CNN Student News - January 05, 2016 - English Sub

source: Thanh Do      2016年1月5日
CNN Student News with subtitles.

Phrasal Verbs with UP [Learn English with Subtitles]

source: Learn English with BeGlobal    2015年12月30日
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LOL!! Learn English vocabulary about JOKES: hilarious, dirty joke, LMAO...

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]      2015年12月29日
What's the difference between "fun" and "funny"? What do you say when you see something that makes you laugh? What is the difference between "LOL" and "LMAO"? In this interactive video, I'm going to teach you how to talk about jokes and comedy. You will learn many ways to say that you think something is funny or not funny. You will also learn what you can say if you don't understand a joke. At the end, I will tell you some jokes, and you can practise your new expressions! Don't forget to take the quiz at the end to check your understanding.

Tardy Ticket--美语怎么说 (41)

source: 美国之音中文网      2013年7月12日
1. Under the radar 不被发现,保持低调
2. Pink slip 解雇通知书
3. Name your price 出价
4. Highway robbery 拦路抢劫 , 敲竹杠
5. Rat someone out 揭发某人,检举某人
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Took Me By Surprise!--OMG!美语

source: 美国之音中文网    2015年11月15日
1. took me by surprise 让我惊讶
2. bored out of my mind 无聊死了
3. in the middle of nowhere 前不着村后不着店
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