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(2013上-商專) 英文文法與修辭(一)張秀珍 / 空中進修學院 (1-18)
(2013下-商專) 英文文法與修辭(二)張秀珍 / 空中進修學院 (1-19)
(2014上-商專) 英文文法與修辭(一)張秀珍 / 空中進修學院 (1-18)
(2014下-商專) 英文文法與修辭(二)張秀珍 / 空中進修學院 (1-18)

DAY & NIGHT idioms in English

source: Learn English with Rebecca    2015年11月10日
English idioms help you speak naturally and understand more! Learn what it means to 'call it a day', to be 'a night owl', to 'make someone's day', and more. Native speakers use these phrases every day; you will too after watching this lesson on common idioms related to day and night!
Take the quiz, then call it a day: http://www.engvid.com/day-night-idiom...

English Grammar lesson - Transportation Prepositions

source: Learn English with Let's Talk       2015年11月11日
Take the quiz : http://www.learnex.in/transportation-...
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# By
When we talk about general ways to travel we always use the preposition 'by'. For example - We travel by car ,by train , by can, by bus, by plane and so on. We can also use the preposition 'by' to refer to the transportation environment or the surface for example, by air, by land, by sea, by rail.

# In
When we talk about specific transport vehicles we use the preposition 'in'. If you can sit inside the vehicle we use 'in'. For example - In a car , In a truck , in a helicopter , in a taxi, in a rowboat.

# On / Onto
When we talk about specific transport vehicles especially on which one can stand or walk on a vehicle, we use the preposition 'on'.
For example - We go on a plane , we go on a ferry , we go on a ship , on a Train , on a Bicycle, on a Motorbike , ( the basic mode of travel - on foot).

Also when we talk about sitting on animals we always use the preposition on or onto, for example - We get on / onto a horse, camel, elephant etc.