CNN Student News with subtitles - December 8, 2016 |Indonesia earthquake: Dozen of build...

source: NEWS with Subtitles     2016年12月7日
Today's topics include an earthquake in Indonesia, the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Zika virus, and a unique soccer training device.
A deadly earthquake in Indonesia, a look at the Pacific Ring of Fire, and a comparison between a historic: These are the first stories we're covering this Thursday. Other topics include the ongoing fight against the Zika virus and a soccer training device like no other.
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10 Very Short Conversations | Set 18

source: Mark Kulek     2016年12月7日
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Let's Learn English Lesson 37: Let's Agree to Disagree

source: VOA Learning English  2016年12月1日
In this lesson, Anna meets a new friend from the country. He feels lost in the city. Anna helps him to make it a friendlier place.
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Let's Learn English Lesson 37 Speaking Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2016年12月1日
In this video, you learn how t say the new words and how to give your opinion with a reason.
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Let's Learn English Lesson 37 Pronunciation Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2016年12月1日
In this video, you learn about pronouncing the possessive pronouns.
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News Words: Avatar

source: VOA Learning English    2016年12月1日
Learn what this week's news word means with Anne Ball and Jonathan Evans.
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Running into Someone You Know

source: Twominute English    2013年7月23日
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Ways to say you're happy

source: Simple English Videos    2016年4月12日
Learn some different English expressions you can use to say you're happy in this video and find out about our win in the YouTube NextUp Creator Awards.
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Vowel Pronunciation - u (uh/oo)

source: EnglishLessons4U      2012年12月21日 Vowel sounds in English are very confusing! In this video, learn the difference between the "oo" and "u" sounds. You'll learn the difference in sound between words like: full & fool, pull & pool, Luke & look, and more.


source: Twominute English    2013年7月24日
The idiom 'to call it a day' means to stop what you are doing, whether or not it's finished. This often indicates you feel that the work must be stopped for that day. Suppose you are working late in the office and you need to get home. You say ''I'm calling it a day,''and you go home. In this english tutorial video you will learn about the meaning and use of the idiom 'to call it a day'. Let's learn from this video how you can use this idiom in your conversations.

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4 ways to talk about the FUTURE (Grammar)

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]    2015年12月4日
How many ways do you know to talk about the future in English? In this video, I will teach you four easy ways to talk about the future: will, going to, the present continuous, and the simple present. I will compare when and how we use these grammatical tenses to talk about the future. After you watch this lesson, quiz yourself to practice and make sure you get it. I know that you will do well.

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Adverb Suffixes: -ly, -wards, -wise

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)   2011年6月20日 Learn all about the most common adverb suffixes in English in this free advanced grammar lesson. You'll learn about '-ly', '-wards', and '-wise'. I teach what the meaning of each of these endings for words is, and how to use the suffixes properly. After the lesson, take the quiz at

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"Could I have a word with you?"

source: Espresso English    2015年2月1日
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