The Secret to Remembering Vocabulary

source: EnglishTeacherEmma

5 common mistakes that native speakers make

source: AlexESLvid
#1 double negatives => avoid double negatives
#2 less vs. fewer
#3 (x) "I could care less." => (o) I couldn't care less.
#4 (x) "have went" => (o) have gone
#5 "is/are" and "was/were"

Talking About Clothes

source: Twominute English   2013年10月28日
Buying clothes is always an exciting experience, especially for girls. It is said that shopping is the best mood enhancer for women. Whether you are making a shopping plan or planning to get rid of your old clothes, you will need to communicate your thoughts with your family or friends. How would you do that? Let's find out in this video.

# getting rid of old clothes
--Hey Lucy. My wardrobe's in a real mess. Do you wanna help me sort it out?
--I could do that, but you gotta get rid of all those clothes you don't wear anymore.
--I don't want to discard any of my clothes. I wear them all!
--Oh, come on Sam! Some of those clothes have been in your closet since 1995!
--Alright. There might be a couple of clothes that are old. But, not all.
--I think you should just give away all your stuff and get a new wardrobe.
# going shopping
--Are you going somewhere?
--Yep! I'm going shopping for clothes with my friends.
--Oh, that's nice. What do you plan to buy?
--Maybe a summer dress. I don't exactly have any plans. I just know I'm gonna buy something unusual.
--You always say that. Anyways, have fun shopping!
# shopping for a special date
--Gosh! I don't have anything to wear on the date.
--But you got a new dress last week. What happened to it?
--I've already worn it once. I don't want to wear it again. At least not in front of him!
--Then what are you gonna do now?
--I think it's time for another shopping trip. Where should I go?
--I hear Zara's got some new designs. Why don't you check that out?
# selecting an outfit for a photo shoot
--I'm just so confused.
--What happened?
--I don't know what to wear for my photo shoot?
--I thought the producers would give you clothes.
--Nobody is producing it. It's my photo shoot for my profile pictures. I gotta sponsor it myself.
--Well, you look good in everything you wear.

At a Hotel - Ordering Room Service

source: Twominute English   2013年10月27日
# ordering food
--Hello. I'm calling from Room 324. I'd like to order some diner for my room.
--Sure. What would you like to have?
--Please send one vegetarian platter, two servings of crispy garlic noodles and one serving of mushroom gravy.
--Alright. Is there anything you'd like to drink?
--Do you serve wine in the room?
--I'm afraid not. Alcoholic drinks are served only at the hotel bar.
--Not a problem. Just send the food, please. How long would that be?
--Max 30 minutes.
--That'll be fine. Thank you.
# asking for laundry service
--Hi, can you send someone to pick up the laundry from my room? It's number 346.
--Sure. Is there anyone in the room?
--Yes. My wife's there. Could you send someone right now? We are leaving in 15 minutes.
--Alright. I'll ask the housekeeping staff to pick it up immediately.
--Thank you so much.
# ordering from housekeeping
--I'd like to get two fresh towels, please.
--Sure. Do you need anything else, Sir?
--No, that's all for now.
--I'm sending someone right away.
--Thank you.
# ordering breakfast
--Room Service. How may I help you?
--Good morning. This is Room 234. Can I have some breakfast?
--Of course. Do you want the English breakfast with coffee?
--Nah, I just want some fruits and a glass of carrot juice.
--How long will it take?
--Be there in 10 minutes.
--Great. Thank you.