Asking for time off

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In this English conversation lesson, we are learning how to ask time off (i.e. how to ask for a leave from your boss when you have exhausted all your vacation days and sick leaves). Listen to this English conversation carefully and learn some useful spoken English phrases used in real life to improve your English speaking confidence.
English Conversation between Ms Liz and her boss Mr Peterson

Liz – Excuse me, Mr Peter. I need to talk to you, do you have a second?
Peter – Sure Liz, tell me about it, what do you wanna say?
Liz – Umm… Mr Peter, I have already exhausted all my vacation days for this year. I know that, but I was just hoping…
Peter – Oh come on… tell me do you need some time off?
Liz –Uhh… yes, Mr Peter. I was just hoping that I could get some unpaid leaves.
Actually, my sister is getting married & the marriage is overseas. So, I’ll need to go for that.
Peter – Just tell me what dates are you leaving. So that, I can plan for your absence during that period.
Liz – Umm…Actually. I’m leaving from the sept,1 to Sept, 30. Would that be okay with you?
Peter – Umm.. I guess so...

Do you have a second? – Asking someone for a short time like a minute or few seconds.
Used up- to exhaust or finish something
Overseas- You use overseas to describe things that involve or are in foreign countries, usually across a sea or an ocean.
Take some time off- to ask for a leave for a few number of days.
(Half-day/ Short leave – leave for a few number of hours)
Notice – to warn or inform someone about something
Be okay with that – to agree with something
Unpaid leave- a leave that you’re not paid for

How to Disagree with Ideas in English (925 English Lesson 11)

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People disagree with each other’s ideas all the time. In fact, disagreement isn’t just natural, it’s necessary. How else can we sort out the good ideas from the bad ones? But disagreeing with people isn’t always easy. If you’re not careful, you can make people feel hurt or angry. So how can you do that? How can you tell someone you don’t like their idea without upsetting them?

Phrasal Verbs with 'BREAK'

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phrasal verb TAP

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How to use prefixes

source: BBC Learning English     2015年8月3日
Do you suffer from dyspepsia? Could a detox diet help? Do you always listen to your doctor or do you sometimes disagree? Neil and Finn talk about prefixes in this episode of 6 Minute Vocabulary.
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How to Introduce a Friend in English

source: Shaw English Online    2014年1月25日
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How to Talk About the Weather in English

source: Oxford Online English    2017年3月16日
Do you know what it means if someone says 'it’s chucking it down today?' If someone says 'it’s baking today', do you know what they are talking about?
In this class, you’ll learn words, phrases and idioms that you can use to describe different kinds of weather.
British people are famous for talking about the weather. Do you know why? It’s because in the UK we have a lot of weather. You never know what the weather will be like. You can have all four seasons in one day.
We are going to look at a typical British day, so the weather is going to be very changeable. This means that weather can change quickly and unpredictably. It can be sunny, and then 30 minutes later, it will start snowing.
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In this lesson, you can learn:
- Useful English vocabulary and phrases to talk about different types of weather.
- How to use idioms and other native-English phrases to describe different kinds of weather.
- How to use the new words and phrases in full, clear English sentences.

Business English 96 (Bidding process, an estimate, bid-rigging, no-bid contract, price gouging)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年2月3日
Bidding process, an estimate, bid-rigging, no-bid contract, price gouging.

Business English 95 (citizen, consumer, customer and workforce)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年2月3日
Today's words: citizen, consumer, customer and workforce.

Idiom 'Dark Horse'

source: Twominute English     2013年7月17日
The idiom 'dark horse' is used to describe a person whose qualities are hidden or someone who becomes successful unexpectedly. Typically, when you use this idiom, you'll be referring to a competition in which many people are competing for success or victory.
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0:18 Let's learn about the idiom 'dark horse'. A 'dark horse' is someone who has hidden talents.
0:25 Correct Jeff. A 'dark horse' is a person of little prominence or who has little chance to be successful, but who surprises you at the end by succeeding.
0:37 For example: in the recent marathon, the runner from Idaho turned out to be the dark horse. It was his first marathon!
0:47 His abilities and potential were not very well known, but he managed to succeed and beat other competitors who were more popular.
0:55 Here's another example: nobody thought Edison would become a scientist as he was poor in studies, but he proved to be a dark horse.
1:03 In politics, the idiom is used to speak of a candidate who seems less popular or has little chance of winning,
1:12 but comes out victorious or gains power unexpectedly.
1:17 Yes, a 'dark horse' is like a mysterious person whose abilities, plans and thoughts are not known!
1:24 Yes, they are often difficult to judge. Let's listen to some conversations with examples of how to use this idiom?
1:33 Good idea!
1:40 Wow Irene! I didn't know you could sing so well!
1:43 Thank you, Ben!
1:45 You're actually advancing to the finals in the competition.
1:49 Yes. In fact, I was in a band.
1:54 Aha! So you're the dark horse in this competition! What was the band's name?!
1:59 Ever heard of Blue Velvet?
2:02 Sure! There was a time when I used to listen to 'Goodnight friend' all day long!
2:07 Really?! Well..that was us!
2:17 The talk shows are saying that the former High Court judge is the dark horse to be the new governor.
2:24 Yeah, he came from nowhere and achieved prominence in polls. He's very intelligent and a visionary!
2:31 He may win. Some people have hidden talents.
2:35 We have a dark horse among us, too.
2:38 Another politician?
2:40 No. I was talking to Irene and found out that she was one of the Blue Velvet members!
2:45 Really? I love their songs!
2:55 It's surprising that Isaac has won the local chess championship!
3:00 He's a dark horse. We never knew he was such a good player!
3:05 Yeah. He hardly talks to anyone.
3:09 I think he can even win the state finals.
3:17 So you're the dark horse in this competition!
3:23 The talk shows are saying that the former High Court judge is the dark horse to be the new governor.
3:35 We have a dark horse among us, too.
3:43 He's a dark horse. We never knew he was such a good player!
3:53 The runner from Idaho turned out to be the dark horse.