Talking about your favourite TV show in English

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Meaning one show or one part of your TV show which lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.
Example: Did you watch last night s episode of Quantico?

A season means a group of episodes. Each season can have between 12 or 24 episodes.
Example: I loved the first season of Downton Abbey as compared to the second season.

Re - runs:
Means the repeats of old episodes. Example: I enjoy watching the reruns of the famous TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Season premiere: means the first episode of a brand-new season.
Example: I am so excited to catch the season premiere of my favourite TV show, the game of thrones.

Season finale:
Means the last episode of the season.
Example: I love watching season finales because they are the most exciting episodes and they keep you intrigued till the next season.

Means a TV programme which is aired regularly on a particular day or days of the week.
Example: my favourite TV shows are Castle and Quantico.

Saving from the Internet. Example: I like to download certain TV shows and watch them whenever I like.

Watching live on the Internet. Example: sometimes I like to stream certain TV shows which are music-based live from the Internet.
Channel surfing: mean moving from one TV channel to another. Example: Channel surfing is my favourite past time when I am bored.

What's on air:
What is currently playing on TV?
Example: every evening when I come back from work the first thing I do is check what's on air.

Off air:
Means the TV show has ended for good.
Example: So many of my favourite shows have now gone off air. I really miss them that's why I catch the reruns.

Legal English VV 49 - Intellectual Property Law (1) | Business English Vocabulary

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Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 10

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年2月15日
Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences Day 10.
185. It’s a deal.
186. It’s a long story.
187. It’s a nice day today.
188. It’s a once in a lifetime chance.
189. It’s a pain in the neck.
190. It’s a piece of cake.
191. It’s a small world.
192. It’s a waste of time.
193. It’s about time.
194. It’s all my fault.
195. It’s awesome.
196. It’s awful.
197. It’s been a long time.
198. It’s better than nothing.
199. It’s essential.
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Learn English expressions with body parts

source: Learn English with Let's Talk      2014年8月21日
Learn English expressions with body parts - Free English (ESL) lesson

1. To greet with open arms -
Meaning :to be very pleased to see someone, or to be very pleased with something new
Example :I was rather nervous about meeting my boyfriend's parents, but they welcomed me with open arms.

2. Behind one's back-
Meaning : Without someone's knowledge; secret from someone.
Example : She sold the car behind his back, while he was away on vacation.

3. To Brainwash someone
Meaning : to drive specific knowledge or propaganda into someone's brain, by constant repetition Example :The dictator brainwashed his people with lie after lie.

4. Have the cheek-
Meaning : To have the nerve / To be impudently aggressive
Example : You sure have your nerve, telling him off that way

5. Eye-opener-
Meaning :something that shows or teaches you something in a surprising way
Example :This man has just heard some eye-opening news.

6. To point a finger at-
Meaning : to blame someone; to identify someone as the guilty person.
Example : Don't point the finger at me! I didn't take the money.

7. To stand on one's feet-
Meaning : to be independent and provide yourself with all the things that you need to live without having to ask anyone else to help you.
Example : I've supported those children long enough - it's time they learned to stand on their own two feet.

8. To make one's hair stand-
Meaning : to cause someone to be very frightened.
Example : The horrible scream made my hair stand on end.

9. Jaw dropping-
Meaning : causing great surprise or astonishment.
Example :My jaw dropped when I heard she'd been admitted to Harvard.

10. To keep a straight face-
Meaning : to look serious and not laugh, although you are in a funny situation or are saying something funny or stupid.
Example: I can never play jokes on people because I can't keep a straight face.

Learn English Phrases - On the right/wrong track / Get back on track

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