1st Day at the University (Speaking about University life)

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Conversation 01
Billy – Hey! My name is Billy, What about you?
Jack – My name is Jack, where do you come from?
Billy – I come from Southern California, what about you?
Jack – I am from Huston, Texas. Ahah! That’s Nice. So, what year are you studying in?
Billy – I’m a freshman, what about you?
Jack – This is my first year too.
Billy – Oh Oh! Okay …Nice to know.

Conversation 02
Billy – Hey! Jack, do you know what you plan to major in?
Jack – Yeah ! Initially, I thought political science, but now I’m leaning in towards English literature. What about you?
Billy - I plan to majoring in Social work."
Freshman/ fresher is used for a person who is in the1st year of college, Sophomore -2nd year, Junior -3rd year and Senior -4th year of college

Conversation 03
Billy – Why did you decide to join this school Jack?
Jack – Well! For me either it was this school or the school next to my home and I simply wanted to get away from home. So I joined this university. What about you?
Billy – I researched a bit and I found out that this university has everything to offer that I need .
Jack – Oh! That ways….
Synonyms for College: Uni/ University/ Undergraduate or Graduate school

Conversation 04
Billy – Hey! So are you staying at the dormitory?
Jack – Yes, I ‘m over at the Terry Hall, what about you?
Billy – No, I’m not. I am commuting from home, as I have an apartment right next to the school.
Jack – Oh! That’s quite interesting.
Dormitory -A building, as at a college, containing a number of private orsemiprivate rooms for residents, usually along with common bathroom facilities and recreation areas.
Commuting from home – travelling from home

Conversation 05
Billy - Hey! Jack, how many credits are you taking this semester?
Jack - I’m taking 10 credits, what about you, Lemme guess you must be taking 16 credits.
Billy – Ahah! You are near, I’m taking 20 credits…
Semester- A half-year term in a school or university.
Credits – A course credit (often credit hour, or just credit or "unit") is a unit that gives weight to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken at a school or other educational institution.

Conversation 06
Jack – Hey! Billy, it was really nice talking to you. I think it’s time we go home.
Billy – Hey! Jack, It was nice talking to you too as well and let’s hangout soon tomorrow probably.
Jack – I will see you later, thank you for your time… Ba bye.