How to Leave an English Conversation Politely

source: Oxford Online English    2017年1月26日
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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a conversation and you really needed to go, but didn’t know how to leave politely?
Maybe another student is talking to you in the library when you have a lot of study to do, or your friend has called you but you really don’t have time to talk. You want to talk to them, just not right now.
Not to worry; there’s a few simple things you can do to end a conversation politely.

You can learn:
- How to use the rhythm of an English conversation to make an excuse and leave.
- How to use discourse markers like 'well' or 'anyway' to show politely that a conversation is ending.
- Polite phrases that you can use to signal the end of a conversation.
- Techniques to end a conversation if the other person won't stop talking!
For every point, you can see several examples so that you know how to use the language correctly and naturally in your spoken English.