CNN Student News with subtitles - October 24, 2016 | Why AT&T wanted to buy Time Warner

source: NEWS with Subtitles    2016年10月23日
Learn why AT&T wanted to buy Time Warner - and why the deal is significant to both corporations and consumers. And hear an explanation of vote recounts as they relate to U.S. elections.
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How to pronounce X

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Halloween English Lesson

source: To Fluency    2016年10月23日
In this English lesson on Halloween, you are going to learn some cool words and phrases related to this holiday.
*** English Vocabulary ***
*T rick-or-treating - going to houses and saying "trick or treat?" - people then give the kids candy (sweets in British English)
* Put up decorations - this is another way to say "decorate."
* Go from house-to-house - visit different houses
* Carve a pumpkin - to cut pieces out of a pumpkin to create something artistic
* to dress up - to wear a costume
* to go as something / someone - to dress up to represent something / someone
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Word of the lesson: to carve -
I also mentioned narrow reading and listening in this video. This means reading, watching, or listening to things on a similar topic.
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BBC 6 Minute English | IS CRACKING KNUCKLES GOOD FOR YOU? | English CC |...

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Getting Old (Learn English via Listening Beginner Level | Lesson 108)

source: Daily English Conversation    2016年9月9日
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My grandfather is getting old.
When I was younger, my grandfather would carry me on his shoulders, and we would go
for a walk.
Now, my grandfather cannot put me on his shoulders.
He has a hard time walking, and he uses a cane.
My grandfather used to have lots of hair.
Now he is bald.
His skin doesn't look like it used to.
It is more wrinkled.
My grandfather takes more naps than he used to.
He goes to the doctor's, and he takes pills for his heart.
I love my grandfather very much.
I don't like the fact that he is getting older, but my mother says that growing older is just
a fact of life.
She says that we will all get older.
Sometimes my grandfather forgets things.
My mother says to be patient.
I am patient.
I try to help my grandfather as much as I can.
I sometimes go for walks with him.
I help him to walk when he has trouble.
I cheer him up if I think he might be sad.
I get things for him, and I even read to him at night.
He used to read to me when I was little.
Now his eyesight is bad, and he can't see very well.
My grandfather tells me stories about when he was a boy.
The world was a very different place then he tells me.
His stories are interesting.
Sometimes I wish we could trade places for a day so that I would know what it felt like to
be old.
My grandfather doesn't complain.
He jokes about his old bones.
I spend a lot of time with my grandfather.
I hope that he is around for a long time.

Too - Enough: A 90 second lesson

source: Simple English Videos   2013年7月22日
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English Pronunciation - ABCDEFG - How to say letters!

source: EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! 2011年5月23日 Learn how to pronounce the letters of the English alphabet -- essential for telling people your email address, and sometimes even your name. If you learned English in a school, this might have been one of your first classes, but people who have learned by themselves often don't know how to correctly say the letters.

'Back to square one' - English Idioms

source: Twominute English    2013年7月15日
The meaning of the idiom 'back to square one' is to start again from the beginning. Here in this video we describe the meaning of the idiom 'back to square one' with examples. In this video, you will learn about the idiom and how to use it in your daily conversations.
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0:18 Let's learn about the idiom ‘back to square one' today!
0:21 know a little about it. Doesn't it mean we have to start from the beginning?
0:25 The idiom ‘back to square one' means to make a fresh start again.
0:29 It means doing something from the initial point after an attempt has failed.
0:35 Mom is back to square one trying to make sushi in the kitchen.
0:39 Hmm...I told her to follow the cooking guide but she didn't listen to me.
0:45 I was just giving an example!
0:48 Oh! I'm hungry now. We walked a lot today. We went back to square one on our hiking trip, since we took a wrong turn.
0:57 Is this just another example?
1:00 It did happen! That's why I was so late today!
1:04 The Idiom ''Back to square one'' means you have to start again from the beginning! You should have been more careful!
1:10 Alright, let's listen to some conversations until mom finishes making the sushi!
1:21 Hello Ben, you're home so early today.
1:24 Yeah! I have lots of homework to do.
1:27 What happened?
1:29 The presentation topic was completely changed!
1:33 So you are back to square one?
1:36 I am, Amelie. I am!
1:44 Were you awake all night, Amelie?
1:46 Tomorrow is the last day to submit my model.
1:49 But you've completed it, right?
1:52 The thermocol got burnt and I had to go back to square one with a new piece.
1:56 I told you! Smoking is harmful
2:06 Did you hear about Mrs. Sandra?
2:08 Yes, I met her yesterday at the City Hall. She's getting married again!
2:12 This is her third marriage, right?
2:15 Yeah, looks like she's back to square one in her personal life.
2:18 I hope it works out this time. I also talked to Gordon today.
2:23 How's he doing?
2:25 He's back to square one in his business. Made a loss again.
2:31 Mom is back to square one trying to make sushi in the kitchen.
2:40 So you are back to square one?
2:45 The thermocol got burnt and I had to go back to square one with a new piece.
2:56 Yeah, looks like she's back to square one in her personal life.
3:03 He's back to square one in his business.

English Grammar - "I used to" & "I'm used to"

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2009年3月26日

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16 English Collocations with the Word TIME

source: Espresso English    2012年12月17日
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4 Ways to Order at a Restaurant

source: English Lessons with Alex    2011年9月22日 How do you order food at a restaurant in English? Here are four common phrases that will build your confidence and give you the skills necessary to survive in an English speaking environment. If you're living in an English area, or if you're traveling, you must watch this lesson.
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