HOW TO: Making informal invitations

source: BBC Learning English    2015年11月19日
Do you fancy listening to this episode of How To? William is here to help you understand all about making informal invitations and accepting them. You can find more explanation about this on our site:

Slang Expressions with the letter 'H'

source: Maple Leaf ESL     2016年1月25日
In this lesson, we look at the following slang expressions that begin with the letter 'H': hate someone's guts, hit on (someone), hit the sack/hay, hooked (on), hands-on, hang it up, hard up (for), hit the spot, and hit the road.
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phrasal verb TELL

source: Rachel's English     2017年1月8日
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Confusing English Words! | Fix Common Vocabulary Mistakes & Errors

source: mmmEnglish   2017年5月8日
Down the free worksheet to practice:
There are lots of English words that look and sound similar, so it is easy to make spelling and vocabulary mistakes - even for native English speakers!
In this lesson, I explain some confusing pairs of words, like this:
Advise /advice
Aloud / allowed
All together / altogether
Along / a long
Desert / dessert
Principal / principle
Complement / compliment
Read the full transcript:

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How to Express Fractions (such as 1/2, 3/4, etc.) in English

source: Shaw English Online     2014年1月25日
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Dealing with false friends

source: BBC Learning English    2015年8月31日
False friends aren’t people – they’re words which look or sound the same in different languages, but they have different meanings. Listen to this 6 Minute Vocabulary to avoid getting confused. For extra materials visit:

Everyday Actions | Set 4

source: Mark Kulek       2017年5月20日


source: LearnAmericanEnglishOnline     2017年5月21日

Business English 114 (variable, fixed, marginal cost)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年2月3日
Variable costs, fixed costs, total cost and marginal cost.

Business English 113 (product positioning, private label, generic brand)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish     2010年2月3日
Today's words: product positioning, private label, generic brand, brand (brand name).