your vacation

source: Twominute English
# vacation plans
--Hey Gary, how are you?
--I'm good, Karen. Holidays are coming. What are your plans?
--Well, I guess I'll be going to Alabama this time. It's been years since I last went there.
--That sounds cool. Will you be staying at a relative's?
--Yup. My grandma lives there. It's been a long time since I saw her. I'm so excited!
--Alabama is a nice place. How long do you plan to stay?
--Maybe a couple of weeks.
--I'm sure you'll enjoy your vacation, Karen.
--Yeah, I sure hope so. Thanks!
# telling your friend about your trip
--Hey Gary, how have you been?
--I'm good, Karen. How was your trip to Alabama?
--Oh, I don't know where to start. It was awesome! Alabama was such a beautiful place and I met my grandma after a very long time!
--So, tell me something about what you did there.
--Oh sure. I visited some wine farms to see how they make wine. I also went to some wine bottling plants. In the evening, I would go on treks. I had an amazing time!
--That is so cool. Did you try some wine too?
--Yes. I tasted different types, but I didn't drink too much. My folks were around.
--That's really nice. I guess I should really go to Alabama someday!
--Yes. You should do that, Gary. You will definitely love the place.
--Sure. Maybe next time you can tell me when you're going and we'll go together!
# telling your teacher about your vacation
--Good morning, Mr. Perry.
--Good morning, Karen. How are you?
--I'm fine. Thank you.
--So, tell me, how did you spend your summer vacation?
--I visited my gramma in Alabama.
--How long did you stay?
--I stayed there for two weeks.
--That sounds good. Some of my friends live there. It's a nice place.
--Yes, it is. I've been there a couple of times. It's so calm and beautiful.
--Yeah, I know. It seems you had a good time.
--Ys, Mr. Perry. I really enjoyed my holidays.
# talking to a travel agent
--Hi, I'm planning a trip and I need some information.
--Sure, Sir. Do you have a destination in mind?
--My friend just came back from Alabama. Will it be a good choice?
--It's a great choice around this time of the year. We have economical packages which include airfare, accommodation and meals.
--Nah. I just need the air-tickets. I've found a place to stay from
--Sure. No problem. When do you plan to go?
--Do you have any good deals for next week?
--Yep! I could find you a great deal on one of the no-frill airlines.
--Fantastic! Please do that.

What did you do during the vacation?

source: MsAcheney
--So, Maggie, what did you do during summer vacation?
--I visited the Philippines.
--Oh, the Philippines. Cool. What did you do there?
--I went to the beach and I went snorkeling.
--How was it?
--It was fun. So Jarrett, what did you do during the vacation?
--I visited Jeju-do.
--What did you do there?
--I went to the beach. I visited some museums.
--How was it?
--It was really fun.

Tell Me About Your Last Vacation

source: MadridTeacher

Negotiating a Better Price - Business English Lesson

source: Twominute English     2013年6月24日
Exercises for this lesson:
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# shopping for vegetables
--How much are those apples?
--They're $2.50 a pound.
--What about those bananas?
--They're $2.00 a pound.
--That's so expensive! I bought bananas for $1.50 just yesterday!
--The price went up today. I have to charge more.
--Hey, I'm a regular customer, Cullen. $2.00 is too much.
--OK, Mrs. Patterson. How does $1.80 sound to you?
--Well, it does sound better, but $1.70 would be fair.
--Mrs. Patterson, you're killing me! Where's my profit?
--Come on, Cullen! I come here almost every day! Let's make it $1.75!
--All right! You win! You drive tough bargain, Mrs. Patterson! How many pounds do you nee?
--Give me two pounds.
# turning away: a trick to bargain
--Excuse me. I was driving by and saw the "For Sale" sign on your car. How much are you asking?
--Well, it's a classic. And it's almost in mint condition.
--There's a dent over here. How much?
--I'm asking 25 grand.
--That's a lot of money for an old car.
--An old car? What do you mean? I'm only selling it because I'm getting married. This is a great car!
--I'll give you 15.
--15? Lady, I can't sell it for 15! The tires are brand new and everything in it is original! I'll let it go for 23. Not a penny less.
--Well, I don't think I want to pay that much. Thanks anyway.
--Lady, have a heart! Wait. Well, how about 22?
--21 and I'll pay cash.
# closing the deal
--So you will pay 21 grand cash?
--Seems fair to me.
--OK then. Deal. Do you have the money on you?
--Of course not! I'll have to go to the bank and I'll be back in a little while.
--While you do that, I'll get the papers so we can sign. I'll wait for you here.
--Do you have an extra set of keys?
--Yes, I have everything. Even the manual is still in the glove compartment.
--Great! My husband is going to love it.
--It's a gift for your husband? Wow, he's a very lucky guy.
--I know. I'll be right back with the money.
# bargaining a better price on a house
--So, what do you think? The house is really well located, and the schools in this neighborhood are great.
--How much do they want for it?
--They're asking $820.000.00.
--That's really expensive for this place. I was thinking something more like $700.000.00.
--It's not expensive at all. The house was just refurbished. Everything is new.
--Well, I don't think I'll go any higher than $720.000.00. Talk to the owner and let me know.
--Well, I'll talk to him. But that's why below what he expects. Besides, that's market price.
--Talk to him. Call me when you know something.

Vocabulary - shopping for shoes

source: English Teacher Jon - LEARN ENGLISH
# size: too big, too tight, fit
# price: expensive, reasonable, cheap
# the bill: discount, taxes
# ways of payment: by cash, with credit card, with debit, by cheque/check

Shopping and Buying | Idioms, Phrases and Slangs | Intermediate Level

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2013年1月5日
--to buy a lemon: to buy something that proves to be worthless.
--on me: to offer to pay for expense (mainly for food and drink)
--to pay one's way: to contribute to own's share of expense
--to pay thourgh the nose: to pay way too much for something
--to shop around: to vist a number of shops to compare prices
--to shop lift: to steal goods from a shop
--to shop till you drop: going on a very long shopping trip
--to shut shop: to close shop (usually for business)
--shopping therapy / retail therapy: (based on the idea that buying or shopping can cheer you up)
--dressed to kill: to dress one's best clothes in order to look good
--fit like a glvoe: fit perfectly well
--on a shoe string budget: being on a small budget

talking about shopping

source: Tom Kenny

Let's Go Shopping! (for beginners)

source: purplemary
--Excuse me. May I see that jacket, please?
--Do you have it in red?
--May I try it on?
--Sure. What size do you take?
--I usually take a medium.
--How is it?
--It's a bit too long. Do you have a shorter one?
--Yes, we do.
--How much is it?
--It's on sale. It's only ...
--I'll take it.
# at the supermarket
--May I have some natto, please?
--How many would you like?
--How much is it?

How to reduce a price by bargaining - Vocabulary

source: iswearenglish
--It's not exactly what I want. But how much is it?
--Is there a discount for cash?
--Could you do me a better price?
--Could you reduce the price for me?
--Is that the best price? (cheapest price)
--How about taking a bit off?
--It's a bit more than I want to pay. How about $...?
--I could go as high as (price). / The very most I could give is (price).
--Would you take (price)?
--(price) for that, you can wrap it now.
--Maybe I could stretch to (price).
--I will meet you half way.
--Done / Sold.

Shopping Dialogue

source: Chit Chat English
# a rip-off
--Do you like my bag? I got it for $200.
--$200? What a rip-off! I saw the same bag at a different store for $90.
# a bargain (something that you bought at a really good price)
--I like your scarf. It looks expensive.
--Actually, I got it for $5.
--$5 What a bargain!

Shopping and Bargains

source: EnglishAnyone

talking about movies (Beginner)

source: englishwithjo
--What types of movies do/don't you like?
--What's your favorite movie?
--What's the worst movie you have ever seen?
--Do you like to go to the cinema?
--How often do you go to the cinema?
--Who's your favorite actor/actress?
--comedies, dramas, science fiction (sci-fi), action films, horror films, romantic films

talking about movies (intermediate)

source: englishwithjo
#movie genres:
--comedies, dramas, science fiction movies, documentaries, fiction and non-fiction movies
--What movie genres do you like?
--My all-time favorite movie is ...
--What is your all-time favorite movie?
--Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction movies?
--Do you like to see a movie on the big screen (cinema)?

musical instruments (vocabulary)

source: JosephTeachesEnglish
--bagpipes / bassoon / cello / clarinet / drums / guitar / electric guitar / flute / harmonica / mandolin /oboe / piano / saxophone / tambourine / trombone / trumpet / tuba / ukulele / viola / violin / xylophone / zither

Musical instrument related vocabulary

source: dgb111
--accordions / acoustic guitar / amplifier / electric bass /conga / cello / clarinet / classical guitar / concert hall / cowbell / cymbals / drum / drum set with cymbals / electric guitar / electronic keyboard / flute / grand piano / harmonica/ hi-hat /kettle drums / mandolin / microphone / mixer / mixing board / church organ / p.a. system (public address system) / pedal steel guitar / recording studio / saxophone / stage / trombone / trumpet / tuba / upright piano / violin / fiddle / xylophone

Vocabulary: Music Words

source: Espresso English
# difference between "music" and "song"
# percussion instruments: drums, cymbals, tambourine, triangle
# wind instruments: trumpet , flute, clarinet, trombone
# string instruments: guitar, violin, harp, cello
# other vocabulary:
--orchestra, conductor, melody, harmony, beat
gig, album, track, single, lyrics, soundtrack, hit

talking about music & movement

source: EnglishAnyone

Listening to music (conversation)

source: ESLConversation

Activities And Hobbies: food, outdoor and indoor activities

source: Thong nhat nguyen
# What do you do in your free time? Where do you do it? Who do you do it with? What is your favorite free-time activity or hobby? What hobby would you like to try?
# indoor activities
--ballet / karaoke / doing magic / watch movies / play chess / play darts
# outdoor activities:
--fish / camp / hike / paint / garden
--track and field events: jog / high jump / long jump / 50 meter dash
--water sports: swim / surf / wind surf / scuba dive / dive / water polo
--extreme sports: sky diving / mountain climbing / para-sail / hang gliding
# "play" + sports: play tennis / football / baseball / basketball / volleyball
# "go" + sports: go jogging / water skiing / sailing / bicycling
# "do" + sports: do aerobics / gymnastics / karate
# Here, have some pizza.
--No, thank you. I do not like pizza that much.
--I do not like french fries, either.
--I do not like hamburgers.
--What do you like?
--I like ice cream.
--I don't like to kill animals
--He does not train on Saturdays or Sundays.
--He does not drink beer, coke or anything sweet.
--He doesn't practice ballet with me.
# What do you do every day?
--Do you shop and visit museums?
--Do you dance at discos?
--Do you go to expensive restaurants?
--Sure, but at night I go out with my friends.
--Do you do anything else at night?
--I go to comedy clubs and watch movies.
# Does your boyfriend spend much time with you?
--Yes, he does.
--Mine doesn't. He's too busy.
--What does he do?
--He goes to college.
--Does he play sports with his friends?
--Does he travel a lot?
--Does he study all the time?
--No, he doesn't study too much.
# Do you and your classmates have any hobbies?
--Sure. I fish and Jim, my best friend, hikes in the forest.
--What about your other classmates? What do they do?
--The guys like to camp.
--What do you do in your free time?
--I paint.
# Do you do ballet?
--Yes, I practice every Tuesday and Thursday.
--Do you do any sports?
--No, I don't.
--What does your husband do in his free time?
--He watches movies.

--They don't camp alone.
--I don't fish or hike. I don't like outdoors.
--I can jog/run a marathon. I can long jump too.
--We don't do aerobics.
--I do a lot of track and field events.

# Did you know that my uncle is an athlete?
--Really? Does he train every day?
--Not really. He trains Monday to Friday.
--What does he eat to stay thin?
--He eats vegetables and lot of fruit.
# You look tired. Did you work out?
--Do you work out every day?
--No, I don't. I work out only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
--Do you work out?
--No, I don't. I watch movies. Do yo like movies?
--No, I don't. But I like music.
# How's your daughter doing in London?
--She's doing fine. She studies music at a music college.
--Does she play the piano?
--No, she doesn't. She plays the violin.
--What does your daughter do?
--She studies at a college at California.
--Does she study music?
--No, she studies painting.
# Do you have any hobbies?
--I like music. I have a large collection of cassette tapes and CDs.
--Do you go to concerts?
--No, I don't. I usually listen to music at home. Do you have any hobbies?
--I hike in the mountains. I go hiking with my brother every month.
--Do you hunt too?
--No, but we go bird-watching.
# I didn't know you can dive.
--I can't. I'm just learning to dive. Can you dive?
--Yes, I can, but I'm not very good.
--Do you do any other sports?
--I can play tennis.
--Do you play it often?
--I can't play very often. I have to study every day.
# Where do you work out?
--I don't work out in a gym, but I do a lot of track and field events.
--What can you do?
--I can jog a marathon. I can run a 15 meters dash too.
--Do you do any other events?
--I do the long jump and I do the high jump. I do long jump too.
--I do the long jump, too. Maybe we can practice the long jump together.
# My brother lives in Hawaii. He lives on the beach.
--Does he like water sports?
--Sure. He can swim and surf.
--Does he wind-surf?
--I'm not sure. His wife also likes water sports. She might.
--She likes water polo. She can dive also. They both can scuba dive. They do that all the time.
# Look at this. This guy is mountain climbing. I cannot do that.
--It's too dangerous! Do you do any extreme sports?
--I can para-sail.
--Really? Can you skydive?
--No, I can't skydive. I want to learn. Cannot hang glide, either.
--My boss   He loves it.
# We can't play tennis today.
--That's too bad. Let's play football.
--We can't play football, either, because it's raining.
--Then, we can't play baseball, either.
--Let's go to the sport center. We can play basketball or volleyball there.
--I can't play volleyball. I don't know how.
--Don't worry. I'll show you. It's not hard.
# What are you doing this Sunday?
--I don't have any plans. Can we go sailing?
--No, we can't. We can't use my sister's boat. She's using that on Sunday.
--Can we go biking or jogging?
--I can't because my foot still hurts.
--You can go swimming, right?
--Yeah. I can do that.
# Do you like working out?
--Can you do aerobics?
--I never tried.
--I can do gymnastics. Can you?
--I can't, but my girlfriend can.
--Do you do any sports with your girlfriend?
--Yes. We both can do karate. We practice every weekend.
# Can you go swimming with us today?
--No, I can't. I have to help my mother.
--Can you go swimming with us tomorrow?
--Sure. Do you go swimming every day?
--No, I go swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
# Do you come to the gym every day?
--No, I can't. I have to work. So I come on the weekends.
--Do you come every day?
--Yes. Can you lift weights?
--Yes, but not very well. Can you help me?
# Do you like mountain climbing?
--Sure, I love it. I can climb a 300 meter mountain.
--Do you go mountain climbing every weekend?
--No. I don't go mountain climbing when it snows. Do you mountain climb?
--No, I can't, but I want to learn.

What do you do for fun?

source: JamesESL English Lessons    2013年8月12日 Use this basic English lesson to improve your conversation skills by talking about the things you like to do every day for fun. Learn what spare time, downtime, hobbies, and interests are. I'll also teach you how to explain your passions to others.

--What do you do in your downtime? (relaxing time)
--What do you do in/with your spare time?
--What do you do when you have time off?
--What are your hobbies/interests?
# I enjoy + Ving: (I like to + V)
--collecting comic books
--playing sports / cards / games
--going to movies / the theater / the beach
--baking / cooking / reading / writing
--That sounds interesting.

Phrasal Verbs - Hobbies

source: englishwithjo
# take up a hobby (start a hobby)
--I think I'll take up the piano this year.
# give up
--I'm really busy with work this year so I think I am going to give up golf until I have more time.
# get into (to become involved or interested in an activity)
--I thin I'm going to try to get into sport this year because I'm quite unfit.
#join in (to participate)
--We're going to have a game of basketball. Would you like to join in?
# Click this line for relevant grammar videos: phrasal verbs

Talking about Hobbies

source: NeoEnglishSystem
--Do you have any hobbies?
--Yes, I have several.
--What do you like to collect?
--I like to collect stamps.
--What is another hobby of yours?
--I'm not a beer drinker.
--What about you? What are your hobbies?
--I like to read a lot.
--What do you read about?
--What kind of science do you read about?
--It helps me exercise my brain.

talking about hobbies (IELTS speaking 3-1)

source: Tatiana Polushkina

talking about hobbies (IELTS speaking 3-2)

source: Tatiana Polushkina

talking about hobbies (IELTS speaking 3-3)

source: Tatiana Polushkina

Talking About Hobbies

source: Twominute English     2013年5月19日
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# talking to someone on the bus
--It's a good day for a long ride.
--Yes. It's perfect. I love to read while travelling.
--I see that. I'm Linda from California.
--I'm Maggie from New York.
--So, you like reading? What do you like to read?
--I like history, astrology, palmistry and all related stuff.
--That's interesting. Can you also read palms?
--Oh, no! I wouldn't dare. I just like the subject. And you? What are your interests?
--I like photography and travelling.
--Great! I want to travel to Egypt and India one day.
--I've been to India. Based on what you've just told me, I believe you'll love it there.
--Yes, so do I!
# talking to a friend
--Hey, Ethan. I brought you some DVDs.
--Dude! Thank you but watching movies isn't really a hobby for me.
--Oh, I thought you would like it. What do you like to do in your spare time then?
--My hobby is to play games.
--Which games do you play?
--I can play Unreal Tournament for hours. What's your favorite pastime?
--I don't really like video games. I just like watching movies.
--Did you watch "Tekken"?
--Yes, I liked it. Do you have the game?
--Yes, I do. Let's play it.
# talking to a neighbor
--Wow Maggie, you're really into collecting old books!
--Yes, I collect rare books. It's one of my hobbies.
--It's a nice one. I myself am a collector, too. I collect coins.
--Sounds fun. You must have many old coins!
--Well, I'm just an amateur. I don't have old coins, but I do have coins from most of the countries.
--What do you like to do in your spare time?
--I like to watch movies. What about you?
--I listen to music. It helps me to relax.
# talking about unusual hobbies
--What do you do for fun, Kyle?
--Well...I sometimes make prank calls, just for the fun of it!
--OMG! That's a weird hobby.
--It's not really a hobby but I can't help doing it form time to time. that all you do for fun?
--No, no. I also like to collect tea bag covers. collect tea bags for fun? Sorry to say pal, but it doesn't sound that much fun either.
--What can I say? People are different...
--Oh, I couldn't agree more...

talking about relationships

source: EFEnglishtown
--I feel pressured.
--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
--You mean the world to me. Let's move in together!
--George wants to move in with Fiona. (to love together)
--But Fiona is not ready to move in with George.
--Do you want to break up with me? (Do you want to end this relationship?)
--I just think we should slow down a bit. Let's not rush.

Relationships and dating

source: ESLConversation


source: ESLConversation
--How long have you and Mary been married?
--We have been married for 8 years in August.
--Do you regret it?
--Not in the least!
--How have you stayed so happy?
--I wish we had got married sooner so I could have spent more time with her!
--You're too much!
--It's the truth!

Marriage and Divorce (vocabulary)

source: EnglishLessons4U
--I'm engaged. to be engaged (to promise to marry someone)
--I will get married soon. I'll marry John.
--I am married. (your current status)
--a reception party after the marriage ceremony
--I'm separated but not yet divorced.
--to get a divorce
--I'm divorced. (your current status)

How to have good relationship with your husband (English conversation fr...

source: WabsTalk

Love and Marriage (vocabulary)

source: JenniferESL
--to pop the question (to ask someone to marry you)
--to exchange vows (to get married; to have a wedding ceremony)
--They exchanged vows on a beautiful island.
--a honeymoon (a wedding trip/vacation)

fun slang for describing men

source: Chit Chat English
--a sugar daddy
--a player
--a meathead

Conversation about Online Dating

source: ESLConversation

How to ask for a date in English

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年10月17日

Dating Advice: 10 Conversation Tips

source: Flash Fontanelli    2011年9月10日

Dating tips and Relationship advice

source: WabsTalk    2011年7月29日 English conversation between two female friends about love and relationship.

Love, Dating, and Relationships

source: JamesESL    2009年6月25日
--S/he's taken.
--We're dating.
--We're seeing each other.
--We hooked up.
--We're in an open relationship.
--We're in a long-term committed relationship.
--S/he ended it (the relationship). It's over.
--We're on a break.
--S/he cheated on me. (having sex outside the relationship)
--S/he is/was sleeping around.
--S/he dumped me.
--We broke up.

Dating and Relationship (vocabulary)

source: learnexmumbai
--to look for one's Mr. Right
--go on / have a blind date
--Don't let your heart rule your head.
--She was all dolled up for the date.
--He was completely smitten by her.
--They got along like a house on fire.
--Then they were going steady with each other. (serious in a relationship)
--They were head over hills in love. (deeply in love)
--Later, their relationship was on the rock. (on a rough patch)
--They decided to iron out all their differences. (to sort out)
--They kissed and made up.
--to pop the question (to propose marriage)
--the courtship period (dating period)
--Finally, they decided to walk down the aisle. (get married)

How to talk about sickness?

source: learnexmumbai
# ache: I have a...
--headache, toothache, earache
# sore: I have a...
--sore eye/neck/throat
# infection: I have a/an...
--eye/throat/ear infection
# allergy / flu / injury (I have a/an...)
# some related expressions:
--I feel dizzy.
--I'm having a bad hangover.
--I have a running nose.
--I have a blocked nose / nasal congestion.
--I need to go to an ENT specialist.
--I have a frozen shoulder.
--I have a bloated stomach/belly.
--I have a constipation / I feel constipated.
--I have diarrhea.
--I have cramps / spasms.
--I sprained my ankles.
--Take the doctor's prescription to a pharmacy (drug store) to get your medicine.

Seeing off Your Friends

source: Twominute English     2013年6月21日
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# seeing off a friend going for an interview
--Hi, Max. Good luck with the interview.
--Thank you, Abel. There comes the train. I should go now.
--Sure. Be careful with the papers and the documents while in the train.
--Thank you for reminding me, Max. I get a little nervous in these situations.
--You'll be alright, Max. Just keep calm and remain confident.
--I'll do my best.
--Max. Bye then, and gook luck!
--Thank you, Abel. Bye.
# your friend's going for a long vacation
--Clara, how long will you be there?
--I'm off for 3 months.
--I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot! Don't forget us!
--How could I forget? I'll miss you all!
--We'll miss you too, Clara. Don't forget to call me.
--Sure! I'll call you right after I get there.
--See you in three months, dear. Have a nice trip!
--Thank you, June. See ya!
# seeing off a friend who visited you
--Max, thank you for visiting me. Give my love to little Cindy and Martha.
--Thank you, Clara. Why don't you visit us soon?
--Oh! I was going to ask you to come back soon and bring them along.
--Clara, now it's your turn. Cindy talks about you very often!
--Okay! I'll call you up before I go.
--Yes, and do it soon!
--I will. Bye for now then, Max. See ya soon!
--Bye, Clara. Call me up.
# seeing off your wife
--Okay, honey. Did you pack everything?
--Yes, dear. I have everything I need.
--Please take care while you are there, love. I'll miss you!
--I'll miss you too, Fred. Take care of the kids. I will be back before you know it.
--Yes, the kids are excited because I told them I'll take them out this weekend.
--Have fun, dear.
--Bye bye, Sammy. Have a safe journey!
--Thank you, babe.

Asking Your Friends out for a Movie - Entertainment English Lesson

source: Twominute English        2013年8月2日
We often look for partners to go out for a movie. Sometimes, it may be difficult to persuade your friends to join you for a movie. They might be busy or just don't want to go. On the other hand, we don't want to go alone, right? We need someone to accompany us to the theatre. So, what are the different phrases you can use to ask your friends out for a movie? How can you invite them in a casual manner and persuade them to accompany you for a movie without making them feeling awkward or obligated?
The sentences with the key phrases are highlighted at the end of the video. Practice all the phrases at the end to build your fluency on the subject matter.

# going to a movie with a group of friends
--Hey Andrew, I'm going to see "World War Z" with some friends. Do you want to come?
--Who else is going?
--Just a couple of college friends.
--That would be perfect. Where do you plan to meet?
--Let's meet in front of the movies at ten thirty.
--Great. I'll meet you guys there.
# this movie is a must-see
--I hear "The Lone Ranger" is supposed to be good. Let's watch it tomorrow?
--I have a dinner date with my family tomorrow.
--Err... we can go after that. I really want to see this film.
--That would be great. I should be free after 9 p.m.
--What time can you be at the theater?
--I can be there by 9:40.
--OK. I'll get the tickets for the 9:45 session. Meet me there as soon as you can.
--Looking forward to it.
# a movie to relax
--What are you doing tomorrow night?
--Nothing much. Why do you ask?
--How about going to the movies?
--Which movie?
--I think "Now You See Me" would be a great choice.
--That sounds pretty good. I've seen the trailer.
--Where should we meet?
--I can pick you up. Is 7p.m. alright for you?
# taking a movie break
--Hey Barry, what's up these days?
--Nothing new, just stuck with work.
--Why don't you take a break? Have you seen "White House Down"?
--No. I haven't seen it yet. But I've heard it's a good movie.
--Let's watch it tomorrow. It's the weekend and you should just chill out and relax.
--That sounds good, as long as I finish my work tonight.
--Come on. You shouldn't be working on Sundays anyway.
--OK. You're right. I'll meet you at the mall at 5p.m.

15 different ways to say Goodbye in English

source: learnexmumbai
# formal ways: Goodbye / Farewell / Have a good day. / Take care. /
# informal ways: Bye! / Bye-bye! / Later! / See you later! / Have a good one. / So long!
# slang: Catch ya later! / Peace / Peaceout! / I'm out! / Smell you later!

How to talk about your friends

source: RebeccaESL
quiz at
# words to talk about your friends: 
--We are __ friends: good / close / best / fast (good and close) 
--a __ friend: real / true / loyal / trusted 
--a school friend / a childhood friend / a family friend / an old friend 
--my boyfriend / girlfriend / We are just friends. (no romantic relationship between us) 
# related expressions:
--fair-weather friend (someone who only wants to associate with you when things are going well with you) 
--man's best friend (dogs)
--friends in high places (friends who are influential and in important social places)  
--circle of friends (a group of friends)
--to make friends / to befriend someone
--to have many friends
--to friend someone on Facebook
--an acquaintance
--to form/develop/build a friendship 
# sayings:
--A friend in need is a friend indeed.
--With friends like that, who needs enemies?

meeting old school friends + present perfect and past simple (Learn English 36)

source: EF podEnglish    2007年12月13日
ELearn how to talk about the past using the present perfect and the past simple tenses in English. In this intermediate English lesson you will see two high school friends talking about their lives since they last saw each other and how to find a good balance in life.

conversation between friends

source: EnglishLessons4U
# It's strange to say: Do you want to be my friend? (usually only for kids)
(x) Do you want to play with me? (having sexual implication)
(o) Do you want to hang out with me?
(o) Do you want to visit me?
--I hung out with my Grandma last night.
# I have a plan with my friends. ("appointment" is for business, with a doctor or lawyer)

Enquiring About an Ill Friend

source: Twominute English   2013年2月28日
Exercises for this lesson :
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0:00 Welcome to Teaching you English through two-minute lessons.
0:06 In this lesson we will discuss how you can ask about the health of an ill friend.
0:18 Hello Ms. Tracy. Jack here.
0:20 Hey Jack. How are you doing?
0:23 I am good Ms. Tracy. I just wanted to know if Tom’s feeling better now.
0:28 Oh! Tom’s still not well. We took him to a doctor this morning.
0:33 What did the doctor say?
0:36 Well, he asked for some tests. We’ll get the results tomorrow.
0:40 I hope its nothing serious.
0:43 I am sure it’s not. The doctor told us not to worry. Thanks for your concern Jack.
0:49 No problems. I’ll call up tomorrow and find out how Tom is doing.
1:01 Good morning Ms. Pauline.
1:03 Good morning Jack. How are you today?
1:05 I am good Ms. Pauline. Tom asked me to tell you that he won’t be coming to school for some days.
1:12 Why? What happened?
1:14 Actually, Tom’s not well. I think he’s got a viral fever.
1:20 Okay. No problem. Just ask him to bring a note from his mom when he joins back.
1:26 Sure. I’ll do that.
1:28 Thank you Ms. Pauline.
1:31 Tell him that I want him to get well soon.
1:40 Hey Sam. How are you man?
1:43 I’m good. Where’s Tom? I haven’t seen him for a few days.
1:48 Yeah I know. Tom hasn’t been feeling very well lately.
1:53 Oh! What happened? Nothing serious I hope.
1:58 Actually, that’s the thing. It is pretty serious. There’s an infection in his kidney and he’ll need surgery.
2:07 Oh ! That’s sad. Let’s visit him this afternoon.
2:13 Sure. It will make him feel better I guess.
2:23 Hey Tom. How are you feeling now?
2:27 I feel ok now Jack. Much better.
2:31 How did the surgery go?
2:33 Well, I am alive! It was scary but the doctor said I’m going to recover fast.
2:42 Do you know when you can start going to school again?
2:46 Maybe after a couple of weeks. My doc advised me to avoid public places for a while.
2:53 That’s great. Hope to see you soon. We all miss you man.
3:01 How are you feeling now?
3:06 Tell him that I want him to get well soon.
3:12 Tom’s not well. I think he’s got a viral fever.
3:22 My doc advised me to avoid public places for a while.
3:32 I am alive! It was scary but the doctor said I’m going to recover fast.

Useful phrases for making friends

source: learnexmumbai
# some sentences from the video:
--Hi! How are you doing?
--I'm sorry. I didn't catch/get your name.
--Please meet my friend John.
--I'm originally from Italy, but now settled in America.
--What do you do (for a living)?
--I'm in my early/late twenties.
--When is your birthday?
--It's a pleasure talking to you.
--We would touch base later. / Let's keep in touch.
--How can I contact you? May I have your telephone number / email / Facebook id.

Conversation Topics People Love To Talk About

source: CommunicationVideos
# 3 conversation magnets:
#1 - surface: popular small talk
--current events
--your day
--the setting
--family, friends and pets
#2 - bridge: focus and explore
--pay close attention
--use active listening
--test, trial and error
--personal disclosure
#3 - deep: values, beliefs, identity
--talk about love and interests
# conversation magnet mindset
--take control
--give and take
--know your exit

Valentine's Day Program

source: WabsTalk     2012年2月13日

Two friends making picnic program

source: WabsTalk

How to have conversations with strangers

source: MakeFriendsGuide

Conversation between friends - How to achieve goals

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