10 Interesting & Beautiful English Proverbs used in Conversation

source: Learn English with Let's Talk       2018年1月3日
English Proverbs are simple and concrete sayings that are popularly known and repeated which expresses a truth. They are usually based on common sense and experience. People who speak fluent English often make the use of Proverbs in English. Most of them think that the use of proverbs in English conversation is Old school, but it adds style to your English communication and makes your sound fluent in English and you come across as a polished English speaker. Following are a few proverbs and their meanings.
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1. Learn till old, live till old and there is still one third not learnt – this is an old saying that says that no matter how old one is, there is still room for more learning and studying.

2. Well begun is half done – a good start in any project is as good as completing half the project.

3. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – no matter how much you help or spoon feed someone, it is only the efforts of that someone that needs to be made.

4. Haste makes waste- Rushing can only spoil things.

5. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar – you can lure someone is doing something for you by talking sweetly to them rather than ordering them in a harsh manner.

6. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link – you are as strong as the weakest member of your team.

7. A house divided amongst itself cannot stand – focuses on values of a united family meaning that if the family is divided, it is not going to be as strong as a united one.

8. Ignorance is bliss – it is so much better to ignore sometimes than to indulge in the problem.

9. A trouble shared is a trouble halved – meaning that if you share your problems with someone just by talking to them will feel half as burdened with the problem as compared to not sharing.

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# off the grid: (source: https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/off+the+grid)
1. Not connected to municipal utility systems, such as the water supply or the main electrical grid. I just need to get enough solar panels installed to disconnect from the city's electricity supply and my house will be completely off the grid.
2. Free from governmental observation or control; not traceable through any means of commerce or communication that could be linked to one's identity. Fearing for his life, the whistle-blower from the intelligence agency was forced to live off the grid for a number of years, eschewing anything that might leave a digital footprint for someone to find.

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