Planning a Weekend Getaway - Fun Vacation English Lesson

source: Twominute English
# planning a trip with your family
--Hey Mom, I was wondering if we could plan a getaway trip this weekend?
--Well, that's a great idea, Polly.
--It's been a while since we did something together as a family.
--Where do you think we should go?
--I think camping would be a good idea. Your father is quite fond of camping and adventure trips.
--I was thinking the same. I know this wonderful camping site organized by NTC. Let's call them and ask for availability and prices.
--That'd be great. Call them up and find out all the details. I'll talk to your father in the evening.
# planning a trip with your friends
--Hey, tomorrow is our last exam. Doesn't it call for a celebration?
--Yeah. You're absolutely right, Carl. I think we should plan a weekend.
--That's a good idea, Polly. Where do you think we should go?
--I went camping with my family a couple of months back. It was quite adventurous and exciting. I think we should go there.
--Camping is not a bad idea. Can you call the campsite and ask about availability?
--Yes, I will. I have the number. I'll call them and ask.
--That'd be great. Let me know. I'll have to tell my parents as well.
# planning a trip with your office colleagues
--Do you know we have a three-day weekend next week?
--Who told you that?
--I had a word with HR and they told me that the office will be closed for three days next weekend.
--Oh, really? Let's plan a weekend trip together then. I think our team deserves a good weekend getaway.
--I was thinking the same. Where do you think we should go?
--I think San Antonio would be perfect.
--It's a beautiful place to visit in the fall.
--I was thinking about some national park.
--Let's discuss these options with the team members and let them decide where to go.
--Yeah. That's a great idea.
# telling your friends about your weekend plan
--Hey, what's up, Rustin?
--I'm good. You look so happy. What's the matter?
--Well, I'm going on a weekend trip with my family after such a long time.
--That's good news. Where are you going?
--We are going camping at Locust Lake State Park.
--Oh, that's a really good place for camping. I went there with my family as well, a couple of years ago.
--Yeah, you told me once.
--Hope you have a great trip. Call me when you get back.