English Listening Practice: Improve your vocabulary!

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]   2017年5月10日
Want to practice your listening and learn some new vocabulary? In this video, you will play an English listening game. First, I will teach you some new vocabulary and review English prepositions which we will use in our fun listening practice. Next, you will listen to me describe a picture and you will draw the picture. At the end of the lesson, you can see how well you listened to my instructions. Are our pictures the same or different? You can listen to this video as many times as you like to get more practice and you can play this listening activity with your friends or classmates. Try my quiz at the end to see how many new words you remember. https://www.engvid.com/english-listen...

Phrasal Verbs with 'CUT'

source: Maple Leaf ESL     2016年4月12日
In this lesson, we look at the following phrasal verbs with the word 'cut': cut down, cut in, cut off, cut across, cut out, and cut it out.
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phrasal verb POLISH

source: Rachel's English    2017年1月24日
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Transition your sentences at the band 9 level!

source: IELTS Ryan    2017年4月8日
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Text from this video:
Do you feel the money governments spend to protect the environment would be better used elsewhere?

_________ the world over typically _________________________ ___________. There are reasons to support and refute this practice. Using examples from _____ ______, I will discuss both positions before declaring a personal stance.

Firstly, ___________________________ is beneficial for many reasons. For example, in _________, ___________________________, such as __________________. This _________ is important because it not only __________________________, but it also ___________________________. Because such _________ are common among most countries, it is clear why __________________.

However, despite these benefits, _________________ has undeniable merit. In _________, for example, ____________________________________. Similar _________ can be seen among _______________, such as ___________________________. Thus, it is clear that for _________, _________ may be better ___________________________.

Following this examination, I support _________, but I strongly feel this __________________________. This is __________________, and I hope to see it ______ ________________.

Governments the world over typically allocate a portion of their spending to preserving the environment of their respective countries. There are reasons to support and refute this practice. Using examples from my country, I will discuss both positions before declaring a personal stance.

Firstly, government-funded protection of a country’s environment is beneficial for many reasons. For example, in my country, the Canadian government has spent a tremendous amount of money to ensure large swathes of land, such as Algonquin Park in Ontario, are inaccessible to resource-hungry companies and city sprawl. This policy is important because it not only ensures the natural beauty and wildlife of Canada are maintained for future generations, but it also preserves Canadian identity, which is tied closely to the vastness and untainted nature of the land. Because such values are common among most countries, it is clear why many people the world over support government-funded protection of the environment.

However, despite these benefits, reallocating such funding to other needs has undeniable merit. In Canada, for example, preserving the integrity of the environment seems somewhat hypocritical when so many First Nations peoples, who have been historically driven off the land, are in need of resources that allow them to preserve and pass on their languages and cultures to their descendants. Similar needs can be seen among the native populations of other nations formed out of the colonial period, such as the United States and Australia. Thus, it is clear that for select countries, government funding may be better channeled to the preservation of not only the land but also its indigenous peoples.

Following this examination, I support the government-funded preservation of a country’s environment, but I strongly feel this funding should also be directed to promoting the health of other aboriginal facets, namely the cultures and languages of a nation’s indigenous peoples. This is a much more holistic approach to environmental preservation, and I hope to see it adopted by countries around the world.

Dealing with IT support - 44 - English at Work deals with your computer ...

source: BBC Learning English    2017年5月3日
Disaster strikes the computers of Tip Top Trading! Something has happened and everyone's work has disappeared. Anna calls in the IT support, but can she explain to them what the problem is and can they actually help?
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It's frozen. Nothing will work…

Yeah and all my football scores… I mean company accounts… have disappeared.

Can anyone get their computers to work? Or is just me?

Welcome back to the offices of Tip Top Trading where, as you can hear, there appears to be a bit of computer trouble. Everyone's work seems to have disappeared. This is serious so who can sort it out?

Leave it to me I'll sort it out. You just need to switch it off… and on again … like that.

Hold on, let's check… Denise! All my documents have gone now!

Oh, sorry, I was just trying to help. You'll just have to call I.T. Support, look, here’s their number.

'It' Support?

No Anna not 'it' but I.T. Support – information technology – sometimes called Computer Support. Most big companies have them. These are the people who sort out your computer problems and get everything working again. But be careful, they might ask some tricky questions.

OK, thanks. But what should I say to them?

Tell them: "I am having problems with my computer", then say "the screen keeps freezing" and "I seem to have lost some documents". Tell them "I have turned the computer off and on but that hasn't fixed it". Finally, ask if they can help – please!

Well, I'll give it a try. Here goes.

IT Man
I.T., Dave speaking, how can I help?

Oh hello Dave – I'm having some computer problems – in fact everyone is here.

IT Man
Right. What system are you using?

What system?

IT Man
Yeah, what are you using? PC, laptop, Windows XP?

Tell him it's Windows 7.

Erm… it's Windows 7 on a PC.

IT Man
Good, good, this should be easy. Were you using many applications when it crashed?


IT Man
Did you have lots of things open – documents, spreadsheets, videos, other software?

Well, I suppose I did.

IT Man
Right, well… Anna isn't it?


IT Man
Right, well Anna, try pressing control, alt, delete, at the same time – after that try opening Windows again.

OK. Tom, could you open the windows please.

What eh? The windows?!

Yes. Dave says so.

IT Man
No, no, no. Open Windows 7 on your computer.

Oh, silly me! No, the screen just freezes. I'm a bit worried because I think I've lost some documents.

IT Man
Hmmm. In that case the only thing to do is reboot it.

Reboot it?You mean kick it?!

No! Reboot means turn it on and off again.

Oh I see. No Dave, I have already tried turning it off and on again but that hasn't fixed it. What am I going to do?

IT Man
Don't panic! I'll come and have a look. You're on the 2nd floor right?

Oh dear. This is a bit worrying but I'm sure Dave, the IT man, will get things sorted. Remember if you have important documents, it's best to back them up on a memory stick just in case you have a problem like this. Let's remind ourselves of the phrases we might use if we have to call computer support:

I am having problems with my computer

The screen keeps freezing

I seem to have lost some documents

I have turned the computer off and on but that hasn't fixed it

Can you help, please?

IT Man
Oh hi. Is Anna here?

She's over there.

So Anna, I'm just going to unplug the screen and put the wire back in here…

OK Tom but are you OK down there? Mind your head.

IT Man
Excuse me, are you Anna? I've come to fix your… computer.

Oh, hello… you must be… Dave. I really like your hair.


IT Man
Thanks. You look rather lovely. I'd better take a look at your computer.

Don't worry, it’s OK, I think I've fixed it!

Looks like Tom has a rival. Is Anna going to fall for the charms of Dave, the IT man, or is he just going to upgrade her software? This could get very interesting – but there's still work to be done – so join us again soon for English at Work. Bye.

America's Presidents - VOA Learning English

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source: VOA Learning English    2017年2月17日
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America's Presidents - George Washington 1:04
America's Presidents - John Adams 1:05
America's Presidents - James Monroe 1:09
America's Presidents - John Tyler 1:07
America's Presidents - Zachary Taylor 1:11
America's Presidents - Millard Fillmore 1:00
America's Presidents - George Washington 1:01
America's Presidents - John Adams 1:02
America's Presidents - Thomas Jefferson 1:02
America's Presidents - James Madison 1:01
America's Presidents - James Monroe 1:01
America's Presidents - John Quincy Adams 1:01
America's Presidents - Andrew Jackson 1:01
America's Presidents - William Henry Harrison 1:01
America's Presidents - Martin Van Buren 1:01
America's Presidents - James K. Polk 1:01
America's Presidents - John Tyler 1:01
America's Presidents - Zachary Tylor 1:01
America's Presidents - Millard Fillmore 1:00
America's Presidents - Franklin Pierce 1:01
America's Presidents - James Buchanan 1:01

Common Mistakes with English ADJECTIVES: -ed and -ing endings

source: mmmEnglish     2017年4月23日
This Worksheet will help you practice using English adjectives!
An adjective that ends in -ing is used to describe: the characteristic of a person, a thing or a situation.
For example: It’s amazing, it’s interesting, it’s tiring.
An adjective that ends in -ed is used to describe: a feeling or an emotion. It is used to describe a temporary thing.
If you say that something (or someone) is boring, that thing makes you feel bored!
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"I can't say words in the right order when I speak English..."

source: EnglishAnyone   2017年4月18日
In this video, you'll learn how to use the right words in the right order in English sentences - when speaking or writing - so you eliminate embarrassing grammar errors and can get fluent in English faster. :)
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Business English 82 (Demographics, median age, average age)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish     2010年2月2日
Demographics, median age, average age.

Business English 81 (Information age, digital revolution, e-business, e-commerce, bricks n clicks)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish     2010年2月2日
Information age, digital revolution, e-business, e-commerce, bricks n clicks.

British Pronunciation - Beer and Bear - /ɪə/ and /eə/

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me    2016年2月12日
This week we look at how to pronounce "ear" and "air", "Here" and "hair" and all words which have the /ɪə/ and /eə/ sounds.
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How to Leave an English Conversation Politely

source: Oxford Online English    2017年1月26日
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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a conversation and you really needed to go, but didn’t know how to leave politely?
Maybe another student is talking to you in the library when you have a lot of study to do, or your friend has called you but you really don’t have time to talk. You want to talk to them, just not right now.
Not to worry; there’s a few simple things you can do to end a conversation politely.

You can learn:
- How to use the rhythm of an English conversation to make an excuse and leave.
- How to use discourse markers like 'well' or 'anyway' to show politely that a conversation is ending.
- Polite phrases that you can use to signal the end of a conversation.
- Techniques to end a conversation if the other person won't stop talking!
For every point, you can see several examples so that you know how to use the language correctly and naturally in your spoken English.

Dog Owners and Their Dogs - Fun English Lesson

source: Twominute English     2013年6月29日
Dogs make great pets, and people who own dogs just can't stop talking about them. In this lesson we will learn important words and phrases that we can use when next time we talk about our dog.
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0:07 In this lesson you will learn how dog owners talk about their dogs.
0:16 Hi there, Jannet. Let’s take our dogs to the dog park today.
0:20 Alright! That’ll be fun! Laika would love that!
0:23 My Bunny is sometimes afraid of the big dogs over there.
0:27 Yeah, some dogs are really aggressive. You can never be sure about them.
0:31 Last time I took him to the park, he was bitten by a pit bull.
0:35 Gosh...You should always stay close to your dog in the park.
0:38 I was but I also had to keep an eye on Joe!
0:42 Yeah! Always remember that the dog park’s not a child’s playground!
0:52 Gina, do you buy dog food?
0:55 Nope. My labrador is already used to eating beef.
0:58 Really?! Wow! My yellow lab eats waste! Can you believe it?
1:02 Oh! That’s a common problem, try some meat tenderizer on your dog’s food. It gives a metallic taste to dog waste. It’ll help.
1:11 That’s an idea! I’ll buy it today at the grocery store.
1:15 I have one problem with my Bo. He won’t stop barking when he hears even the slightest sound.
1:22 Okay, let me give you some advice. Keep a leash on him. If he barks, pull the leash and firmly order him to be quiet.
1:30 Alright! I doubt it will work, but I’ll try.
1:39 Hmmm...your K-9 is looking so moody today!
1:43 Rocky’s been behaving this way since we were put on the detection squad. I don’t know what’s the matter with him.
1:48 Why don’t you get a Beagle like I have? Shepherds are better used as attack dogs.
1:54 He has become more like a close friend to me. He probably won’t like a new master.
1:58 Do you ever get the airport duty?
2:01 Not usually. I’m sure if Rocky gets an airport shift, he’ll muddle up everything!
2:07 Yeah, it seems passengers don’t mind a Beagle as much. In fact some of them enjoy it when Ted sniffs their stuff.
2:15 That’s great. My Rocky is so aggressive!
2:23 Have you heard of Hachiko?
2:26 The Akita? Yeah sure, he’s the dream-dog of every dog owner! He waited 9 years for his master!
2:33 I doubt anybody can be loyal to somebody to such an extent.There are less than 100 pure Japanese Akitas now.
2:41 What about Chips, the Second World War hero?
2:45 Nope, I was thinking of the space dog Laika actually. What about Chips?
2:51 He was a German Shepherd K-9 during the war. He attacked an enemy machine gun nest on his own, and made them surrender,
2:58 but sacrificed his own life.
3:01 Some dogs prove themselves to be better than we are! Anyway, how’s your special dog, Rocky?
3:08 He’s a real friend! He even takes care of my keys and my wallet!
3:15 Let’s take our dogs to the dog park today.
3:21 Yeah, some dogs are really aggressive.
3:28 You should always stay close to your dog in the park.
3:35 Gina, do you buy dog food?
3:42 My labrador is already used to eating beef.
3:51 He won’t stop barking when he hears even the slightest sound.
4:04 Why don’t you get a Beagle like I have?
4:12 He probably won’t like a new master.
4:19 I doubt anybody can be loyal to somebody to such an extent.
4:31 Some dogs prove themselves to be better than we are!