Speaking English: 7 Phrases You Can Use Today!

source: Espresso English     2015年9月6日

#1 – a pain in the neck
If something is very annoying, you can describe it as “a pain in the neck” or simply as “a pain.” Remember, this idiom in context refers to something that bothers or annoys you, not to literal physical pain.
“Going through security at the airport is a pain in the neck – you have to take off your belt, keep all liquids in a bag, take out your laptop… it’s so inconvenient.”
“You can get a student visa in this country – but it’s a real pain. There are tons of forms to fill out, and the whole process takes at least six months.”
Describe something in your own life or experience that is a pain in the neck.

#2 – back to the drawing board
back to square one
If you do a project that tries to accomplish a goal, but it isn’t successful, then you’ll have to go back to the drawing board or back to square one – this means to start over with a new project/attempt, because the previous project didn’t work.
“The architect didn’t approve the plan for our new house, so it’s back to the drawing board.”
“I thought I’d get the job after my great interview, but I didn’t. Now it’s back to square one.“
Talk about a time you had to go back to the drawing board.

#3 – call the shots
Someone who calls the shots is the person who makes the decisions. This person has the power to decide things without needing permission or approval from anyone else.
“I make the money, but my wife is the one who calls the shots when it comes to financial decisions.”
Who calls the shots at work? Who calls the shots in your family?

#4 – down to the wire
If something is down to the wire, it means there is extremely little time left to finish it before the deadline.
“The paper was due at 4 PM and I worked on it right down to the wire – I handed it to my teacher at 3:55.”
Describe a time when something you were working on was down to the wire.

#5 – have time to kill
To have time to kill means you have extra time before something happens, so you need to find some way to occupy or entertain yourself.
“We got to the airport five hours early, so we had time to kill before the flight.”
When was the last time you had time to kill?

#6 – rack your brain
When you’re trying very hard to remember something, and having difficulty remembering or thinking of it, you are racking your brain.
“I racked my brain trying to recall the name of the book.”
When was the last time you racked your brain?

#7 – smooth sailing
Smooth sailing means easy progress, without any major problems or difficulties.
“It was a little tricky finding the right highway, but once we were on it, then it was smooth sailing.” (= easy to drive to the destination)
Talk about a time that a process was smooth sailing.

Slang words to express disappointment. (Advanced English Lesson)

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1) Bummer / Bummer Days - Something that depresses or disappoints you is a bummer or any unpleasant situation or disappointing experience you face for couple of days are called as bummer days.
Example - I have been sick all week,bummer days!
Example - Getting stranded at the airport was a real bummer.

2) Boohoo - An exclamation to represent the sound of someone crying noisily or sobbing.
Example - Boohoo,nobody loves me!

3) In a funk - To be sad
Example - I'm in a funk today.

4) Burst one's bubble - To be disappointed because of something.
Example - We had planned to go for camping but the rain burst our bubble.

5) Soul sucking - Depressing
Example - I need a break from the soul sucking job.

6) In the dumps - Feeling sad or depressed
Example - He's been in the dumps since she dumped him for another guy.

7) Butt-hurt - to be upset , usually by a friendly insult
Example - I was just kidding,don't get butt-hurt.

8) Depressica - Refers to a female who is depressed over a guy
Example - Mary has been a depressica after she broke up with John.