20 English Expressions with the Word "Mind"

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Numbers (English Picture – Lesson 7)

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English Way DVD 01 with English subtitles

sources: Katherine Canuck / English Subtitles   2016年1月26日
Learn how to start a casual conversation, to greet people and ask about someone's profession.
Lesson 1 - I'm Elena // personal pronouns (subject) • Verb "to be"
Lesson 2 - Hello! // This Time • Regular Verbs, Names cities
Lesson 3 - She comes from Spain // personal pronouns (subject) • Countries, nationalities and languages

Blind Date--美语怎么说(20)

source: 美国之音中文网   2012年11月20日
1. have no clue 摸不着头脑 
2. shed light on 分析一下  
3. read too much into something 想多了 
4. wind down 接近尾声 
5. hard to get 难以理解 

Hey There!--OMG!美语

source: 美国之音中文网   2015年10月28日
《OMG!美语》YouTube播放列表 http://bit.ly/omg-youtube
话题:How to say hello, sorry, you're welcome and goodbye to friends by different ways and with high frequency.

Hey there! 你好
Hey there! How was your weekend? Looks like you had a blast!
No I didn't. I was home sick all weekend.
My bad! 是我不好
Oh! My bad! I thought I saw a Weibo picture of you out with friends. I hope you're feeling better.
Don't mention it 别客气
Thanks so much! I am feeling better. It was just a little head cold.
Don't mention it. Such a bummer to be sick on the weekends.
Catch ya later! 回头聊
See ya! 回见
Well it was nice running into you, I gotta get going! Catch ya later!
OK, see ya!
好!……do you say these daily words in different ways with different friends? How do you use them?
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