What Do You Do? (occupations)

source: Twominute English
# What do you do for a living?
--Hey! So, what do you do for a living?
--I'm a carpenter. What about you?
--I'm a musician.
--Wow, that's really nice.
--Yep, but I don't earn as much as carpenters.
# Are you still studying?
--Hey, Angelo. How have you been?
--I'm doing okay, busy with work. So, are you still in college?
--Yeah, I'm in my final year. Gonna graduate this year.
--That's great.
# What are you into?
--Nice to meet you, Angelo. I'm musician. And you?
--Well, I'm into stocks. I'm an investment consultant.
--So you tell people how to make money?
--Yeah, you can say that.
--Cool! You must really be good with money.
# Is it a hobby or a career?
--Hey Andrew. I heard that you write?
--Yeah, I do.
--Is it just a hobby or have you made it a career?
--I aim to be a published writer. You can call this my hobby and career too.
--Wow, I'm impressed. Never knew a writer before.
# What do your parents do?
--What do your parents do?
--My dad is a football coach and my mom is a bank manager. What about your parents?
--My mom is a housewife and my dad is a businessman.
--That's pretty good.