Some confusing English words

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600+ Confusing English Words Explained:
There are a lot of words in English that seem to be the same – and in fact they are very similar – but we use them in different ways.
In today's lesson, you'll learn the differences between 5 pairs of confusing words:
deem / regard
elder / older
loyal / faithful
crush / squeeze
joke / prank

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50 Common Sentences with "Take" | Basic English Conversation | Sentences...

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Improve your fluency with these 50 common sentences with the verb "Take".
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Full list of sentences:
Take care
Meaning 1: to treat something or someone with care
1. Take care of your health.
2. Thank you for taking care of the kids.
Meaning 2: used when saying goodbye
3. Bye! Take care!

Take place
Meaning: to happen
4. When will the meeting take place?
5. It will take place next week.

Take it easy
Meaning: relax or stay calm
6. Why are you so angry? Take it easy.
7. You’re working too hard. Take it easy.

Take your time
Meaning: There’s no need to hurry
8. Employee: “Is it OK if send you the report by Tuesday?”
Boss: “No problem. Take your time.”
9. A: “Can you wait five minutes? I’m on the phone.”
B: “Sure. Take your time.”

Take off
Meaning 1: to remove an item of clothing
10. You can take off your shoes and leave them here.
Meaning 2: (said of planes) to begin flying
11. What time will the plane take off?

Take out
Meaning 1: take someone to a restaurant/movie etc.
12. I’m taking my family out for lunch today.
Meaning 2: a meal brought home from a restaurant (spelled takeout)
13. I’m too tired to cook. Let’s just order a takeout.

Take part
Meaning: to participate in something
14. Are you taking part in the contest?
15. I don’t like to take part in arguments.

Take steps/measures/precautions
Meaning: take action
16. We must take steps to prevent this from happening again.
17. The government needs to take measures to reduce poverty.
18. Before riding a motorbike, you should take precautions to protect yourself.

Take responsibility
Meaning: to accept duty or blame
19. Successful people take responsibility for their own lives.
20. I take responsibility for this mistake. It was my fault.

Take + time expression
21. How long does it take to boil an egg?
22. It takes about 10 minutes.
23. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.
24. How much longer do I need to wait? This is taking forever! (=this is taking a long time)

Take seriously
Meaning: treat something or someone as important
25. You should take your studies more seriously.
26. He’s just being funny. Don’t take him too seriously.

Take lessons/courses
27. I heard you’re taking yoga lessons. Good for you!
28. I’m taking a course in computer programming.

Take in other meanings
29. Do you take credit cards? (=Do you accept…)
30. How much sugar do you take in your tea? (How much sugar do you have…)
31. I take your point but I’m not fully convinced. (=I understand your point)

Expressions with Take a…
32. Take a look at this.
33. Let’s take a break here. Please be back in 5 minutes.
34. Take a deep breath and relax.
35. I’m going to take a walk through the garden.
36. I’ve been thinking about taking a vacation.
37. We’re going to take a trip to Germany next month.
38. A: “How are you getting back home?” B: “I’m going to take a cab.”
39. Which bus can I take to get to the museum?
40. You can take a train from Paris to London.
41. I’m taking a plane to Atlanta tomorrow.
42. Let’s take a picture together.
43. This burger is great! Here, take a bite. (=eat a little bit)
44. I'm going to take a shower.
45. Why don’t you take a short nap?
46. Please, come on in and take a seat. (=sit down)
47. You’re taking a big risk by quitting your job.
48. We need to be careful. We can’t take any chances.
49. Jane isn’t in her office right now. Can I take a message for her?
50. If you’re not sure of the answer, just take a guess.

Easy English Expressions with "OUT OF"

source: Learn English with Rebecca     2017年8月9日
What's the difference between "out of milk" and "out of nowhere"? One is an expression, always with the same meaning; the other is an idiom, with different meanings. In this lesson, you'll learn how "out of" can be part of an expression or part of an idiom. You'll see how "out of" is used in everyday life as an expression and then learn eight common idioms, including "out of character, "out of town", and "out of touch". Idioms upgrade your English fluency in speaking and writing. Watch this lesson and start using these expressions for greater social, academic, and business success.

News Review: Online extremism on the rise

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[Images: GETTY IMAGES] The story: The amount of online content created by extremists is growing - and so is the audience for it. A British report says technology companies need to do more to prevent it.
Vocabulary: would-be: hoping or trying to be war against: strong and organised effort to control something harmful
giants: large, successful, powerful companies Try our quiz about this video here:

CNN 10 | September 22, 2017 | English Subtitles

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English news lesson - Chai-wallah goes viral, Spain overturns bullfighting ban

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In News English Lessons we look some of the current events that are taking place around the world. In this lesson we look at events surrounding a blue-eyed chai-wallah in Pakistan and Spain's overturning of a bullfight prohibition in Catalonia .
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Medical vocabulary

source: Your English Web    2015年11月27日
In this English lesson you will learn some of the key vocabulary related to medical treatment that we use in English.
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Why, Who, How | Question Words | Part 2 | English Speaking Practice

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Language in Use:
Why are you in bed? Because I don't feel well. How you feel better soon.
Who is she? She's my mother. She is very nice.
How are you doing? I'm doing well, thanks. Glad to hear it.
Why do I have to read these? Because you have a test. I know.
Who wants ice cream? I do. Wait your turn.
How does this work? Get in. OK. I see.
Why are you angry? Because I ran out of gas. That's not fun.
Who was eating snacks? Nobody knows. Really?
How fast was I going? Too fast. Sorry.


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IELTS ACADEMIC band 9 material.

The IELTS Listening test will take about 30 minutes, and you will have an extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

The four parts of this practice Listening test are presented over four separate web pages. Make sure you move swiftly from one page to the next so that your practice is as realistic as possible.

Download the question paper and blank answer sheet before you start, and write your answers on the question paper while you are listening. Use a pencil.

Listen to the instructions for each section of the test carefully. Answer all of the questions.

There are 40 questions altogether. Each question carries one mark.

For each part of the test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers.

When you have completed all four parts of the Listening test you will have ten minutes to copy your answers on to a separate answer sheet.


source: Official IELTS Practice  2017年7月12日
IELTS ACADEMIC band 9 material.
Speaking is in three parts. The examiner wants to know what is your level of English. The questions are already set. Your response is recorded. Your score depends upon how clearly the examiner can understand you.

25 Must-Know English Phrases!

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