Asking for directions

source: Twominute English    2012年11月20日
# going to the beach
--I will be driving to the beach this weekend. Can you help me fiture out how to get there?
--I'll be happy to help you. Where are you starting from?
--I'll be driving from my house on Lewis Avenue near the post office.
--You should drive to the expressway, take Exit 14 and then follow the Belt Parkway until you see the exit for the beach.
--Do you know if the beach exit is on the right or left?
--You will have to stay to the right.
# finding a coffee shop
--Hi. I'm looking for the coffee shop in Queens Village.
--Is it the next town over?
--You're in Kings Town. Queens Village is two towns over.
--You have to go down the road 1 mile and then follow the stone path. You'll see a pond when you get there.
--Is there a sign when I arrive at Queens Village?
--No, sorry. Just follow the landmarks I gave you.
# to a shoe store
--I need to go to a shoe store in the mall quickly.
--You should take the elevator to the third floor and then walk straight down the aisle until you see Nine West Shores.
--That seems far and I have to rush. Wouldn't it be faster to go to Guess Shoes on the first floor next to the candy store?
--Yes, it would be. You can exit the store directly into the parking lot afterwards. Just pass the cashier and walk out the bank door.
--Which back door? There are two.
--The one on the left with a sign that says, "Parking Lot Exit."