CNN Student News - October 21, 2016 | Apparent Loss of a Mars Lander

source: NEWS with Subtitles     2016年10月20日
Apparent Loss of a Mars Lander; Recent Storms in the Philippines; Possible Responses to Hacking; A Brother's Plight Inspires an Anti-Bullying Mission
Today's show begins with an apparent setback for the European Space Agency, following the loss of communication from a Mars lander. Afterward, CNN Student News are headed to the Philippines for reports on natural and political storms. An examination follows into how the U.S. might respond to alleged computer hacking by Russia, and we feature a Character Study of a teen whose work aims to prevent bullying.
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Student News Anchor: Carl Azuz.

How native speakers say AND & THE in English

source: Learn English with Rebecca   2016年10月12日
Want to sound more natural when speaking English? In this lesson, I will give you some tips and will specifically look at how native English speakers use the words "and" and "the" in a sentence. We will listen to how these common words are shortened in real conversations, and learn how to make two simple changes to improve your accent. The result? People will understand you more easily because you are speaking in the way they expect to hear. With these small changes to your speech, I guarantee you will feel more confident about your English!

CNN Student News with subtitles - October 20, 2016 | The Third and Last Trump-Clinton U...

source: NEWS with Subtitles   2016年10月20日
Today's show is all about numbers: the third (and final) debate between the top two U.S. presidential candidates Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump, the fourth (and final) installment in our series on the U.S. heroin epidemic, and the three candidates running for president of the Alaska Zoo.
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Student News Anchor: Carl Azuz.

Let's Learn English Lesson 32: Welcome to the Treehouse!

source: VOA Learning English     2016年10月19日
Anna introduces her new partner, MINDY. They are working together on the new children's show: "The Time Traveling Treehouse." Then, some coworkers watch the show. What will they think of the show? Will they like it?
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Let's Learn English Lesson 32 Speaking Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2016年10月19日
In this video, learn to say the new words for this lesson. You can also learn about direct and indirect objects.
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Let’s Learn English Lesson 32 Pronunciation Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2016年10月19日
This video teaches about interjections, like "Woo-hoo!" and "Aw, man!"
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Learn English via Listening Beginner Level | Lesson 110 | Amy

source: Daily English Conversation    2016年9月9日
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Amy was a girl who came into our classroom.
She had many things wrong with her.
Amy was in a wheelchair, and she couldn't talk.
She couldn't make her hands and feet do what she wanted them to do.
We wondered why Amy would even be in our class, because she really couldn't do much
of anything.
Amy had a teaching assistant who had to stay with her all the time.
One day the teaching assistant got called away.
I had to look after Amy.
I was afraid to look after her.
I really didn't know what to do.
I sat beside Amy, and I smiled at her.
She smiled back at me.
I never realized before that she had such a nice smile.
Amy made a noise.
It seemed like she wanted a crayon that was lying beside her.
I put the crayon into her hand.
She had trouble holding it, but eventually she got the crayon into her hand well enough
so that she could make marks on the paper that was on the tray in front of her.
Amy spent a long time making marks on the paper.
She tried so hard to create whatever it was that she was drawing.
She worked for a long time.
I just watched her, and I gave her a lot of credit for not giving up when she obviously had
so many problems.
When she was finally done, she picked up the paper with great difficulty.
With a look of pride on her face, she handed me the picture.
It was for me.
I was very touched that she spent all that time drawing something for me.
I thanked Amy and smiled at her.
I told her I loved the picture.
I still have that picture, although I'm not sure what it is a picture of.
I learned a lot from Amy that day.
I saw a brave girl who wouldn't give up.
Whenever I think my problems are too big to handle, I think of Amy and I remember her

BBC 6 Minute English | IS A DOOR JUST A DOOR? | English CC | Daily Liste...

source: Daily Listening     2016年9月23日

0:06 You look pleased today, Neil.
0:07 I am pleased.
0:08 I just moved into my new flat!
0:10 OK, fantastic!
0:12 Congratulations!
0:13 Where is this new flat?
0:14 It's in the city.
0:15 It's a one-bed flat so it's bijoux - meaning small but attractive.
0:20 There's a balcony, I've got a couple of deckchairs, and a barbecue...
0:25 I can't wait to see it.
0:26 It sounds perfect.
0:27 Well, today we're discussing housing - and why in some buildings there are separate entrances
0:32 for rich and poor residents!
0:35 So, are you ready for today's quiz question, Neil?
0:38 I'm all ears.
0:39 OK, so you mean you're listening carefully.
0:41 I am.
0:42 Right.
0:43 What does 'social housing' mean?
0:46 Is it housing for people who... a) want to buy or rent at a low price?
0:51 b) want to live together sharing facilities? or c) aren't able to pay any rent at all?
1:01 OK, I think the answer is a) to buy or rent at a low price.
1:06 OK.
1:07 Well, we'll see if you were right or wrong later on in the programme.
1:10 So, have you met your neighbours yet, Neil?
1:13 Yes - I bumped into one couple as I was leaving for work this morning.
1:17 I see.
1:18 Bump into means to meet somebody by chance.
1:21 So were they friendly?
1:23 Well, they complained about me blocking the communal area with my bike - also about my
1:29 guitar playing.
1:31 But apart from that, they seemed nice!
1:32 A communal area is an area that is shared by a number of people.
1:37 Well, I hate to say it, Neil, but your guitar playing is annoying!
1:41 Oh, Rob, genius isn't appreciated here, I think.
1:45 OK...
1:46 Let's listen to the journalist Tom Bateman talking about rich and poor doors.
1:50 Tom Bateman, journalist In front of us here is a 20-storey building.
1:54 Right about me I got tinted blue glass windows and balconies on every floor as you look from
1:59 the street.
2:00 And there is a very plush foyer.
2:02 A sign in the window says 'luxurious penthouses with spectacular views.'
2:09 But this is what the journalist Tom Bateman saw when he went around the other side of
2:13 the same building.
2:15 So as you come down the side of the building, you can see the windows - quite small windows
2:22 - of the flats above here - certainly no balconies.
2:25 This is a big grey concrete wall and as you walk down an alleyway towards the other door.
2:33 So this building has one entrance with a plush - or expensive and luxurious - foyer.
2:39 And foyer means entrance hall.
2:42 Then there's another entrance down an alleyway - or narrow passage between buildings.
2:48 This entrance leads to flats with small windows and no balconies.
2:52 Why's that, Rob?
2:54 That's because the alleyway entrance is the so-called 'poor door'.
2:58 There' no swanky foyer or tinted glass windows for these residents because they pay less
3:04 rent than the people living in the apartments at the front.
3:08 Swanky means something fashionable and expensive that is designed to impress people.
3:13 And tinted glass is coloured glass - so people can't look through your windows.
3:17 That sounds useful!
3:18 Do you have tinted glass windows, Neil?
3:21 No, I don't.
3:22 Tinted sunglasses are all that I can afford.
3:26 So what do people think about having a rich door and a poor door for the same building,
3:31 Rob?
3:32 Well, some people think it's terrible.
3:33 They say it's segregation - or separation and different treatment of people - and I
3:39 can't believe the poor-door people put up with it really!
3:42To put up with something means to accept something that is annoying without complaining about
3:47 it.
3:48 The thing is, though, the poor-door people don't pay nearly as much rent.
3:52 And they don't have to pay the same service charges that the rich-door people pay.
3:57 A service charge is an amount of money you pay to the owner of an apartment building
4:02 for things like putting out the rubbish.
4:04 Well, let's listen to an experience of a poor-door resident.
4:07 Abdul Mohammed, resident of One Commercial St, City of London
4:10 We can't use the lift... because it's for the rich people.
4:14 So whenever the doors open, I use it.
4:17 So they try and tell me off for using it.
4:19 I say, 'here, come, take me to court - I don't mind'.
4:23 So what has Abdul been doing that the rich-door residents don't like, Rob?
4:28 Well, he's been using their lift because it's near his apartment door.
4:32 And what does Abdul mean when he says, 'come, take me to court'?
4:36 He's inviting the rich-door residents to take legal action against him, but Abdul doesn't
4:42 really think he's doing anything wrong.
4:44 OK, it's time to hear the answer to today's quiz question.
4:47 Yes.
4:48 What does 'social housing' mean?
4:50 Is it flats or houses for people... a) who want to buy or rent at a low price?
4:55 b) who want to live together sharing facilities? or c) who aren't able to pay any rent at all?
5:02 And I said a) to buy or rent at a low price.
5:06 And you were right!
5:07 So well done for that, Neil.
5:09 Now, shall we listen to the words we've learned on today's programme?
5:12 Good idea.
5:13 We heard: bijoux
5:18 bump into communal area
5:25 plush foyer
5:31 alleyway swanky
5:37 tinted segregation
5:43 to put up with something service charge

In the end - At the end: Two Minute English lesson

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How slang is "made" in English - bad-ass, wicked, deadly, sick

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Job Vocabulary - Part 2. Professions in English.

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How To Learn English Fast and Easy - Learn English with Subtitles

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Idioms in English - "Hand"

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How to Agree in English with SO, NEITHER, and TOO

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