'Still better', 'Better still' & 'Better yet'

source: Learn English with Let's Talk 2013年12月16日
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# still better: used when something was better before and continues to be better.
--John is not as good as he used to be in playing chess, but still better than William.
--The pasta is dry, but it's still better than the one we had at the party last night.
# better still: used when someone makes a good suggestion, but you have an even better one
--You can send them your resume or better still, try contacting the manager directly.
# better yet:  used to offer a better suggestion to replace a bad idea
--If I am late I will call you and inform, better yet why don't you take responsibility and leave earlier next time.

9 TURN Phrasal Verbs: turn on, turn off, turn over, turn around, turn ou...

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--turn on / turn-on
--turn off /turnoff (no hyphen)
--turn up
--turn down
--turn over
--turn around
--turn in
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Lose, Loose, Lost & Loss

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--(v.) lose, lost, lost
--loss (n.)
--loose (adj.)
1. After a month's diet, his jeans became too loose for him .
2. His pet dog is on a loose. (break free)