Phrasal Verbs with CARRY: "carry out", "carry away", "carry on"...

source: English Lessons with Adam    2016年6月8日
A phrasal verb is usually a verb plus a preposition that we use in a different context than the verb's original meaning. For example, did you know that "to carry a tune" means to sing well? To "carry" literally means to move something while supporting it, but it can mean different things when used in phrasal verbs. In this lesson, you will learn what it means to "carry out your tasks", "carry on" in class or at work, "get carried away", and more.

Learn wonderful English phrases to express boredom

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How dull / boring
These two words are not very strong words to express boredom. Using these words would not really offend people. You can use them casually to reject a suggestion such as watching a play or a movie.

It bores me to tears
This expression can be used when you are extremely bored, it can be used to express the intensity of your boredom. This expression gives the physical effect while you are expressing boredom. For example if you are attending a lecture and the professor is really boring, do you can say “ This professors lecture bores me to tears”

It leaves me cold
This expression indicates that you have no emotions or feelings to do something and it just leaves you bored. There are some things that you find so dull and uninteresting, there’s no emotion or feelings to do those things, that when you feel really cold doing those things. For example – If your mom tells you to clean and arrange your wardrobe and you are uninterested doing that, you are like “Okay I will do that” so, it just leaves you cold and bored.

It’s as interesting as watching the paint dry
Isn’t it interesting to watch the paint dry? Well of course not. Imagine sitting and watching the paint dry for hours, isn’t that boring? So when you come across something that is extremely boring, this expression is the right fit. This is a quite sarcastic phrase to express boredom in English. For example – If you are watching a movie that is really slow and boring, you can say “The movie I watched last night is as interesting as watching the paint dry”

Bored out of one’s skull
Here you are so bored that it’s turning you absolutely mad. You are so bored that you just want to pull your hair out. There are some friends who really bore you all the times with their talks, so you can say “Whenever I meet Mary she just bores me out of my skull”

Bored stiff
This expression can be used for something that is losing its charm or something that is repetitive. For example – You used to watch a comedy series regularly on TV, and now you feel that it’s become quite monotonous you can easily guess the punch in the comedy and now you are not really interested in watching the comedy series, then you can say “These days watching the comedy show makes me bored stiff”

Dull as ditch water/dishwater
The phrase ‘Dull as ditch water’ is a very old English phrase, but now in modern English people say it as ‘Dull as dish water’( mostly used in American English). Again used to express something that is boring. For example – ‘Watching a golf match is as dull as ditch water’.

I’m afraid I don’t share your enthusiasm
Interest in doing a task varies from person to person, you might not share the same enthusiasm what others do with the same task. And if that task really bores you and you don’t want to offend the other person by saying, it’s boring, this phrase certainly comes handy. For example – Your friend asks you out to go clubbing and you find that boring, and you don’t want to offend your friend by saying, it’s boring, instead you can say “ I am sorry, I can’t make it, I don’t share your enthusiasm”

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Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 8

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年2月15日
Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences Day 8.
149. I’m lost.
150. I’m not feeling well.
151. I’m not myself today.
152. I’m not really sure.
153. I’m on a diet.
154. I’m on my way.
155. I’m pressed for time.
156. I’m sorry I’m late.
157. I’m sorry to hear that.
158. I’m under a lot of pressure.
159. I’m working on it.
160. I’ve changed my mind.
161. I’ve got a headache.
162. I’ve got my hands full.
163. I’ve got news for you.
164. I’ve got no idea.
165. I’ve had enough.
166. If I we re in your shoes.
167. Is that OK?
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