Common seasonings: herbs and spices

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Herbs and spices that are used to add flavor to food.
The difference between herbs and spices is that herbs are the leafy green part of the plant, and spices come from seeds, roots, bark, fruit, or vegetables.
#  basil / cilantro / coriander /parsley / dill / rosemary / oregano /
    bay leaves / cumin / chilli pepper / cayenne pepper / paprika /
    cinnamon / cloves / nutmeg / saffron  

Describing sides of ‘ANGER’ (Synonyms)

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--Bitter: When Sally and I had a massive fight, She remained bitter with me for the next two years.
--Caustic: Sally made some caustic remarks about me at the dinner table.
--Boiling: When I reached office late, my boss was boiling with rage.
--Aggravated: When Sally and I had that crazy fight, she was so aggravated that I thought, I need to run for my life.
--Cheesed off: My behavior at the party really cheesed off my family.
--Ticked off: Sally is ticked off with me because of my comment on her Facebook post.
--Vitriolic: After her breakup, Sally went vitriolic about her boyfriend.
--Antagonistic: I kept my mouth shut, because I didn’t want to antagonize Sally.
--Hopping mad: When I was made to wait in the queue for whole three hours, I was hopping mad.
--Livid: When I saw a little boy hit a powerless little puppy, I was livid with rage.