source: Learn English with Gill (engVid)     2017年5月3日
Is there a difference between "may" and "might"? These words have a similar meaning and are usually used to talk about a possibility or to politely ask for permission. In this lesson, you'll learn how these words differ from each other and how to use them correctly. I'll teach you the common usages of "may" and "might" and show you examples of how they are used in sentences and expressions. I'll also discuss "maybe" and "may be"—English learners and even native speakers often get confused with these. After watching, take the quiz to make sure you've understood everything!

How to use wear, put on, get dressed & carry

source: Simple English Videos    2017年5月19日
Students often make mistakes with the verbs wear, put on, get dressed and carry. In some languages there's just one word for 'put on' and 'wear' and in some 'wear' and 'carry' are the same thing. But not in English so watch this video and find out how to use these verbs correctly.
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How to use ordinal numbers

source: BBC Learning English     2015年7月27日
First, second, third... twenty-ninth... In this session we're looking at the meaning, use and spelling of ordinal numbers.
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Advanced Numbers

source: Shaw English Online    2014年1月25日
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How to use AT ALL in English

source: Espresso English     2017年5月14日
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Slang Expressions with the letter 'W'

source: Maple Leaf ESL     2016年5月31日
In this lesson, we take a look at the following slang expressions that begin with the letter 'W': washed up, wasted/wrecked, walk out on, way, with it, the whole nine yards, wicked, wing it, wishy-washy, and a wannabe.
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ON phrasal verbs part 2

source: MrSkypelessons    2017年5月17日
Here is an English lesson on some of the most common phrasal verbs used with the preposition ON. Please answer the following questions:

What crimes do you think the police should clamp down on?
Which of these phrasal verbs have you never stumbled upon?
Are there any circumstances when cheating on your partner is acceptable?
Are you able to put on different accents?
When someone is trying to take you in, do you usually cotton on?
Do you frown on those who smoke in public places?
When you are having a bad day at work, what kind of things can spur you on?
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phrasal verb HEAR

source: Rachel's English    2017年1月11日
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BBC News Review: Seductive vegetables boost sales by 25%

source: BBC Learning English    2017年6月13日
A Stanford psychological study finds that seductive language boosts sales. Dan and Neil teach you the language the world's media is using to discuss this story.
The story:
(A) psychological study of students in California suggests people are more likely to consume healthy portions of vegetables if they are labelled with seductive names.
They found sales went up by 25% when advertised with indulgent labels such as ‘twisted citrus-glazed carrots’ and ‘sweet sizzling green beans and crispy shallots’.
Key words and phrases:
indulgent = allowing you to do something when you shouldn’t
decadent = pleasant but immoral
jazzier = brighter, more colourful and more attractive
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Business English 108 (association, trade group, ISO)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish     2010年2月3日
Association, trade group, International Standards Association (ISO)

Business English 107 (GDP, imports, exports, balance of trade)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年2月3日
gross domestic product (GDP), imports, exports, balance of trade.

Idiom 'Damp Squib'

source: Twominute English     2013年7月22日
The meaning of the idiom 'a damp squib' is something which fails to satisfy expectations.
A squib is a type of firework, and if it gets wet, it just fizzles, it's disappointing. A 'damp squib' means that something which was expected to be exciting, turns out to be disappointing.
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0:18 A 'damp squib' is an event which was expected to be exciting or impressive but turns out to be a disappointing one.
0:25 Alright, so I can say: The magic show last night turned out to be a damp squib.
0:32 That's a good example. A 'Damp squib' is something which is much less impressive than expected. I'm sorry to hear that the magic show was not good.
0:41 It was a damp squib. Everybody was so excited in the beginning, but it didn't really please the audience.
0:49 I thought so. Advertisements are often misleading.
0:52 Do you remember how that new action movie got media attention but turned out to be a damp squib in the end?
0:58 Yes, I remember that. So, if something is expected to have a great effect but it doesn't, then it is called a damp squib.
1:09 You got it. A 'damp squib' turns to be a failure and unsatisfactory in the end, despite any huge expectations in the beginning.
1:17 Yes. Let's listen to some conversations to learn how the idiom is used.
1:23 Good idea!
1:30 Hey Jerry, how was the party?
1:32 It was going well at first! But then the rain came and turned the party into a damp squib.
1:40 Ah, too bad. The rain comes without a warning at this time of the year.
1:45 Yeah! It's hard to plan for it.
1:54 Helen, did you visit the new museum?
1:58 Yeah, I did.
2:00 Was it good?
2:03 Not as cool as expected. The whole thing turned out to be a damp squib.
2:08 I thought it had some rare artifacts.
2:12 Maybe, but I didn't get to see them.
2:20 I went to the beach festival.
2:23 Wow! I heard about it! Did you have fun?
2:26 Not much!
2:28 Why not?
2:30 It turned out to be a damp squib this year. More than half of the events on the pamphlets were canceled and replaced by lame events!
2:40 Hmmm...that must've been disappointing.
2:44 I just wish I hadn't wasted my time.
2:51 The magic show last night turned out to be a damp squib.
3:01 It was a damp squib.
3:07 But then the rain came and turned the party into a damp squib.
3:18 The whole thing turned out to be a damp squib.
3:25 It turned out to be a damp squib this year.