Trends and Fashions + present perfect continuous tense (Learn English 63)

source: EF podEnglish     2007年7月5日
Learn to talk about trends and fashion in English. In this intermediate English lesson you will hear two friends talking about clothes. One of the women is very fashionable and the other is asking for advice. You will learn the most common vocabulary for talking about the trends in clothes and shoes.

--They are all the rage. (very fashionable and popular)
--These boots are the "in thing." They are in fashion.
--She has trendy clothes.
--Fur trim is hot right now.
--I feel like my entire wardrobe is totally out of date.
--How can I change my image?
--I have been looking for boots like these for a while.

# relevant grammar videos:  present perfect vs. present perfect progressive vs. simple past