Music Idioms

source: Maple Leaf ESL     2015年11月22日
In this lesson, we take a look at the following idioms that use expressions related to music: toot your own horn, face the music, it takes two to tango, swan song, strike a chord, music to my ears
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Business English 13: Phrases for Meetings

source: Espresso English      2017年4月12日
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Today you're going to learn almost 100 practical English phrases to use in meetings. Many of them - such as the phrases for expressing opinions, agreeing, and disagreeing - can also be used in other situations outside of work.

Cleft Sentences

source: MrSkypelessons   2017年4月18日
In this lesson we focus on the different types of cleft sentences and how they are formed. Please try the following exercises: http://random-idea-english.blogspot.c...
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The #1 Grammar Mistake

source: EnglishAnyone    2017年3月31日
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The #1 Grammar Mistake English Language Learners Make
In this video, you'll discover the biggest mistake English language learners make - and learn the right way to study grammar - so become a more confident, fluent English speaker. :)

Linking (Pronunciation with Rachel)

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source: Rachel's English      2010年9月23日

Business English 56 (dominant, lagging, on-par)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年1月31日
Dominant, lagging, on-par.

Business English 55 (star, dog, cash cow, laggard)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish     2010年1月31日
Star, dog, cash cow, laggard.

Football Idioms

source: BBC Learning English    2009年9月22日
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In this video the Teacher becomes a football player and teaches you these three idioms:
The kick off
Moving the goalposts
A political football

BBC News Review: Britain's new prime minister

source: BBC Learning English    2016年7月13日
Britain to have a new prime minister. Find out more with Neil and Sian as they look at how the world's media is reacting and the words you need to talk about the story. Learn more here

How to Talk About Food

source: Oxford Online English    2016年7月27日
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In this lesson, you can learn about how to talk about food and cooking in English. What kind of food do you like or dislike? Do you like cooking, trying new recipes, or eating out? In this lesson, you can learn how to describe food in detail in English. In this lesson, you can learn:
- How to describe different types of restaurant and places to eat.
- How to describe tastes and textures in English.
- How to describe food you like or dislike.
- How to describe different ways of cooking, and say whether some food was cooked well or badly.

Vowels & Diphthongs

source: Anglo-Link    2012年4月14日
This English lesson will help you to improve your speaking and listening skills by teaching you the differences between short & long vowels in the English language.
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What's Your Religion?

source: Shaw English Online    2014年1月26日
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'What's your religion?' is a very sensitive and important question to ask someone. Robin will teach how to ask and answer this common English question.
Are you: religious, agnostic or atheist?

Internet Expressions: ASL

source: Shaw English Online   2014年1月28日
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Robin teaches some useful and common internet chat or mobile text expressions in English. In this video, he teaches 'asl': age, sex , location. He will give a lot of example sentences so it is easy for you to understand.

Eating Out - How to place an order in a restaurant in English

source: Twominute English    2013年6月19日
You are out with your friends for a meal. The waiter or waitress will probably ask you a couple of questions about how you like your food. How would you interact with them and communicate your preference of taste? Well, in this lesson you will learn phrases that you can use to place an order at a restaurant easily. Watch the video and pick up the important words and expressions that you can use next time you go to a restaurant.
Exercises for this lesson:
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0:07 In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use while placing your order at a restaurant.
0:19 Can I take your order now?
0:22 Yes. I'll have the house salad, steak, and mashed potatoes.
0:26 How do you like your steak? Rare, medium, or well-done?
0:30 I prefer medium-well. And, please, use very little salt.
0:35 Sure. Would you like anything to drink with that?
0:38 Do you have iced tea?
0:40 Yes, we do. Sweetened or not?
0:43 No sugar, please. But do add a twist of lime.
0:53 Are you ready to order?
0:55 Yes. I am. I would like to have two eggs and a side order of ham.
1:01 How do you want your eggs? Boiled, fried, poached, or scrambled?
1:05 I’ll have them fried, please.
1:07 How do you like them, sunny side up or over-easy?
1:10 Sunny side up.
1:12 Anything else?
1:13 Yes. What’s the soup of the day?
1:16 Today we’re serving our spicy chicken and noodles.
1:20 Sounds delicious. I’ll have that, then. But bring me a cup, not a bowl.
1:32 Are you ready to order, miss?
1:35 Sure. I’d like to order a large sausage and cheese pizza.
1:39 Would you like to add extra cheese?
1:42 Yes, please. Can you add extra sausage as well?
1:45 We certainly can. Anything to drink?
1:49 Do you have free refill?
1:51 Yes.
1:53 Give me a medium coke, then.
1:56 If you add a large coke to your order, we serve you a complimentary individual chocolate pan pizza.
2:02 That’s alright. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat all that.
2:06 You can always take it to go and have it later…
2:10 Well, you’ve convinced me. I’ll have the large coke and the chocolate pan pizza.
2:17 I'll have the house salad, steak, and mashed potatoes.
2:27 I prefer medium-well. And, please, use very little salt.
2:36 I would like to have two eggs and a side order of ham.
2:47 How do you like them, sunny side up or over-easy?
2:55 What’s the soup of the day?
3:00 But bring me a cup, not a bowl.
3:06 I’d like to order a large sausage and cheese pizza.
3:14 Can you add extra sausage as well?