The most common WHERE Questions

source: English Lessons with Alex    2016年1月20日
Does it take you a long time to answer questions in English? In this conversational lesson, I'll teach you more than ten common questions that start with "where". You improve your speaking by knowing the most common questions English speakers use in conversation. Learn to speak more fluently by practicing saying these questions the way native speakers say them. I'll give you a chance to listen and repeat after me. Some of the questions in this lesson include: "Where are you from?", "Where were you born?", "Where did you grow up?", and more. In the quiz for this lesson, you'll review the grammar and correct structure of these very common WH questions. Where do you go for more English lessons? !
Where do you take the quiz?

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Polite English: What NOT to say to people!

source: EnglishLessons4U    2016年1月22日
Instead of teaching you what to say, today I'll teach you what NOT to say! You'll learn conversation topics that you should NEVER go into, because they are insulting and can make people dislike you. Knowing what NOT to ask someone is an important part of being polite in English-speaking countries! These topics to avoid are different from culture to culture, so you might think you are not doing anything wrong, but to an American or English person, you are being rude by talking about their weight, for instance.This lesson is very important if you want to date, flirt, or talk with people in social situations. If you don't want to be rude, or embarrass yourself or others, check out this lesson so you can be more confident making friendly conversation in English. Wow! You look fat...and what's wrong with your face?!

Singles Day!--美语怎么说(19)

source: 美国之音中文网    2012年11月10日
1. keep it down 小声点
2. a recipe for failure 必败指南 
3. friend zone 好人卡 
4. play hard to get 欲擒故纵 
5. set the bar high  条件高 


source: 美国之音中文网     2015年10月30日
--foodie 吃货
My friend Melissa is a big foodie. She knows so much about all different types of cheese. I think she's tasted more than 100 types of cheese.
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