Describing sides of ‘ANGER’ (Synonyms)

source:Learn English with Let's Talk     2015年8月16日
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--Bitter: When Sally and I had a massive fight, She remained bitter with me for the next two years.
--Caustic: Sally made some caustic remarks about me at the dinner table.
--Boiling: When I reached office late, my boss was boiling with rage.
--Aggravated: When Sally and I had that crazy fight, she was so aggravated that I thought, I need to run for my life.
--Cheesed off: My behavior at the party really cheesed off my family.
--Ticked off: Sally is ticked off with me because of my comment on her Facebook post.
--Vitriolic: After her breakup, Sally went vitriolic about her boyfriend.
--Antagonistic: I kept my mouth shut, because I didn’t want to antagonize Sally.
--Hopping mad: When I was made to wait in the queue for whole three hours, I was hopping mad.
--Livid: When I saw a little boy hit a powerless little puppy, I was livid with rage.