10 Phrasal Verbs with CALL: call for, call up, call in, call upon...

source: English Lessons with Adam    2016年8月17日
Learn phrasal verbs to improve your conversational English! I "call on you" to learn these common expressions that you can use in your personal, social, and professional life. I'll teach you these phrasal verbs in a fun way, with many examples, so that you remember them and will be able to start using them right after the lesson.
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How to continue a conversation in English

source: Espresso English   2016年8月11日
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CNN Student News with subtitles - August 18, 2016 - Homes flooded in Louisiana - Pollut...

source: CNN Student News    2016年8月17日
With thousands of homes flooded in Louisiana, CNN Student News 're explaining how flash floods appear and what makes them so dangerous. With predictions being made about the upcoming winter, we're exploring the background of a pair of weather almanacs. And with pollution making headlines in Rio de Janeiro, we're venturing into the city to find out how dirty water makes its way to the sea.
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English Pronunciation - B & V

source: English Teacher Jon     2011年6月10日
http://www.engvid.com/ Learn how to speak clearly. In this lesson we practice the 'B' and 'V' sounds. It can be quite challenging for Spanish speakers, but will be excellent practice for anyone learning English.

SAT Vocabulary List #21

source: Catlin Tucker    2013年12月16日
Please take Cornell notes on these words and write down any examples that will help you to remember their meaning. Remember, your can pause this recording at any time if it is going too fast.

How to tell the time in English

source: Crown Academy of English     2014年5月16日
Learn how to tell the time in English with this English video lesson.
First I show you how to ask somebody for the time ("What time is it?", "Do you have the time?" etc)
I then give you 2 methods of saying the time and give you some new vocabulary. Some examples of time are seven o'clock, ten past eight, quarter past nine, half past eleven, twenty to six, quarter to twelve.
I explain the words midday, noon and midnight.
In English, to make it clear what time of the day we are talking about we use several time expressions like "in the morning", "in the afternoon", "in the evening" and "at night"
Alternatively we can use the "am" and "pm" abbreviations.
The 24 hour clock is rarely used in English except for timetables and in the military.
I finish this English lesson with some exercises to test your understanding.
The accent of the commentary is a British English accent.
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Secrets to Improve Your English Listening Skills

source: Learn English with BeGlobal    2015年11月10日
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turn on, turn off, turn up, turn down

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)     2015年12月1日
In this English lesson for beginners, I will teach you the correct expressions to use to talk about your gadgets. We often use 'turn' phrasal verbs to talk about using gadgets or electronics. By the end of the lesson, you will know how to use the prepositions 'ON', 'OFF', 'UP', and 'DOWN' with the verb 'TURN'. This is an easy lesson, but many students make mistakes using these words. Don't be one of them! Watch my video, then take the quiz at: http://www.engvid.com/easy-english-le...

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The Phrasal Verb Chip In

source: Twominute English    2014年3月25日
"Chip in" means contributing to some cause, whether it's in the form of money, or contributing to a discussion, or working on a project. It comes from poker and other games, where chips are used to represent money. For example, "I'll chip in another hundred but that's my limit."
"Chip in" is used as a verb but has more than one word. If you know its meaning and know how to use it and how to recognize similar verbs, you'll do well.
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0:12 Hey, good to see you here! How’s it going?
0:15 ‘Chip in’ is a phrase which means you are contributing to something.
0:19 Whenever you get together with friends to do something, or even just to talk, each of you will chip in, right?
0:25 Let’s get started!
0:33 The phrase “chip in” can be used in different situations.
0:37 But in general it means contributing to something.
0:40 For example - everybody chipped in to pay the bill.
0:44 Yes, right. The sentence you used means contributing some money.
0:49 But, as you know, it can also mean contributing to some discussion.
0:53 Why don’t you give us an example, Nadia?
0:57 Okay. For example - “If I could chip in, there are a couple of issues I'd like to raise.”
1:03 Yes. That’s right. You know how to use it. Do you know any other ways chip in is used?
1:11 Yes. It could also mean interrupting a conversation. Like for example -
1:15 “Some senior Army officers chipped in while we were talking, to say it was safe and there was no danger.”
1:23 Oh really. I never knew that. Thanks a lot
1:27 I know the other day Kim chipped in to make a point while we were discussing something important.
1:32 Wow. You used the phrase correctly. Good job.
1:42 Hey Jones. What’s up?
1:44 Nothing much man. Remember tomorrow is Ginny’s birthday?
1:47 Yeah man. I remember.
1:49 We're going to buy birthday cake and some gifts for her and I'm collecting the money.
1:53 Do you want to chip in?
1:54 Yeah sure. I’ll chip in 10 bucks.
1:57 Thanks, man. Everyone likes Ginny, so everyone is chipping in for her birthday.
2:01 Great! It’ll be a good party!
2:10 Hey guys. What’s up?
2:11 Hey Mica. Eric and I were just discussing environmental issues.
2:15 Can I chip in?
2:17 Sure, you probably have something useful to say.
2:19 So what environmental issues were you guys discussing?
2:24 We were discussing that plastic bags are still being used all across the country.
2:28 Some cities don’t allow them, but in most places the government doesn’t do anything about it.
2:34 Yeah, that’s true.
2:35 I think the government should chip in and solve this problem because it’s damaging the environment.
2:47 Hey, what’s up man?
2:48 Nothing much. Come and join us for cards?
2:51 Yeah, sure.
2:52 How much money can you chip in?
2:54 I'll chip in a hundred bucks but that's my limit.
2:56 Okay. I’m chipping in a thousand bucks.
2:59 Isn’t that a lot?
3:00 For you maybe; you’re new. I’m experienced at this.
3:04 Okay.
3:14 Contributing means giving. You can contribute almost anything - money, time, ideas, work.
3:20 You can contribute to something when you spend some effort or time for it or give something.
3:25 You might contribute money to your church, and ideas at work.
3:33 Interrupting means stopping in the middle of something.
3:37 It’s considered rude to interrupt a conversation that other people are having; you should wait until there’s a break in the conversation.
3:44 But if you interrupt a crime that’s happening, you might be a hero!
3:54 The things people do that harm our environment are called environmental issues.
3:59 Today some environmental issues include climate change, pollution, and energy waste.
4:08 Cards is a term for all kinds of games that are played with a deck of cards,
4:13 which is usually a set of 52 numbered rectangular pieces of cardboard or plastic.
4:19 Some card games involve money and some don’t. People of all ages play cards.
4:26 Children play simple card games and adults play more complicated card games.
4:35 Having taken part in some prior activity is being experienced in it.
4:39 You might be experienced at your job, or maybe not if you’re new.
4:43 You get experienced by doing something, not by reading about it.
4:49 Thank you for watching this lesson. We’ll be back with a new lesson tomorrow.
4:52 Make sure you come back and watch it!
4:54 Don’t forget to like the lesson by clicking the like button below.
4:58 Also use the button on the right to subscribe to our channel for new lesson updates.
5:03 I believe it was a great session for you, see ya!

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Phrases for Invitations

source: Espresso English    2013年9月27日
Learn English phrases for making and responding to invitations.

Vocabulary - How to talk about money

source: Learn English with Rebecca     2009年11月18日
http://www.engVid.com/ Money is something you'll need to talk about all your life! In this English lesson, you'll learn some essential vocabulary to help you speak about this important subject. Take the free quiz on this lesson at http://www.engVid.com/