1st Day at the University (Speaking about University life)

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Conversation 01
Billy – Hey! My name is Billy, What about you?
Jack – My name is Jack, where do you come from?
Billy – I come from Southern California, what about you?
Jack – I am from Huston, Texas. Ahah! That’s Nice. So, what year are you studying in?
Billy – I’m a freshman, what about you?
Jack – This is my first year too.
Billy – Oh Oh! Okay …Nice to know.

Conversation 02
Billy – Hey! Jack, do you know what you plan to major in?
Jack – Yeah ! Initially, I thought political science, but now I’m leaning in towards English literature. What about you?
Billy - I plan to majoring in Social work."
Freshman/ fresher is used for a person who is in the1st year of college, Sophomore -2nd year, Junior -3rd year and Senior -4th year of college

Conversation 03
Billy – Why did you decide to join this school Jack?
Jack – Well! For me either it was this school or the school next to my home and I simply wanted to get away from home. So I joined this university. What about you?
Billy – I researched a bit and I found out that this university has everything to offer that I need .
Jack – Oh! That ways….
Synonyms for College: Uni/ University/ Undergraduate or Graduate school

Conversation 04
Billy – Hey! So are you staying at the dormitory?
Jack – Yes, I ‘m over at the Terry Hall, what about you?
Billy – No, I’m not. I am commuting from home, as I have an apartment right next to the school.
Jack – Oh! That’s quite interesting.
Dormitory -A building, as at a college, containing a number of private orsemiprivate rooms for residents, usually along with common bathroom facilities and recreation areas.
Commuting from home – travelling from home

Conversation 05
Billy - Hey! Jack, how many credits are you taking this semester?
Jack - I’m taking 10 credits, what about you, Lemme guess you must be taking 16 credits.
Billy – Ahah! You are near, I’m taking 20 credits…
Semester- A half-year term in a school or university.
Credits – A course credit (often credit hour, or just credit or "unit") is a unit that gives weight to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken at a school or other educational institution.

Conversation 06
Jack – Hey! Billy, it was really nice talking to you. I think it’s time we go home.
Billy – Hey! Jack, It was nice talking to you too as well and let’s hangout soon tomorrow probably.
Jack – I will see you later, thank you for your time… Ba bye.

Interesting Words to describe facial expressions

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Doleful - Sad / Morose
My heart went out to the children on the street and their doleful faces.

Glaring - Staring in an annoyed fashion
The teacher glared at the students for misbehaving in class.

Ecstatic - Very joyful/ Extremely joyful
Jack was ecstatic when he landed his dream job.

Exasperated - Irritated, frustrated
Certain colleagues at work leave me feeling exasperated because of their rude behaviour.

Grinning - Smiling naughtily
The child grinned from ear to ear after completing his mischief.

Annoyed - Angry
The boss looked annoyed with Sally for being lax at work

Fierce - Very angry / aggressive
Jenny was fierce with anger when she heard that her Tom had been stealing at school.

Mocking - Taunting or sarcastic
The stock market seems to be mocking at the investors now a days with its constant ups and downs.

Let's Learn English Lesson 19 Speaking Practice

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​​Learn to pronounce the new words for this lesson and the months of the year. You can also learn about using "which" for offering choices and "every" or "next" with time words.
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How to Remember Vocabulary

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Basic shopping vocabulary in English

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Accent Training lesson no 06 : /ɑ/ as in hot

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Accent Training lesson no 06 : /ɑ/ as in hot
Lips: Your lips are Apart, as if you are yawning. But they are not rounded.
Tongue: Your tongue is relaxed and lies flat at the floor of the mouth.

Common Spelling Patterns for /ɑ/
o Hot, Stop, Job
a Car, Dark, Water

About A Sick Student - Enquiring About A Sick Person In English

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Is someone missing from your class from a very long time? He may be sick. Maybe you should call him up or his home, and find out how he's doing. Do you know the English words you will use? Here are some phrases and words you can use to ask about your friend.
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0:13 Hello there, viewer! Great to see you again.
0:16 Everyone falls sick sometimes.
0:18 Wouldn’t it be nice to call up your sick friend, and ask how he or she’s doing?
0:24 You can also wish your friend good health and a quick recovery.
0:28 Do you know how to do that? Well we’ll learn it in this lesson!
0:32 Listen to all the conversations, and check out the vocabulary section towards the end.
0:38 You can also practice the sentences by pausing the video and then repeating it.
0:43 Let’s get started now!!
0:52 Hi Jeremy!
0:53 Hi Alyssa.
0:54 Are you feeling better now?
0:56 Yeah, just a bit. I am still feeling nauseous.
1:00 Did you take the medication?
1:02 Yeah, but its effects takes time to kick-in.
1:07 Oh… I better leave you to rest then. I’ll check back on you later.
1:11 Thanks Alyssa. I appreciate.
1:20 Yo Scott!
1:21 Hey man! What’s up?
1:24 How’s your leg dude?
1:26 Broken. I got a cast.
1:28 Ouch! So how long are you gonna be out of action?
1:32 The doc said 3 weeks.
1:34 That sounds really ugly buddy.
1:36 Yeah man. I am gonna be bored to death.
1:39 Well okay... Just searching out. I'm gonna be out at the beach this evening. Surfing!
1:44 I hope you break a leg too you jerk!
1:47 It takes one to know another.
1:49 Alright mate, talk to ya later.
1:58 Marvin, you are Jamie’s neighbour, right?
2:01 Yes, ma’am. I live a block from her house.
2:05 How is she feeling now? I hope she’s started recovering...
2:09 Her parents took her to L.A for further treatment.
2:13 Oh my goodness. Was it that bad?
2:17 I don’t know. The doctor she recommended it.
2:20 They weren’t able to diagnose the disease.
2:23 I hope it’s nothing bad. May God bless her and give her good health.
2:35 Hey Tiff! Wait up!
2:37 Hi Taylor! Tell me what’s up?
2:39 Have you seen Ethan? I haven’t seen him for a while.
2:42 Ethan’s ill Taylor. He’s got pneumonia.
2:46 Pneumonia? How did he get that?
2:49 He went out in the snow without warm clothes on a dare.
2:52 What? I didn’t think Ethan was that stupid. How’s he now?
2:58 Better. I think he’ll be back on Monday.
3:09 Treatment is the name given to the medicines and care provided to a patient when he falls ill.
3:20 Diagnosis is deciding what disease a patient has based on the symptoms or tests.
3:25 A doctor diagnoses the disease after carefully considering all symptoms and reports.
3:31 The treatment is done on the basis of the diagnosis.
3:39 Nausea is the feeling that you are going to throw up.
3:42 When you feel you are going to vomit, you are feeling nauseous.
3:51 When something starts having an effect, it is said to kick-in
3:54 For example : The pain-killer I took kicked in after 5 minutes and my headache disappeared.
4:05 When you check back on something or someone, you check to make sure they are okay.
4:10 When you check-back on ill friends, you talk to them again to find out how they are doing.
4:21 When someone is out of action, they are not able to perform properly.
4:25 This can happen when they fall ill.
4:31 Jerk is an insult. When someone is very irritating or rude, that person is being a jerk.
4:38 Don’t use it too often, because it’s a bad word.
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ALTAR and ALTER (Learn Confusing English Words)

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English Spelling - When to Double Consonants

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http://www.engvid.com/ Having trouble trying to figure out when you double your consonants? In this spelling lesson, I look at a few simple rules that are guaranteed to remove any confusion, and to quickly improve your writing skills.