How to Describe Tech and Computer Skills in English for my CV or Resume?...

source: Go Natural English     2016年6月6日
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How to Speak English Quickly Like a Native Speaker

source: Learn English Conversation    2016年6月1日
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Business English Technology Vocabulary for IT - Web 2.0

source: Business English Pod     2009年10月12日
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IT and computer vocabulary related to the "next generation" of internet technologies, commonly referred to as Web 2.0.

Financial English Vocabulary VV 39 - Stocks and Shares (Lesson 1) | Business English Vocabulary

source: Business English Pod     2014年7月14日
In this http://www.VideoVocab.TV lesson, we'll learn financial English vocabulary related to stocks and shares, which are one of several types of securities that are listed on exchanges. We'll explore ideas such as brokers and brokerages, as well as stock indexes, initial public offerings, or IPOs and dividends.

English in a Minute: Up In The Air

source: VOA Learning English     2015年10月31日
Are your future plans "up in the air?" Find out how to use this expression in this week's English in a Minute!
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Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 5

source: Daily English Conversation      2016年2月14日
Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences Day 5.
79. I assure you.
80. I bet you can.
81. I can manage.
82. I can't afford it.
83. I can't believe it.
84. I can't resist the temptation.
85. I can't stand it.
86. I can't tell.
87. I couldn't agree more.
88. I couldn't get through.
89. I couldn't help it.
90. I didn't mean to.
91. I don't k now for sure.
92. I enjoy your company.
93. I enjoyed it very much.
94. I envy you.
95. I feel like having some dumplings.
96. I feel terrible about it.
97. I feel the same way.
98. I have a complaint.
99. I have nothing to do with it.
100. I haven't the slightest idea.
101. I hope you'll forgive me.
102. I know the feeling.
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Using 'Through' in many different ways - Advanced English ESL lesson 607

source: Learn English with Let's Talk 2014年9月14日
We use through as a function word to indicate movement from one side or point to another one.
I drove through the city last night.
He drove the choke through the board.

It is used to indicate a passage from one end to another.
This is a side road through the field.
I walked through the forest last night. I was scared!

It can refer to a passage into and out of a treatment or process.
The matter went through the manager’s hand.
The bill went through the legislation.

Through can indicate relationships in the family.
We are related through our aunts.
We are cousins through our parents.

Can be the way of spreading news or any matter.
I got to know the good news through your wife.
We were allowed to get into the club through your friend’s help.

It can refers to a set of condition
I went through a torture yesterday while I was writing my test. It was so hard!
He got through his illness in 3 days.

Through also indicate a period of time:
Monday through Saturday.
January through June.

From beginning to the end of a process or procedure:
The firemen didn’t stop working all through the disaster.
I could not stop laughing all through the theatre play.

Through can express a meaning: because of something or somebody or due to
My wife could not catch her connection flight through delay of her first flight.
It was all through her we lost our money.

Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

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Speaking English: How to express your reaction

source: Learn English with Rebecca 2014年01月04日 What great news! How sad! Learn how to respond easily and naturally to good or bad news by using easy expressions. What a lesson!