Delivering bad news – 27 – English at Work gives you the bad news

source: BBC Learning English    2017年1月3日
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Narrator: Hello again. It’s the big day and Mr Socrates is about to arrive at the offices of Tip Top Trading to talk officially to the team. What is he going to say? And more importantly, will he get his freshly squeezed orange juice?
Tom: Quickly everybody… he’s coming out of the lift with Paul.
Denise: Anna quickly, get a glass of orange juice ready.
Paul: …and if we come through this door here we get to the office and… morning everyone. I’m sure we’ve all met Mr Socrates on the day of the… fire… but today everything is a bit calmer and well he’s here to say hello.
Mr S: Hi!
Denise: Biscuit Mr Socrates?
Mr S: Biscuit? You mean a goddamn cookie. Thanks.
Anna: Err, Mr Socrates, I’m Anna. Would you like some orange juice – freshly squeezed?
Mr S: You betcha as long as it’s made from Florida oranges. Hey… Anna? Ain’t you the girl who booked my hotel room?
Anna: Oh yes, sorry about the bed and…
Mr S: Hey, you got me a new room, it was great. You did a good job there. Well done.
Anna: Oh thanks.
Tom: Hello. It’s Tom. I recommended the hotel, it was a…
Paul: Tom. Everyone, shall we gather round and hear what Mr Socrates has to say? Please.
Mr S: Hey… errr, what’s your name…
Paul: Paul.
Mr S: Yeah you. Don’t you think I should be sitting in the big chair?
Paul: Sorry. Yes of course. (Shuffling) There you go.
Mr S: Now. Tip Top Trading. I gotta give it to you straight. Things ain’t looking good, in fact the outlook is gloomy. The global recession has led to a meltdown in the plastic fruits sector. And I’ve got to announce a profit warning. We just ain’t selling enough of these bananas, oranges and lemons to make any money.
Paul: There’s a bit of an economic squeeze on lemons!
Mr S: What?!
Anna: (To herself) Oh dear. I’m not sure what he’s talking about but it sounds bad.
Narrator: It is Anna. He’s delivering some bad news without hiding the truth. That’s why he said “I’ve got to give it to you straight”. He said “the outlook is gloomy” which it means the future doesn’t look good. And he mentioned a “profit warning”, which means company profits are probably going to go down.
Anna: Crikey! That is bad. What does it mean?
Narrator: Just keep listening for now.
Mr S: …so, this calls for action. I’m going to have to…
Tom: (interrupts) Oh no, not me Mr Socrates, I’ve been a loyal employee, I couldn’t face being unemployed.
Denise: Tom, calm down.
Mr S: I’m not talking about redundancies yet.
Paul: Gosh, well that calls for another biscuit.
Mr S: My plan is… we’re going into Europe.
Anna: You mean we’re moving to Europe?
Paul: No, no Anna. I think he means we’re going to sell plastic fruit to the European market.
Tom: Oh right! Great. Mr Socrates, I’ve lots of experience with Europe. I had a holiday in Spain once… twice actually.
Denise: Well we’ll have to make sure our phones can make international calls.
Mr S: Hmm. I think you’re gonna need some help with this, so I’m bringing in my best marketing executive, Rachel. What she doesn’t know about selling to Europe, you don’t wanna know. She’ll be here in a few weeks’ time.
Denise: Do you know if she prefers tea or coffee… or orange juice perhaps?
Mr S: Look Diana…
Denise: Denise…
Mr S: Denise. Like Dennis right? She’ll want the best – the best tea, coffee, the best team. I’ll expect improved results and profits. If not your necks will be on the line – especially yours Paul.
Paul: (nervously) Oh, chop chop. We’d better get to work.
Narrator: Scary! “Your necks will be on the line” – he means their jobs will be at risk if things don’t improve. It’s a worrying time for Tip Top Trading. Let’s remind ourselves of the phrases Mr Socrates used to deliver bad news:
I’ve got to give it to you straight
The outlook is gloomy
I’ve got to announce a profit warning
Let’s hope this new marketing strategy for Europe is going to work. How are you feeling Anna?
Anna: A little nervous. But I’m going to try my best to make sure this new strategy works.
Narrator: That’s the spirit Anna!
Paul: Right everyone. I think we need to take Mr Socrates down to the Rose and Crown after work for a pint or two and show him some true English hospitality. How about it?
Mr S: I don’t drink.
Paul: Ah well, perhaps some lemonade?
Narrator: Oh dear. This should be interesting. Until next time, bye!

Learn 10 words that come from "BACK" with Gill

source: Learn English with Gill (engVid)    2017年3月15日
Do you know the difference between "backbone", "background", "backpack", and" backside"? All these words are based on the noun "back" but mean very different things. In this lesson, I will teach you the meaning of ten words and expressions using "back". So don't back out. Watch the video, and you'll look back with satisfaction at the new vocabulary you've learned!

Yesterday | Past Tense | Set 3 | English Speaking Practice

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Word Stress | Syllables | Pronounce English words correctly

source: mmmEnglish     2017年3月15日
Word stress (or syllable stress) is important because syllables in English words are not all equal! This video lesson will show you how to recognise and practice word stress (or syllable stress) correctly.
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Phrasal Verbs - BACK DOWN

source: Espresso English   2017年2月27日
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How to teach reading with phonics - 3/12 - 2 & 3 Letter Consonant Blends

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年3月20日

Lesson 3 - Blending Letters
Learn how to say two and three short consonants quickly to make blended sounds.
In this lesson, you'll blend the sounds of two or three consonants.
We can put two or three consonants together and blend their sounds. The sounds of blended letters do not change. The letter sounds blend together because we say them quickly. Blends will be at the beginning and end of our example words. Listen carefully and repeat after me. (Repeat words)
Very nice! You can make many words with short vowel and consonant sounds. And you can read these words easily. In the next lesson, we will combine letters to make new sounds.

Talking About Global Warming

source: Twominute English    2013年5月4日
Earth is getting hotter! The reason is Global Warming. It is a burning topic not only for the environmentalist around the world, but to everybody when we imagine its mighty effect as scorching heat, drought and melting polar ice caps. Let's listen and learn how we can talk about Global Warming by watching this video.
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0:07 In this lesson we will see some conversations about global warming.
0:18 Man, it is damn hot these days. I am sweating like a pig!
0:25 Right Jack, I guess it is getting warmer every year.
0:29 Yes! Don't you remember we used to drink hot coffee around this time of the year, some years ago?
0:35 I remember that, dude. Nowadays it’s strictly iced tea.
0:40 This is all due to global warming. It’s not going to get any cooler. We’ll have to learn to live with it.
0:48 You are correct Jack. This change is not only over here. It is all over the world.
0:55 It doesn’t rain as much anymore, and I heard that the polar ice-caps are melting.
1:03 We must reduce pollution if we want to survive, Jack
1:07 You’re absolutely right.
1:16 Hey man! I heard you are going to cut that big tree on your yard. Is that true?
1:20 Yes I am, Michel. I want some space to park my new car.
1:24 Why don’t you park it under the tree?
1:26 I thought about that too, but the tree will shed leaves over my car.
1:31Timothy, if you park the car under the tree it would be protected from the sun and anyway, cleaning leaves out is easy.
1:39 Well, I didn’t think about it so much. Maybe I shouldn’t cut it after all.
1:43 Thank you Timothy. We should be more conscious about protecting the environment.
1:48 Trees help reduce global warming.
1:52 You are right Michel. I will be more careful in the future.
2:01 This tree is really helping me. It would be very hot if it wasn’t here.
2:05 That’s right. It keeps the surroundings cool. We mustn’t cut down trees unnecessarily.
2:12 Yes, trees help reduce pollution and create a better environment.
2:15 They help in the formation of clouds and bring rain.
2:19 That’s true Jack! I will plant a new tree in my backyard this evening.
2:24 That’s a good decision,Timothy. Let’s all work together to save our environment.
2:35 Jack, I think you should get your car serviced.
2:38 What makes you think so? I’ve just had it!
2:42 Really? The black smoke from your car is disgusting! You should take care of that.
2:47 I see. I don’t want to be the one polluting air.
2:51 Right Mike. I think that’s a serious offence. Air pollution is the primary pollution which increases global warming directly.
2:58 It’s the main reason for diseases like asthma and lung cancer.
3:03 I’ll get an eco-friendly car soon.
3:06 Great idea Mike! I want one too. Eco-friendly cars also save fuel!
3:17 This is all due to global warming.
3:23 It’s not going to get any cooler.
3:30 It doesn’t rain as much anymore, and I heard that the polar ice-caps are melting.
3:45 We should be more conscious about protecting the environment.
3:53 Trees help reduce global warming.
4:00 Yes, trees help reduce pollution and create a better environment.
4:08 Let’s all work together to save our environment.
4:14 Air pollution is the primary pollution which increases global warming directly.

English in a Minute: On a Roll

source: VOA Learning English    2017年2月18日
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Phrasal Verbs - PUT OFF

source: Espresso English   2017年2月23日
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BBC News Review: Build up to Trump's inauguration

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Say, Tell, Speak, Talk (with Johan)

source: Oxford Online English    2016年10月31日
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In this lesson, you can learn:
- The difference between 'say' and 'tell'.
- Different ways to use 'tell'.
- The difference between 'talk' and 'speak'.
- How to use prepositions with verbs of speech.
- How to use verbs of speech in a sentence.
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No Worries, It's All Good (with Molly)

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Vocabulary: Bully / Bullying (with Robin)

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Interview (Learn English 69)

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Learn how to describe yourself and your best professional qualities in a job interview. In this advanced English lesson you will watch a man interviewing for an accounting job. He uses several compound adjectives to describe his skills and personality. You will learn how to form compound adjectives by combining two nouns, adjectives or adverbs.