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source: NEWS with Subtitles  2016年12月18日
Severe Winter Weather in American Southeast; Babies and Morality
The U.S. Congress has voted to "suspend" the debt ceiling, but what exactly does that mean? We explore the issue today on CNN Student News, and we report on how a major winter storm is icing up parts of the Eastern Seaboard. We also look at some fascinating research into whether babies can tell right from wrong.
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I don't care

source: LearnAmericanEnglishOnline    2016年12月17日
After "I don't care," you have a few different options to consider.

News Words: Underestimated

source: VOA Learning English     2016年12月15日
In this week's News Words, we hear from a Syrian refugee who settled in the Netherlands.
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To be underestimated is to be thought of as less in ability, influence, or value than you truly are..

Vocabulary: At the BANK

source: English Lessons with Alex     2016年10月3日
This is a practical vocabulary lesson about words we use at the bank. Banking has a set of specialized vocabulary, and you may be nervous to go to the bank in an English-speaking country. But knowing some useful words will make it easy and pleasant for you. In this lesson, I will teach you the meaning of "bank teller", "PIN", "investments", "account", "deposit", "withdraw", and many more terms associated with going to the bank. If you want to feel more confident when going to the bank and speaking in English, watch this lesson and complete the quiz. After that, you'll be in business!

How (not) to reply to 'How are you?'

source: Simple English Videos      2016年6月21日
This video is part of a larger project we are working on about English greetings. The comical English conversation here illustrates a good and a bad way to answer the question 'How are you?'.
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Look / See / Watch

source: EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! 2010年2月5日 In English, we have three words to talk about sight, where most languages just use one! Learn which word to use when in this free lesson. Take the free quiz at to test your understanding of the lesson.

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Idiom: Back to the Drawing Board

source: Twominute English     2013年7月8日
The idiom 'back to the drawing board' means to start again from the beginning after the failure of an attempt. In this video we will learn how to use the idiom 'back to the drawing board' without any confusion when we speak. Some sentences with the idiom are given at the end of the video to help you focus on the meaning.
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Using PASSIVE in English to avoid responsibility

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]     2012年5月18日 "I made a mistake." "Mistakes were made." What is the difference between these two sentences? This grammar lesson will explain what the passive voice and active voice are and when we should use them. I'll also show you how governments and businesses use the passive voice to avoid responsibility. You can test your understanding of the class with the free quiz at

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Adjective endings - ING or ED?

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2012年8月31日 Learn why some adjectives in English end in -ING and others in -ED. You will understand when we use each of these endings, as well as the correct grammar and structure for each. I think you'll find this lesson very interestING. Take the quiz here:

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Listening Test: Clothing & Fashion

source: Espresso English     2013年8月19日
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