Talking about Fitness

source: Learn English with Let's Talk  2014年01月07日
--get fit / get in shape:
e.g., I have gained too much of weight and I want to get fit (or I want to get in shape).
--workout: an exercise routine
--warm up & cool down: A warm up is a period of light exercise to get the body ready for a good workout whereas the the cool down period involves reducing the intensity of your exercise by gradually slowing down.
--gym: Gym is slang for the word gymnasium and gymnastic services. It includes weight training to develop and strengthen the muscles and cardiovascular training which is also called cardio. It is vigorous exercise to strengthen the heart and burn calories.
--Gym Equipments:
Treadmill which is used for running on the spot,
Stationary Bike which is basically a cycling machine, dumb bells etc.
--gym trainer / fitness trainer
--dieting: It is eating less or more healthy food. To be calorie conscious to become fit and slim.
--brisk walking: To walk a little fast to increase the heart rate
--jogging: It is an activity of running at a steady and gentle pace
--kick boxing: A form of martial art which combines boxing with kicking with bare feet. It has elements of karate.
--aerobics: It's a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic stretching and strengthening training and is performed to music.
--pilates : A system of exercise that promotes strengthening and toning of the body using a specialized equipment.

How to use the verb 'Suggest' correctly?

source: Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons
# suggest an idea, not the person that you're making your suggestion to
--(X) I suggest you to apply for a job there.
--(O) I suggest applying for a job there.
--(O) I suggest (that) you apply for a job there.
# don't use "to" after suggest
--(X) I suggest to apply for a job there.
# the word "recommend" works exactly the same way!

# relevant grammar videos: modals: making suggestions and giving advice