How to Talk About HAPPY and SAD in English

source: Learn English Conversation    2016年6月14日
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How to Ask Questions: HOW LONG, HOW MUCH...

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]     2016年6月15日
What is the difference between "how much time" and "how many times"? Do we say "how long" or "how long time"? In this essential English lesson, I will teach you how we use "how much time", "how long", and "how many times". I will also look at some of the most common mistakes students make with these question words and teach you how to correct them. At the end of this video, you will know exactly how to form questions using "how". After watching, take my quiz at to make sure you understand.

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At School | Please Pass The... | English Speaking Practice

source: Mark Kulek      2016年6月15日

Financial English Vocabulary VV 42 - Corporate Taxes (Lesson 2) | Business English Vocabulary

source: Business English Pod   2015年2月9日
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In this http://www.VideoVocab.TV lesson, we’ll look at taxes, particularly corporate income tax. We will learn about audits done to ensure compliance with tax laws. And we will also explore exemptions and tax credits, as well as tax breaks and tax shelters. Ultimately, companies try to gain a higher tax rebate or pay less tax overall.

English in a Minute: Back to Square One

source: VOA Learning English    2015年3月5日
Where and what is "square one?" And why would you want to return to it? Watch this video to figure out how to use this common American English expression.
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Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 13

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年2月16日
Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences Day 13.
230. Let’s hope for the best.
231. Let’s keep in touch.
232. Let’s make up.
233. Let’s go visit them.
234. Let’s talk over dinner.
235. Long time no see.
236. Look before you leap.
237. May I ask you a question?
238. May I have a receipt?
239. May I have your name, please?
240. May I pay by credit card?
241. May I try it on?
242. Maybe it will work.
243. Maybe some other time.
244. My mouth is watering.
245. My phone was out of order.
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5 Common English Learner Mistakes

source: English Lessons with Alex  2013年10月2日 What are the most common grammatical mistakes that new English learners make? It depends on the country, but regardless of where you're from, you have probably heard others make these mistakes or you have made them yourself. In this lesson, I look at what's wrong with saying "it's depend," "it depends of," "I took a sandwich for breakfast," "She's learning for go to university," "I am interesting in that," and "Is good! Is easy! Is not a problem!" Check out the lesson, and improve your language accuracy! Take the quiz here:

Bad Manners: What NOT to say or do (Polite English)

source: Learn English with Rebecca  2013年10月24日 Every language is also a culture. Make sure you know the one habit you MUST avoid to succeed in North American and British cultures. I'll also teach you 14 other mistakes in English etiquette and manners, such as what not to ask, when not to speak, and what not to wear to the office. Knowing what NOT to say and do will give you the cultural keys to success in your personal, social, and professional life. Take a quiz on this lesson here: