CNN Student News May 10, 2016 with English subtitles

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May 10, 2016 CNN Student News with subtitles, closed caption (You can click it on by yourself).

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Top English Pronunciation Problems

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In this lesson, you’re going to practice English words with very similar sounds. Many English learners have problems pronouncing these words correctly. If you can master the differences in pronunciation between these words, you’ll improve your pronunciation and be able to talk more like a native English speaker.

Vacation to Canada (English Conversation For Beginners - Lesson 18)

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Learn English Conversation For Beginners (100 Lessons).
Lesson 18 - Vacation to Canada.
George : What's today's date?
Sandra : It's July 5th.
George : When are you going on vacation?
Sandra : I'm leaving on Sunday. We're going to Canada.
George : Really? The day after tomorrow? That's very soon.
Sandra : Yeah I know.
George : How long are you going to stay there?
Sandra : About 2 weeks.
George : When are you coming back?
Sandra : I'm coming back on the 17th.
George : Alright. Have a nice trip.

At a bank - Financial English Lesson

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0:01 Welcome to Teaching you English in two minutes or less.
0:07 In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are at the bank.
0:14 How may I help you today?
0:17 I would like to deposit this check and $100 cash.
0:21 Please sign the back of the check, ma’am.
0:24 Do you want any money back?
0:27 No, thank you. What is my account balance?
0:31 $1200.50.
0:34 Will that be all?
0:36 Yes, thank you.
0:40 Hello, I would like to withdraw $100 from my account.
0:45 Okay, ma’am. How do you want your money?
0:49 I would like it in 20’s and 10 singles.
0:53 Here you go. Your new balance is $450.00.
1:02 Welcome to Bank of America!
1:04 Do you have an account with us?
1:06 No, I do not. I would like to open a savings account.
1:12 Great. There is a minimum balance of $100.
1:17 You can also open a checking with no minimum balance.
1:22 May I have information on the types of checking accounts?
1:27 I am a student and would like to avoid fees.
1:32 Here is a pamphlet with all the types.
1:35 I can answer any questions as well.
1:38 Thanks.
1:41 Is this the customer service desk?
1:44 Yes it is. How may I help you?
1:47 I would like to open an investment account.
1:50 How good is your interest?
1:53 The current interest rate is 1.5% to 4% depending on the specific account.
2:01 It is a business account with a different bank.
2:04 My manager will be able to explain everything in depth to you if you wait a moment.
2:09 Okay. That’s no problem.
2:14 How may I help you today?
2:19 What is my account balance?
2:24 I would like to deposit this check and $100 cash.
2:33 How do you want your money?
2:38 I would like to open a savings account.

How to write numbers in English - 6 common mistakes

source: Learn English with Emma  2013年7月29日 Do we write "ten" or "10"? "I have an eight year old son", "I have an eight years old son", "I have an eight-year-old son", or "I have an 8 year old son"? What is the best way to write this? In this lesson, I will teach you six common mistakes that students make with numbers, and how to avoid them. We will look at pronunciation, grammar, and writing mistakes.

IELTS & TOEFL Academic Vocabulary - Adjectives

source: English Lessons with Alex  2014年5月29日 If you're preparing for the TOEFL or IELTS, vocabulary is incredibly important. In this lesson, I will give you 10 academic adjectives you may need on your test. Learning vocabulary can improve your score in ALL sections, because it is essential to every aspect of English. These words commonly appear on the tests, and are great to use in your academic writing. The adjectives include 'aware', 'crucial', 'prohibited', 'visible', 'flexible', and five others. Learn these words with me, and then practice using them on your quiz. Good luck on your test!