How to use "ain't" (slang lesson)

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# ain't (slang only)
--am not / is not [I ain't going to the concert. / She ain't angry at me, is she?]
--don't / doesn't [He ain't got a car.]
--haven't [I ain't been to Estonia. / I ain't done nothing.]

difference between "in time" and "on time"

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# On time:
Doing something "on time" means meeting an appointment, or meeting a time that has been set by someone.
For example:
I hardly ever get to work on time.
Peter wants to start the meeting on time.
# In time:
Doing something "in time" means doing it before a deadline, or doing it before it becomes unavailable.
For Example:
The ambulance arrived just in time at the accident spot.
If you don't submit your project in time, you will be fired.

In Time or On Time - Confusing Phrases in English

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# Explanation
--"in time":  It means that you are not too late to do something.
For example, yesterday I went to the movies with my girlfriend. The movie started at 4pm. We arrived a little late and missed the previews, but we were in time to watch the beginning of the movie.
--"on time":  It means that you are not early or late.
For example, I’m never late for work or class, I am always on time.
# Getting to Class.
Ron: Excuse me, Ms. Carter, may I come in?
Frances: Good morning, Ron. You are late again! Why can’t you arrive on time to class?
Ron: I’m sorry, but I depend on my father to bring me to school, and he is always late.
Frances: Well, Ron, tell your father that if you are not on time for the next class, I will have to call him to school and have a serious conversation with him.
Ron: Yes, Ms. Carter.
# Going to a Dinner Party.
Max: Hey, Kev. What’s up?
Kevin: Hey, Max! Why didn't you go to Sarah’s dinner party?
Max: I had to work until late…
Kevin: You missed it, man.
Max: What time did it start?
Kevin: Well, it started at 7pm, but I got there at 8:30.
Max: Oh, no! So, you missed dinner.
Kevin: Not really…I was late for the party, but I was in time for the dinner because they served it at 9pm.

What books should I read to improve my English

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