sports / fun / recreation

source: english conversation cours
# playing sports:
--baseball / basketball / biking / bowling / boxing / camping / chess / fishing / football / golf / hiking / hockey / hunting / kayaking / paragliding / ping pong / rafting / rock climbing / roller skating / rugby / scuba diving / shopping / skate boarding / skiing / soccer / water skiing / volleyball / tennis / swimming / surfing

Sports: using infinitive verb form

source: Mark Kulek
--I like to play basketball / football / baseball / golf / table tennis / tennis / volleyball / soccer.
--I like to bowl / dive / skateboard / ski / surf / run / swim.

Yoga (Learn English 12)

source: EF podEnglish     2007年7月4日
Learn to talk about what you are able to do in English. In this beginner English lesson you will see two people talking about yoga and other types of exercise. They introduce some vocabulary relating to exercise and sports.

--Do you exercise every day?
--Yoga is a system of stretching and breathing exercises.
--to breathe in and breathe out
--to sign up for a class
--I need to improve my fitness.
--A few years ago I could run fast. Now I get out of breath very quickly.
--Too much exercise can be dangerous. A few hours a week should be enough to begin with.
--I could do gymnastics and play hockey when I was in school. I'd like to be fit again.
--I can do yoga very well.

At the gym - for health and exercise

source: Twominute English     2013年1月9日
# signing up
--Hello. Welcome to the gym (gymnasium).
--Hello. I'm interested in signing up for a membership.
--Great. Do you want to sign up for this branch?
--Yes. I also work in the city so I want to know if I can also work out there with a single membership?
--Yes, you can. You can work out at any of our gyms in the city.
--That's wonderful! How much is the charge?
--The fee is $100 per month, but if you sing up for 6 months we'll give you a 20% discount.
--That sounds good. I'll sign up for 6 months.
# working out
--Hey, Jimmy. I didn't know you worked out here.
--Yea, I do. What are you working on now?
--Today is my cardio and arms day. I'm going to fog for a while and then work on my arms. How about you?
--I'm working on my abs and legs today.
--I'll be doing a lot of squats and sit ups.
--Nice. Do you want to stretch together afterwards?
--Sure. I'll see you later. Have a good workout!
# joining classes
--Hello. I would like to sign up for some fitness classes.
--Great! What would you like to do? We have a lot of classes.
--I'm not sure. What kind of classes do you have?
--We have a lot of dance classes, yoga, light weight classes and pool cardio.
--I think I would like to join the pool cardio and a yoga class.
--We have a 7 am pool cardio class and 6 pm yoga class.
--Sign me up for both.

5 Food Idioms in English

source: English Teacher Jon - LEARN ENGLISH
After the lesson, take the quiz at
--a couch potato (lazy)
--out to lunch (not there, not paying attention)
--a piece of cake (easy)
--bottoms up (to cheer someone)
--have a sweet tooth (like sweet food)

health: idioms and phrases

source: letstalkpodcast
--in bad shape (in poor physical condition)
--back on your feet (recovering from an illness or accident)
--bag of bones (skinny and weak)
--black out (losing consciousness)
--blind as a bat (poor vision)
--feel blue (feeling depressed)
--off color (feeling and looking sick)
--full of beans (lively, happy and healthy)

talking about illness (Learn English 23)

source: EF podEnglish    2011年10月5日
Learn how to talk about sickness in English. You will learn the medical English terms you need to talk about how you feel when you are ill and the English vocabulary for the most common symptoms of a cold. You will also learn how to ask how someone is feeling when he doesn't look well. What do you do when you are sick?

--What's wrong (with someone)? / What's the matter (with someone)?
--to have a cough / sore throat / headache / cold / stomachache.
--I don't feel well. I feel dizzy.

Talking about being sick - vocabulary

source: English Teacher Jon - LEARN ENGLISH
--to have a headache / earache / cavity / fever / cough / diarrhea <-> constipation
--to feel faint / dizzy / congested
--I'm sneezing / bleeding.
--I got a bruise.
--I got bloated.
--I have cramps / hiccups / burps.
--to fart
--a band-aid

When You Get Sick

source: Twominute English     2013年4月14日
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# calling in sick
--Hello. Austen Associates.
--Hey, Jamey. It's Charlie here.
--Hi, Charlie. Why didn't you come to work today?
--I'm sorry. I'm quite sick. I couldn't make it.
--Oh, so you are calling in sick.
--Yes. Can you please tell Mr. Austen that I called?
--Sure. You take care. I'll see you when you get better.
--Thanks, Jamie.
# when you have a headache
--Mom! I need some help.
--What happened? Is everything alright?
--There's no aspirin in the medicine cabinet.
--It's in my room. Why do you want it? What are you feeling?
--I have a bad headache. I guess I got a cold.
--You should see a doctor tomorrow, Charlie.
--I know. I just got an appointment. My head is killing me.
--For now just take the aspirin and go have some rest then.
# telling someone you got the flu
--Hey Charlie. I didn't see you at work today. Is everything okay?
--I'm quite sick, Michael. That's why I couldn't work.
--Oh! Now that you mentioned it, you do look a bit pale. I hope it's not serious.
--I got the flu.
--You should go to a doctor.
--I just did. He prescribed me some pills and a lot of rest.
--Okay. Get well soon.
# when you have a sore throat
--Hi, Ms. Ford.
--Hi Peter. Are you ready for your presentation?
--I'm afraid I'm not.
--Why's that?
--I have a sore throat. I won't be able to speak for that long.
--Is this an excuse?
--No, Ms. Ford. I have all my slides here with me. But it really hurts when I speak. Can you reschedule it for tomorrow, please?
--Okay Peter. Just make sure you go to a doctor.
--Thanks, I will.

Talking about being sick - English health vocabulary

source: English Teacher Jon - LEARN ENGLISH

using slang to talk about being ill

source: Howcast
for Beginners videos:
--under the weather
--I didn't go to work today because I'm feeling under the weather.
--take it easy
--If you are sick. You should lie down and take it easy.
--cut back (reduce your intake)
--My doctor told me that I should cut back on my sugar

Talking to a Doctor

source: WabsTalk

Talking about pains and aches

source: AlexESLvid
--My head hurts/aches. I have a headache.
--My back hurts/aches. I have a backache.
--My stomach hurts/aches. I have a stomachache.
(for kids only: My tommy hurts. I have a tommy-ache.)
--My ear hurts/aches. I have an earache.
--My tooth hurts/aches. I have a toothache.
# not using the form of having a(n) __-ache: shoulder, knee, elbow

expressions about not feeling well and expressing sympathy

source: EFEnglishtown
# expressions about not feeling well
--I'm feeling pretty lousy / awful.
--I feel sick to my stomach.
--I thought it might be food poisoning.
--I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to work today.
# expressions of sympathy
--That's terrible! You must feel awful!
--Oh, that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear that.
--You should stay at home and take it easy. (relax and rest)

Scheduling a Doctor's Appointment - Health English Lesson

source: Twominute English       2013年7月9日
Are you very busy? And not getting time to fix an appointment with a doctor and have asked someone else to fix it for you. Or you don't know how to fix an appointment with a doctor. In this lesson, we'll learn how to schedule an appointment with a doctor.
Learn the phrases and use them next time while fixing an appointment with doctor.
Exercise section for this lesson :

# calling the clinic:
--Dr. Patterson's Clinic. How may I help you?
--Hello. I'd like to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.
--Alright. May I have your name please?
--My name is Beyonce Den.
--Is this your first visit?
--No. I visited the doctor a month ago.
--Alright. What time will be best for you?
--In the morning is best for me.
--Sure. Can I schedule the appointment for 11?
--That'd be great. Thank you so much.
# asking your husband to schedule it for you:
--I'm leaving for the office, honey.
--Hey, Gary. Can you do me a favor?
--Sure. What is it?
--My phone's not working. The clinic will open at 11. Could you please call them and schedule an appointment for tomorrow?
--Is everything alright?
--Oh yes. I just want to go for a regular check-up.
--Not a problem. What time is good for you?
--Just ask for an evening appointment. It could be around 6 or 7.
--All right. Do you want me to take your cell phone and see if I can get it fixed?
--Oh, that'd be great. Thank you so much.
# scheduling an appointment on behalf of someone
--Good morning. Dr. Patterson's clinic. How may I help you?
--I'd like to schedule an appointment for tomorrow evening.
--May I have you name please?
--My name is Gary Samuel, but the appointment is for my wife, June Samuel.
--Oh, yes. Mrs. June Samuel. She's one of our regular patients. I hope she's fine.
--She's absolutely fine. She just wants to get a regular check-up.
--Alright. What time would be good for her, Mr. Samuel?
--She would prefer an evening appointment. Do you have anything open?
--Let me check. Yes. Let's schedule it for 6:30. Would that be alright?
--That'll work. Thank you so much.
--You're welcome, Mr. Samuel.

Buying Medicine

source: Twominute English
# buying medicine from a pharmacist
--Hello there. Do you something for stomach pain?
--Hmmm, when did your pain start?
--Oh, it's not me. It's my granny. It just started after she had lunch.
--Is it in the lower abdomen? Any idea?
--No, sorry. I don't know exactly.
--You should've asked her. Is the pain severe?
--Can you just give me some medicine for now? The pain is not so severe.
--That's fine. Let me pack some. But if the pain does not stop, call the doctor.
# buying medicine for headache and dizziness
--Hello, Hector. Do you have something for headache?
--Hi June, is it your Granny again?
--No. It's me this time.
--Oh, since when?
--It started last night.
--Hmm, I can only give you an over-the-counter pain killer.
--Yes, please. That's all I need.
--Sure. Do see a doctor if the pain persists.
# checking the medicine
--Excuse me. Do you have these?
--Ummm...Yeah. I have the first three of them.
--Please give me the complete dosage for a month.
--Here it is. The price would be...
--Wait! I think this one is expired.
--It can't be! Let me check.
--Sure. I think it expired last month.
--No, it didn't. The year printed is 2015.
--Oh, I thought it was 2013.
# asking for generics
--This medicine is too expensive. I don't think I can afford it.
--This is what your doctor prescribed, but I can give you a generic one if you want. It's the same formulation, but a different brand.
--Yes, I think that's a good idea. Should I check with my doctor?
--It's the same formula and it's FDA approved medicine, but you can check.
--Alright. Give me 2 days worth of the dose. I will check with him and then buy the rest.
--That's a good idea.

Saying You're Not Feeling Well - Health English Lesson

source: Twominute English     2013年5月28日
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# stress at the job
--What happened, Gary? You look so tired.
--I think I'm running a temperature. My head is spinning and my mouth feels dry.
--Let me check your temperature. should stay home today. Call your office and let them know.
--But I've got some urgent meetings lined up for today. I really can't miss them.
--Your health is more important than anything else, Gary.
--Staying up all night everyday this week probably affected your health. It's time to take some rest.
--I can't help it. I'm under a lot of pressure at work.
--I'll speak to your boss, then. If you want to get better, you'd better start by taking the day off.
# insomnia
--Steve, look at you. You're so pale. Is everything alright?
--I couldn't sleep at all last night.
--Are you tense about something? Maybe I can help you.
--Well, I'm under a lot of pressure nowadays. My boss doesn't let me breathe.
--What did he do now?
--He told me to take over this project that is behind schedule. I have to meet the deadlines ... and the problem is that I leave work exhausted and then I can't sleep.
--You should try sleeping pills.
--The problem is that when I use them, it's really hard for me to wake up in the morning.
--Well, maybe your doctor could prescribe a different pill.
--It wasn't a doctor who prescribed them. My neighbor gave me some he didn't take anymore.
--Are you crazy? This is very serious! You should never take medication without speaking to your doctor!
# hangover
--What's wrong? You look terrible! Didn't you get enough sleep last night?
--No. I partied until five in the morning.
--Well, that's why I only go to parties on the weekends.
--I think I just can't take late night parties anymore. My head is spinning, like I have a migraine or something.
--I think you need some rest. You'd better go home.
--Yeah, I know. I'll just hand in the report to the boss and tell her I'm not well.
--Are you OK to drive?
--No. I'll call a cab, I guess.
# caught a cold
--Hi Steve. How are you feeling?
--Horrible. I've caught a cold and it's getting worse.
--Have you seen a doctor?
--No, not yet. I haven't had time.
--You must consult your doctor before it gets worse. There's this twenty-four-hour virus going around.
--I know. My sister had it until last night and I guess I caught it from her.
--You should drink a lot of liquids so you don't dehydrate.
--That's good advice. I'll do that.

Talking About Skin Problems

source: Twominute English    2013年5月13日
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# telling about your skin problem
--The girl sitting 3 rows away is so pretty. Her skin looks baby smooth.
--Yeah. She really is pretty. Her skin is quite clear and without blemishes.
--I wish I has such a smooth skin. More glow and less shine.
--You do have a lovely face, Becky. You just don't take care of yourself.
--What do you mean I don't take care of myself? I exercise, have healthy eating habits, and sleep well.
--I know you have a healthy lifestyle. But your skin needs a lot more than that.
--Really? Like what?
--There are many natural home remedies to help manage oily skin and acne flare-ups. You skin needs a lot of pampering, especially your face.
--Hmm...I definitely have to start taking care of my skin.
# skin rash due to shaving
--Oh Jack. What's happened to your face?
--Nothing much. I cut myself while shaving this morning.
--The cut looks like a heat rash.
--I know. I can feel it too. It's really irritating.
--Why do you always cut yourself when you shave? Don't you know how to use a razor?
--I definitely know how to use a razor. It's just that my skin is really soft as compared to other guys', and my beard is really full.
--So you still have a baby skin, kiddo!
--Right, right. Any advice you want to give me, though?
--Well, you can ry shaving in the hot shower, or in the sauna. The steam will help open the pores.
--Hey! Good idea! I'll give it a try next time.
--Oh, and using a moisturizer is a good idea.
# oily skin
--Hi, Jenny. How are you doing?
--I'm good, Becky. What's up?
--Hey, you know about skin care, don't you?
--Sure. You need some tips?
--I have oily skin and I'm sick of these acne outbreaks that pop every other day. How can I get rid of them?
--My first advice to you would be to wash your face often, especially before going to bed. Try to use a soft cleanser, not harsh soaps.
--I do that already. Is there anything else you can help me with?
--Yes. I'll give you a cleanser for oily skin that you should use twice a day. You can also use cosmetic blotting paper. But don't scrub it. Press it gently.
--Will it help in drying the acne too?
--Definitely. Keep your hair clean and off your face. And avoid resting your hand, or your phone, on your face.
# getting a facelift
--Do you know someone who's been under the knife?
--You mean cosmetic surgery?
--Yes. I would like to know if it's safe to get a facelift.
--What are you talking about? We all know it's not safe at all. And what's wrong with your face?
--I want to go back to the way things were. These wrinkles on my face just disgust me.
--Don't be stupid. It's natural. You are just aging and there's nothing to worry about. It happens with everyone.
--Nothing to worry about?! Are you for real?
--Come on. Don't be such a drama queen!

Accidents and Injuries in English - Level 1

source: Beta College of English
# accidents
--I've got a cut on my finger. / I've cut my finger.
--put a plaster on your finger
--I got a burn from hot oil. / I burned my hand.
--I tripped and sprained my ankle. I got a sprained ankle.
--I have a bruise on my arm.

Discussing Health Problems with present perfect tense

source: Beta College of English
# Have you got ...? Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.
--I've got a cold.
--I've got the flu. (a headache, a sore throat, a high temperature)
--I've got a hangover.
--I've got an upset stomach.

health problem vocabulary

source: MES
# He has ...
a cold / a headache / a fever / a sore throat / a cough / a stomachache / an earache / a running nose / a stuffy nose / a sunburn / a toothache / a cut / a cramp / a broken leg / a bruise

Health Vocabulary

source: ELF Kids Videos
--a bandaid / a bloody nose / a broken arm / a bruise / a bump / a cough / a cut / diarrhea / a fever / hay fever / a headache / an IV / a loose tooth / medicine / a runny nose / a scratch / a shot / be sick / to sneeze / a stomachache / a sunburn / a thermometer / to throw up / a toothache

At a hospital

source: Twominute English    2012年12月21日
# at a hospital
--Hello. How may I help you?
--I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Smith, please.
--What would you like to see him for?
--I need my annual physical and also have a shoulder problem. It is aching.
--Dr. Smith has openings next week. Are you free on Monday or Tuesday?
--I'm free on Tuesday afternoon.
--We will schedule you for next week. Tuesday at 3pm.
# seeing the doctor
--Hi, Doctor. I came today because I need a flu shot and to get a checkup.
--Okay. Have you had a flu shot in the past year?
--No, not in the last few years. My knee hurts as well. I have been running a lot more and think it is injured.
--When did the pain start and does it still hurt now?
--About 2 weeks ago, and yes, it still hurts.  
--I suggest you ice it and I will prescribe you some pain medication.
--Thank you, Doctor.
# visiting a patient
--Hello, I'm here to visit my sister.
--What is your sister's name?
--Her name is Annette Simmons. She's going to have a baby.
--Oh, congratulations! Yes, I see here Ms. Simmons is in the maternity ward. Do you need directions?
--Yes, please.
--She's in the east wing. Take this elevator to the 3rd floor and walk down the hall, then make a right turn. She's in Room 304.
# seeking help
--May I help you?
--Yes. My child is running a fever and we need help immediately.
--How long has he had a fever?
--He has had a fever for the last few hours and will not eat. I'm afraid he is sick.
--Have a seat and we'll get a doctor to see you right away.

Lifestyle: hunting an apartment (+ negative questions) [Learn English 61]

source: EF podEnglish    2007年11月28日
Learn how to talk about your apartment or house in English. In this intermediate English lesson you will see a couple looking for a new place to live. They talk about what they like and dislike about their current home and about this apartment they are visiting.

--Don't you hate these modern houses?
--Isn't this apartment spacious?
--Isn't your townhouse too expensive?
--Aren't you tired of fixing up things?
--Aren't you ready to move house?
--Isn't this apartment too cramped for us?
--Contempoary apartments seem like boxes... Don't you agree?
--Don't you love these traditional townhouses?
--Don't we need a few things at the supermarket?

Health & Exercise

source: Speak English With Misterduncan

body and health (for beginners)

source: english conversation cours

(the video content is related to the topic of health)

source: Niagara Region

Eat Wisely, Stay Healthy: talking about food pyramid

source: SingaporeHealth

Talking about mind, body, exercise and health

source: ESLConversation
# some sentences from the video:
--I love relaxing after a long day of work.
--How do you like to relax?
--I like to practice yoga.
--You do yoga? That's cool.
--I have a really nice instructor.
--Do you know a lot of different moves?
--Yes, they feel really good, mentally and physically.
--I bet. I like to meditate.
--How do you meditate?
--I light candles and close my eyes.
--That sounds really peaceful.
--It sure is. It's a great way to escape from stress.
--Life can be pretty stressful.
--I agree. Everything is more fast-paced in recent year.
--Doing physical exercises like yoga really relaxes the mind, too.
--It does. The mind and body are connected in everything.
--When I feel good physically, I tend to be in a better mood.
--Me too! I hate getting stressed out.
--Same. I get really tired and my body aches.
--I usually have trouble sleeping when I'm stressed.
--I just feel really upset and nervous, and it keeps me from sleeping?
--It sounds awful!
--It's a good thing I know how to relax.
--I like helping other people relax, too.
--That's nice. How do you do that?
--A lot of times, people just need to talk about their stress.
--And I give them advice sometimes too.
--Stress can even be helpful sometimes though it doesn't seem like that.
--Stress helps motivate people.
--I agree, as long as you're not getting too stressed out.  
--Yeah, that's when you have to relax a bit.
--I think I want to go do some relaxing right now.
--Cool, I'll come with you.

Staying Healthy

source: Tom Kenny

Food: likes and dislikes (Learn English 16)

source: podEnglish
# to bake, bakery, whole wheat flour, organic food,
# quantities for countable and uncountable nouns
--Would you like some cheese?
--Just take some from the plate.
--Do you like baking?
--I like to grow my own vegetables.

Talking about food staple, meals and related aspects

source: australianetwork            # click "cc" for subtitles
To download transcripts, study notes and activities for each episode:
transcript for this episode:

talking about food

source: Speak English With Misterduncan

Talk about food and drinks for meals

source: ESLEnglishFaby
# light or heavy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner
# fried eggs, milk, juice, peanut butter, ham sandwich, coffee, cereal, fruit,
# hamburger, French fries, hot dogs, salad, soda, lenomnade, spaghetti, fried chicken

5 common mistakes when talking about food

source: EnglishLessons4U

Expressions involving food

source: JamesESL   2009年12月22日
--to stew in one's own juices (to suffer the consequences of what you have done)
--be sandwiched between (A) and (B)
--to sugarcoat something (to say something bad in a nice way to make it easier to accept)
--a sugar daddy/mom
--on a gravy train

Baking a carrot cake: talking about ingredients, tools and steps

source: EnglishAnyone

Breakfast Time - Food

source: Twominute English      2013年9月13日
--What's cooking for breakfast today? (What will we have for breakfast?)
--Would you like to eat something special?
--How about pancakes?
--What should I eat for breakfast?
--It's very important o eat nutritious things for breakfast.
--I was just about to make some breakfast.
--What would you like to have?
--Let's go out for breakfast today.

Food, Cooking & Catering (Learn English 07)

source: EF podEnglish    2008年3月27日
Learn to talk about cooking and food in English. In this beginner English lesson you will learn how to use "can" and "could" to ask and answer simple questions about what is possible. You will see people discussing meals and menus on the phone using these verbs.

--Could you prepare some food for me?
--Can you deliver the food to my house?
--Could the chef make a main course and a dessert?
--She could prepare seafood and a vegetarian quiche.

food related conversation

source: asdcde

4 ways to Order at a Restaurant

source: AlexESLvid
--Can/Could I have/get...? ("could" is more polite)
--I'll have/get/take...
--I want...
--I would like... (a polite way to make a request)

At the supermarket: talking about food and quantities

source: Thanh Ngo Duc

At the supermarket: talking about food and quantities

source: Thanh Ngo Duc

At the supermarket: talking about food and quantities

source: Thanh Ngo Duc

At the supermarket: talking about food and quantities

source: Thanh Ngo Duc

At Coffee Shops: how to order coffee

source: beverlyhillsenglish

Favorite Food. What you love to eat!

source: Twominute English     2013年2月20日
Exercises for this lesson :
0:00 Welcome to Teaching you English through two minute lessons.
0:06 In this lesson, we will tell you how to talk about your favourite food.
0:14 You know what, Jake?! My aunt asked me to set the menu for my cousin’s marriage.
0:21 Oh! That’s nice. You’re perfect for this job. You’re such a foodie!
0:27 Yaa.... Well, I’m going to add my favorite dishes to the menu.
0:33 Really? Which ones?
0:35 I’m very fond of spaghetti with barbeque sauce.
0:39 Hmmm... I like it too. People would love that.
0:44 Yeah, I think I’ll ask the caterer to serve 7 different styles of Spaghetti to our guests. What do you think?
0:527 Styles? I think that’s overdoing it Katy! Don’t you think so?
1:00 Overdoing it? Of course not! I could eat spaghetti all day! Everyone loves spaghetti.
1:07 I’m going to talk to your aunt about the menu Katy.
1:15 Hey, Jamie! I hope you like the arrangements. The caterers have everything ready.
1:21 Oh Yeah Katy. Don’t worry. Everything looks perfect. You did well!
1:26 Thank you Jamie. Have you tried the spaghetti yet?
1:29 Not yet. I was too busy stuffing myself with Pizzas. I don’t like spaghetti so much.
1:35 You don’t like spaghetti? I can’t believe it. I absolutely love spaghetti!
1:41 Well, I prefer pizzas. I’m crazy about the double cheese pizza in fact.
1:45 Hmm... Well... you’re the first guy I’ve seen who doesn’t like spaghetti.
1:51 Yes Katy, some of us are weird.
1:57 Hey Jake. How have you been?
1:59 I’m good Katy. But I’m hungry. What have you got for lunch?
2:04 I have pizza today. Would you like some?
2:07 Sure. I love pizzas. Let me have some.
2:12 Of course Jake, you can eat all of my pizza. I am not hungry today.
2:17 Really Katy? That’s awesome! Which pizza is this?
2:23 It’s a pepperoni pizza.
2:25 Pepperoni? That’s my favorite. Thank you, Katy!
2:30 You’re welcome Jake.
2:35 This is a great restaurant. They serve authentic Chinese food.
2:39 You like Chinese food, don’t you?
2:42 Yes, I do. The manchow soup here is really special.
2:47 Is it? What’s so special about it?
2:51 They serve it with crunchy noodles on top, and the vegetables are really fresh. It’s yummy!
2:57 Wow! Sounds delicious. I think I’ll have that.
3:02 You’ll really enjoy it Jake!
3:08 I have pizza today. Would you like some?
3:13 I’m very fond of spaghetti with barbeque sauce.
3:20 I’m going to add my favorite dishes to the menu.
3:28 This is a great restaurant. They serve authentic Chinese food.
3:37 I was too busy stuffing myself with Pizzas. I don’t like spaghetti so much.

Ordering food in a restaurant (elementary level)

source: Mark Kulek

Complaining at a Restaurant

source: Twominute English     2013年8月4日
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and felt disappointed with the food and services? You must have. This is a common scenario when we decide to try a new place we had never tried before. But how do you communicate your disappointment to the staff of the restaurant? Do you feel shy to talk to them because you can't think of all the right phrases you should say? Well, not anymore! In this lesson, we will learn about the phrases that you may use to communicate your disappointment with the quality of the food or service offered by the restaurant.
The sentences with the key phrases are highlighted at the end of the video. Practice all the phrases to build your fluency on the subject matter.

# not enough options
--Are you ready to order, Sir?
--I wanted to try something new today, but I don't see anything interesting on the menu.
--What kind of food are you looking for?
--Nothing specific actually. I've tried all the dishes that are listed here. I was looking to explore new ones.
--Let me talk to the chef. I'm sure he can suggest something.
--No. That't okay. Let me just suggest that you add some more food variety to your menu. I haven't seen any changes in it for a while now.
--You've been one of our more regular customers. I'll definitely take your suggestion to the manager.
--That's good. For now, you can bring me the red sauce pasta and potato wedges.
# The soup wasn't good.
--Excuse me. Are you out of vegetables today?
--I'm sorry, Sir. I don't understand.
--I ordered a Creamy Vegetable Soup and there aren't many vegetables in it. It's mainly just broth. I really apologize for that. Allow me to replace it with a better one.
--No. That's alright now. I'll just fill up on the main course.
--I assure you it won't happen again. As a token of our apologies, we won't charge you for the soup.
--That's good. I hope we won't be disappointed with the food quality.
--You will not, Sir.
# This is not how I ordered it.
--Excuse me. Would you mind telling me who's the cook?
--What's wrong, Sir? Is there anything I can help you with?
--Well, as you can see, I ordered a chicken parmigiana and the chicken is not well-cooked.
--I really apologize for this mistake. Allow me to get you a better dish.
--That's alright, but you people have been running the restaurant for so long! Usually such things do not happen here.
--It's a random mistake. I apologize on behalf of my chef.
--I would appreciate if you can replace it with a well-cooked dish.
--Sure. Thank you for your patience.
# It is taking too long!
--Excuse me, Captain!
--Yes, Sir. How can I help you?
--Well, it's been 20 minutes since I placed my order. We haven't received any appetizers or even any drinks yet.
--Kindly give me a couple of minutes. I'll check the status of your order.
--Please do so. I'm in a hurry and don't have much time today.
--I'll bring your drinks now, and your order will be on your table within the next 5 minutes.
--Thanks a lot.

Ordering a steak dinner with options

source: SparklingVillage
--Hi, I would like a steak dinner.
--OK. How would you like to have your steak?
--Well, what do you have?
--You can have medium, well, rare, or well-done.
--I think I'll have my steak well-done.
--Would you like a steak fries, a baked potato, hash browns, or home fries?
--I think I'll have French fries.
--Would you like soup or salad?
--What kind of soup do you have?
--We have Clam Chowder, Chicken Noodle, and Split Pea.
--I think I'll have the salad.
--OK. What kind of dressing do you like?
--What do you have?
--We have blue cheese, thousand island, and ranch.
--I think I would have ranch.
--Would you like to have dessert?
--Yes. What kind of dessert do you have?
--Well, we have cheesecake and Hot-fudge Sundaes.
--I think I'll have the Hot-Fudnge Sundae please.
--Very good. Ill be back in just a moment.

Ordering Coffee

source: Twominute English
--Hello. I would like a cup of coffee, please.
--Which size?
--A large cup.
--Any particular flavor?
--A hazelnut coffee. Is whipped cream extra?
--No, the same price. Is that all?
--Yes, that's all. Thanks.
--Do you want to go to Starbucks?
--I do not drink coffee. Do they have other things?
--Of course. They have tea, water, hot chocolate and pastries.
--That sounds great. I'm going to get a scone and green tea.
--Hi. How may I help you?
--I usually get a large coffee but would like something lighter today. What do you have?
--You could get any small coffee, a cappuccino or shot of espresso.
--I think I will try the small cappuccino. What flavors do you have?
--We have over 10 flavors. Would you like to try our new Christmas flavor of peppermint?
--Sure, that sounds tasty.
--Hello. Can I have a Cappuccino please?
--Sure sir. Would you like the large mug?
--No, the medium-sized one is fine.
--Alright. Do you want anything to eat?
--What about this chocolate pastry. Is it fresh?
--All our stocks are obtained the same day, sir. We don't keep them overnight.
--Sounds good. I will have it then.
--Excellent. That'll be $12.

Ordering a Pizza

source: Twominute English
# which pizza do you want?
--Let's order a pizza for lunch today.
--Great idea. Which pizza do you want?
--I will have cheese pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms on it.
--I want olives and chicken on mine.
# giving the order
--I'm Jake, your waiter. What would you like to order?
--I want a pizza with olives adn chicken.
--A pizza for me too, but with tomatoes and mushrooms.
--That's two pizzas. Anything else?
--Yes, two glasses of fresh orange juice.
# the pizzas arrive
--Here are your pizzas. Enjoy!
--Thank you.
--Mmm. My pizza looks delicious.
--Mine too. It's very tasty.
--Would you like to have a slice from my pizza?
--Sure, if you'll have a slice from mine.
# getting a pizza delivered
--The pizza parlor. What would you like to order?
--Hi! I want to order a large mushroom cheese pizza.
--Sure ma'am. What's your address?
--Please deliver it to 123, Acme Street.
--Sure. Would you like any side orders?
--Yeah. Okay! Some garlic bread please.
--Okay. One large mushroom cheese pizza and garlic bread.
--That's right.
--Your pizza will reach you in 30 minutes.
# The pizza is not good.
--This pizza is not very tasty.
--Yeah, it doesn't taste fresh.
--They took a long time to deliver.
--I don't like the pizza at all.
--Do you want to order something else?
--Yes. Let's get some burgers instead.

ordering and talking about pizza

source: ESLConversation
--Good evening, sir and madam. Can I get you some drinks to start off?
--Sure! I'd like some water; she would like some tea.
--Alright. And have you decided what to order yet?
--Yes, we have. I will take the steak, please.
--Okay. How would you like that cooked, and what sides would you like?
--I would like it medium rare, please. May I have corn and meshed potatoes with it?
--Yes, you may. And for the Missus?
--She'll have the spaghetti, please.
--Alright. Would you like garlic bread with that?
--Yes, she would.
--Alright. I'll bring it in a moment.
--Thank you!
--Here is your steak, and here is your spaghetti. I hope you enjoy your meals!
--Wow, this steak is really good. It's tender and juicy.
--Really? This spaghetti is okay. The sauce is a little too salty.
--Oh, that's too bad. How is your drink?
--It's really good. There's the perfect amount of sugar in it.
--That's good. The mashed potatoes are a little dry.
--Maybe they cooked them for too long.
--Probably. How's your garlic bread?
--It's delicious! It goes really well with the spaghetti.
--That's good. Waiter, may I have the check?
--Sure. Here it is.
--Alright, here is my credit card.
--Thank you, sir.
--Hey honey, do you have change for a tip?
--Yeah, I do. Here's $8.
--Perfect. We're ready to go then.
--Thank you, sir and madam! Please come again soon!

At a restaurant

source: Twominute English    2012年11月10日
# asking for table
--Table for one, please.
--Follow me, Sir.
# ordering food
--Can I have the menu.
--Here it is, Sir.
--What do you recommend?
--The grilled chicken with tomato sauce. It's a good choice.
--It sounds like a good idea. I'll have the chicken, and a glass of wine please.
--Sure, I'll be right back with your order.
(another example)
--Are you ready to order now, Sir?
--Yes. I'd like the spicy chicken and the vegetables please.
--Would you like something to drink?
--I'll have an orange juice.
--I'm afraid we're out of orange, sir.
--That's Okay. Just bring me the iced tea instead.
--Yes, sir. I'll be right back.
# discussing the menu
--Could I have my Caesar salad served with the sauce on the side?
--Yes, and would you like the croutons also on the side?
--That'd be very good. Thank you.
--You're welcome.
# paying the bill
--Could you check us out please?
--Here you are.
--Can I pay with Visa?
--Yes, you can.
(another example)
--Could I have the bill?
--In a minute, Sir. Are you paying with a card?
--Yes, MasterCard.

How to order in a restaurant

source: EnglishLessons4U
# appetizers / starters
--soups (Soup of the day, French Onion); salads (Caesar, Greek, Garden)
# main course / mains / entrees
--roast beef, chicken curry, prime rib, poached salmon,
# desserts
--pie, cake, ice cream
# drinks / beverages
--soft drinks
# I'll have the French Onion, the Chicken Curry, the Cheese Cake, and a/some water.

How to Order Food

source: Ryan Kent-Temple
# part of the conversation:
--Do you have a table for you?
--Here's your menus. Can I get some drinks started for you?
--I need a sec (second) to look?
--I'll have a water for now. Do you have mineral water?
--Would you like me to start some appetizers before your meal?
--Yes. We'll have the chicken wings.
--What kind of sauce would you like with those?
--With ranch dressing, please.
--Have you figured out what to eat?
--For the side dishes, I would like sauteed vegetables and a baked potato.
--How would you like your Sirloin Steak to be cooked this evening?
--Make it medium rare, please.
--I'll put your order in right away.
--Can we have our check please?
--What's this charge here?
--That's for your appetizer, sir.
--Oh, I see. Dpes this total include tax?
--It does, sir. Will you be paying with cash or credit card?
--Can I have your signature here on hte bottom, please?
--Thank you very much for visiting us. Have a good evening.

Read Clothing Words!

source: ELF Kids Videos

weather and clothes (elementary level)

source: suferper

shopping at a department store (elementary level)

source: Darien Hunte

Clothes (vocabulary)

source: MartaKatarzynaESL

Clothing Vocabulary

source: ELF Kids Videos

Clothing and Footwear

source: AMES836

Shopping for shoes

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clothing and accessories

source: english conversation cours

Clothes for Dylan's Birthday

source: trilliumenglish


source: Speak English With Misterduncan
--chic, cool, in fashion, stylish, in
--gay, lame, old-fashioned, out of date, so last year, square, unfashionable, out
--vain, shallow, self-centered, a victim of fashion

At the clothes store dialogue

source: EnglishWorks Sequoia

What's that? Clothes. Easy English Conversation Practice.

source: Mark Kulek

shopping for clothes

source: titmousevideo
--May I help you?
--I'm just checking things out.
--Are you looking for something in particular?
--I don't think this will fit you.
--I don't think we have anything for you. You are obviously in the wrong place. Please leave.
--You wouldn't wait on me.
--You work on commission, right?

Shopping for clothes

source: Twominute English   2012年12月19日
# finding trousers:
--I'm looking for trousers. Where can I find them?
# buying shoes:
--I need some comfortable office shoes. What do you recommend?
--Do you know your shoe size?
--If you are not sure. We can measure your feet.
# buying a shirt:
--I'm looking for a long-sleeved blue shirt. Do you have any?
--Can I try it on?
--The trial room is over there.
# paying for one's purchase:
--I like these shoes. Please pack these. How much do they cost?
--Would you like to pay by cash or by card?
--Can you please make a bill?
--I want to use my debit card.
--Please give me your card so that I can swipe it.
--Here's your card payment receipt. Please sign a copy and return to me.

Girls' Clothing.

source: Mark Kulek

Shopping for Clothes

source: Valentin Butcaru

clothes (elementary level)

source: suferper

Shopping for Clothes

source: Maro Silva


source: ESLConversation

Trends and Fashions + present perfect continuous tense (Learn English 63)

source: EF podEnglish     2007年7月5日
Learn to talk about trends and fashion in English. In this intermediate English lesson you will hear two friends talking about clothes. One of the women is very fashionable and the other is asking for advice. You will learn the most common vocabulary for talking about the trends in clothes and shoes.

--They are all the rage. (very fashionable and popular)
--These boots are the "in thing." They are in fashion.
--She has trendy clothes.
--Fur trim is hot right now.
--I feel like my entire wardrobe is totally out of date.
--How can I change my image?
--I have been looking for boots like these for a while.

# relevant grammar videos:  present perfect vs. present perfect progressive vs. simple past

(Vocabulary) - Shaving & facial hair styles

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me     2013年1月25日
# clean-shaven, stubble, moustache, goatee, sideburns, box beard, beard

talking about haircut

source: Twominute English
--This haircut is trendy.
--I just need a haircut.
--I see your hair's quite rough. I'll shampoo it first.
--Just make sure you cut it short but not too short.
--I think I got a bad haircut.
--I got this very bad hair cut while traveling and now I just want to have it fixed.
--I hate the excessive layers. I want you to cut it short. I also want curls if possible.
--Cutting it short won't be a problem. And I'll curl your ends toward your face to add volume.

Grooming Yourself - Getting a haircut, salon visit, etc.

source: Twominute English    2013年3月4日
Exercises for this lesson :
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0:00 Welcome to Teaching you English through two-minute or less.
0:07 Here are some phrases and words you can use when you get yourself groomed.
0:15 Hi Albert. How are are you?
0:17 Hey Jason. I’m fine. Please have a seat.
0:21 Thanks. I need a shave.
0:24 Sure. A full shave as usual or do you want to try something new?
0:30 I think I’ll go for a French beard this time. What do you think?
0:34 I think it would look good on you. Should I use gel or cream?
0:39 Normal cream would be fine.
0:42 Okay. Just sit back and relax. It will only take five minutes.
0:48 Please take your time. I’m in no hurry.
0:55 Hi Albert. How have you been?
0:58 It’s all good Mary but I can’t say the same about your hair though. We gotta do something about that now!
1:06 Yeah, I know it’s been a while. It’s definitely time for a new haircut.
1:12 Do you have anything specific in mind?
1:15 Nah, nothing specific. But I want something different this time. I’m tired of my long hair.
1:15 Nah, nothing specific. But I want something different this time. I’m tired of my long hair.
1:21 I wanna have short hair now. Would it look good on me?
1:26 Absolutely. It will enhance your beautiful eyes and you’ll even look younger.
1:32 You can trust me on that.
1:35 Younger?! Oh, we must try that then.
1:39 Alright. I’m sure you’ll love it when it’s done!
1:46 You know what, Jamie? Paul asked me to join him for dinner tonight.
1:51 That’s nice Mary. So what are you wearing ?
1:55 I haven't decided anything yet. I think I’ll go to the beauty salon first.
2:00 Yeah. Having your nails done is a must if you want to look your best.
2:06 Yes, absolutely! Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you join me? It would be fun.
2:11 We can take the opportunity to chat a little longer and relax a bit.
2:16 Well..I had plans to go there only next week but I won’t miss this opportunity! Going alone is never that much fun.
2:25 So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!
2:33 Hi Albert. How have you been?
2:35 Hello Jason, welcome back. Please have a seat.
2:39 Albert, I have a party to attend in the evening. I want you to style my hair.
2:45 What kind of party is it ?
2:48 Its an office party. So consider it to be formal.
2:51 Have you already decided what you will be wearing?
2:55 Yup. I think I’ll wear a tuxedo.
2:58 Alright ! I’ll style your hair accordingly. Don’t worry. You’ll look great.
3:06 Do you have anything specific in mind?
3:13 I know it’s been a while. It’s definitely time for a new haircut.
3:22 I think I’ll go for a French beard this time. What do you think?
3:31 I have a party to attend in the evening. I want you to style my hair.
3:40 Why don’t you join me? It would be fun. We can take the opportunity to chat a little longer and relax a bit.

In the hair salon: two friends having a conversation

source: ESLConversation
--Hi. Nice to see you.
--How have you been?
--I'm good. I'm getting my hair cut today.
--Your hair is very long. Are you getting it cut short?
--Not really short. I think shoulder length.
--That would look good on you.
--Are you getting your hair cut too?
--Not today. My friend is getting married so I'm just getting my hair colored and styled.
--What color are you getting your hair dyed?
--A light brown with red highlights.
--I can't wait to see how it turns out. How will it be styled?
--The front will be French braided with curls in the back.
--That sounds lovely.
--I will take pictures when the hairdresser is done.
--Do you know they also do manicures here? I have an appointment next week to get my nails done.
--I didn't know that.
--You should come with me. We could have lunch afterward.
--That sounds like fun.
--The ladies here are great. They do wonderful nail art.
--I remember when you had butterflies on your fingernails. Did you get that done here?
--Yes, I did. This is my favorite salon.
--I will have to come here more often.
--Oh, it's my turn now. I'll talk to you later.
--OK. Give me a call in a couple of days.
--I will. Have fun at the wedding.

Going to the hairdresser

source: EnglishTeacherEmma
Take the quiz:
# difference between barber/barbershop and hairdresser/hair salon
# I would like to have/get
--a cut / a wash and cut / a was, cut and dry / a trim / a perm
# I would like to get my hair
--cut / colored / bleached / dyed / permed / streaked / styled / straightened / curled / layered
# I would like
--an updo / braids / pigtails / a ponytail / dreads / a shaved head / a bun / ringlets / hair extensions / bangs / my hair parted / the ends trimed
# hair problems:
--I have dandruff / split ends.
--My hair is oily / dry / flat.
# What product would you recommend for __?

Describing family members

source: ReadySteadyEnglish

Physical description


describing people

source: anfer0920
# hair: short, medium length, long
# hair style: wavy, curly, bald, straight
# hair color: red, gray/grey, black, blond/blonde, brown
# eyes: borwn/hazel, blue, black, gray/grey, green
# body: well-built, slim, average weight, skinny, heavy/chubby
# height: tall, short, average height
# personality: shy, intelligent, honest, serious, creative, adventurous, punctual, inconsiderate, friendly, generous, etc.

Adjectives to describing people

source: Mark Kulek
# thin, overweight, slender, stunning, tall, flabby (with a beer belly), heavy-set,
curvy, beautiful, handsome, attractive, good-looking, lovely, mysterious, chubby, husky, slim, plain, plump, cute, hot, in good shape, strong

37 English Words for Describing a Person's Appearance: English Vocabulary

source: Espresso English
# for women: beautiful, pretty, lovely, gorgeous, stunning ("She turns heads.")
# men and women: attractive, good-looking, cute, hot (slang), plain
# body shape and size: overweight, heavy, big, large, obese (extremely fat), chubby, husky, heavyset, plump, curvy, flabby (usually for stomach, arms, thighs and butt), slim, slender, skinny, lean/wiry (thin and muscular), petite (woman who is short and thin), lanky (tall and thin)
# athletic body--muscular, fit, strong, in good shape, ripped (slang word for a person with well-defined and visible muscles)

122 English Adjectives of Character

source: english2days

Personality Interview: Questions and Answers

source: JobInterviewSite
# interview questions and tips on how to answer them

Personality Idioms

source: ReadySteadyEnglish
--an eager beaver (try too hard to impress people and work too much)
--be as hard as nails (don't care much about other people's feelings)
--a cold fish (quite distant and not very friendly)
--a fat cat (makes people dislike the way he/she uses money or power)
--having a heart of gold (very kind and generous)
--a mouse-potato (a person who spends too much time on the computer)
--a pain in the neck (a person who is difficult and unpleasant)
--smarty-pants (you think you always know best)

What are you like?

source: goodteacherphil
# humble-arrogant / considerate-inconsiderate / helpful-unhelpful / hardworking-lazy / honest-dishonest

talking about personality

source: bbclearningenglish

Describing people in English

source: Twominute English     2013年1月9日
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job-related idioms, slangs and vocabulary

source: learnexmumbai
--between jobs (unemployed)
--holding down a job (maintaining a job)
--moonlighting (working a second job at night/late evening)
--head hunter (a professional executive job recruiter)
--land a job (obtain a job)
--perks (job benefits)
--pay hike (raise in salary)
--knock off early (leave early from work)
--cush job (easy job/job of your dreams)
--working like a dog (working very hard)