I need to do laundry (English Conversation For Beginners - Lesson 36)

source: Daily English Conversation    2016年9月29日
English Conversation For Beginners - Lesson 36 - I need to do laundry.
Lesson 36: I need to do laundry.
Eric : Hi Anna, come in.
Ana : Wow, your apartment is a mess.
Eric : I know, I didn't have time to put things away before you got here.
Ana : Look! Are those all your clothes on the couch?
Eric : Yes.
Ana : Are they clean?
Eric : Actually most of them are dirty. I haven't done laundry in a while. I usually wait until I can do it at my parent's house.
Ana : My sister and I usually go to the laundromat down the street. Why don't you go there?
Eric : I know I should, but that place isn't very convenient. You have to wait for a long time.
Ana : Yes I know. I have to do it every week. Anyway, are you ready to go?
Eric : No I'm not ready yet. I still have to brush my teeth and wash my face. Can you wait for a few minutes?
Ana : OK, but please hurry. I think the restaurant is closing soon.
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Winter Sports | I Like... Pattern

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How to give great customer service: The L.A.S.T. method

source: Learn English with Emma    2016年9月30日
http://www.engvid.com/ Do you work in customer service? What do you do when your customer has a problem? In this video, I will teach you how to give great customer service. You will learn many polite expressions you can use with your customers. I will explain the Listen, Apologize, Solve, and Thank (L.A.S.T) method, which will help your performance at any customer service job. I'll also give you my customer service tips for dealing with an angry customer. After this video, watch Rebecca's video about phone customer service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBSrZ...
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Learn English Slang Words - School and Studying

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CNN Student News with subtitles - October 2, 2016 | Debris of Flight 370 | Helping Salmon S...

source: NEWS with Subtitles    2016年10月1日
President Obama`s Visit to Rome; Search for Debris of Flight 370; The Decision that Could Change College Sports; Helping Salmon Survive in California Drought.
Science, politics, geography, and math all factor in to Today's edition of Student News! If you've never heard of the latitudinal Roaring Forties, you can't fathom why fish would travel by truck, and you don't know what the record is for Girl Scout cookie sales, you won't want to miss this show.
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CNN Student News - October 1, 2016 | Truth behind the "5-second rule" in...

source: NEWS with Subtitles     2016年9月30日
Chinese Brain Drain; Five Second Rule Confirmed by University Study; Debris Found in Indian Ocean Could Be Missing Plane; Drones and Cell Phone Hacking; 3d Printers Give Hope for Amputees in Southern Sudan.
Covered Today on CNN Student News: A brain drain threatens China, scientists discover a glint of truth behind the "5-second rule" involving food and germs, a hacker uses a drone to expose cell phone insecurities, and technology is used to help victims of South Sudan's civil wars.
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BBC 6 Minute English | ARE BEARDS BACK TO STAY? | English CC | Daily Lis...

source: Daily Listening     2016年9月13日
Are beards back to stay?
Big bushy beards have become so fashionable that there's now an art exhibition dedicated to them.
Listen to Rob and Neil discussing feminism, testosterone and Charles Dickens whilst explaining some pretty hair-raising vocabulary.

0:06 Now, Neil... what's that on your face?
0:09 What… this?
0:12 It's a beard, Rob.
0:13 Have you never seen one before?
0:15 I have.
0:16 But I've never seen one on you before… and I'm surprised to say, it looks good on you!
0:20 Well, thank you!
0:21 I thought I'd get on the beard bandwagon, you know.
0:25 Beards are all the rage at the moment - that means 'very fashionable'.
0:29 And to get on a bandwagon is when you join other people in doing something that has become
0:34 popular – perhaps because you hope to become popular yourself!
0:38 Well, that doesn't apply to me, Rob, because, as you know, I'm very popular already.
0:43 Yes.
0:44 Yes, I know that, of course...
0:46 Anyway, beards are such a talking point – a subject that a lot of people are discussing
0:50 – that we decided to talk about them on today's programme!
0:54 So are you ready for today's question, Neil?
0:57 What's the name for someone who loves beards?
1:01 Is it… a) barbophile?
1:04 b) pogonophile? or c) pelophile?
1:09 Hmm.
1:10 All the answers sound tempting.
1:11 But I’m going to go for a) barbophile.
1:14 Right.
1:15 OK, well we'll find out if you're right or wrong later on.
1:19 But this is interesting: a new scientific study suggests that the more beards there
1:25 are in a population, the less attractive they become – and this currently gives clean-shaven
1:31 men a competitive advantage.
1:33 Oh, no!
1:34 That's bad news for me, then!
1:36 Competitive advantage means when a condition or circumstance puts you in a favourable position
1:42 – in this case, being clean-shaven or having no facial hair.
1:46 That's right.
1:47 We’ve reached 'peak beard' apparently.
1:50 Beard popularity has peaked – or reached its highest point – and will decline in
1:55 popularity from this point.
1:56 OK.
1:57 Let's listen to writer, Lucinda Hawksley, talking about beards through history.
2:03 And listen out for a word that means women's struggle to achieve the same rights and opportunities
2:08 as men.
2:09 It's interesting, while I was writing the book I came to realize that the most heavily
2:14 bearded times in Britain are either when women are in power, such as Elizabeth I or Queen
2:19 Victoria, or when there's a big discussion of feminism - and it is really interesting
2:23 that in the last few years there's been so much more discussion of feminism.
2:26 You get a woman on the throne and men go, 'Oh, got to have a beard.'
2:30 It's really strange.
2:31 Or in the 60s or 70s with all the kind of, you know, big thing about women's lib, suddenly
2:34 the beard becomes huge here.
2:36 Well, needless to say Lucinda doesn't have a beard, but she certainly knows a lot about
2:42 them.
2:43 She's the great great granddaughter of famous writer Charles Dickens, who sported– or
2:49 wore – a very flamboyant beard.
2:52 Flamboyant means eye-catching and different.
2:54 Now, did you spot the word for women's struggle to achieve the same rights as men?
2:59 Yes.
3:00 It's feminism.
3:01 She also talks about women's lib, which is short for women's liberation.
3:06 And this has a similar meaning to feminism.
3:08 So, what do you think, Neil?
3:10 Are beards a show of testosterone in reaction to powerful women?
3:15 Is that why you've grown your beard?
3:17 I don't think it's testosterone – that's the main male hormone.
3:21 For me, it's laziness.
3:23 I'm flying the flag for men's lib – liberation from the razor.
3:28 Right.
3:29 Well, I'm not sure whether that's a worthy cause or not, Neil.
3:32 Let's hear from Brock Elbank, the photographer behind the exhibition 'Beard'.
3:37 He’s talking about one of the people he photographed.
3:42 I found Jimmy on a friend's Facebook page whilst I was in Sydney.
3:48 Invited him to come to my home studio for a portrait and I posted it and it got reblogged
3:54 over half a million times in four hours.
3:56 I mean I think when Jimmy and I… when I met Jimmy he told me about his 'beard season'
4:02 melanoma charity and I was kind of on board from the get go.
4:07 So Jimmy must have a pretty awesome beard!
4:10 Indeed.
4:11 We should check out the Beard exhibition and find out.
4:14 But Jimmy has a beard for a special reason, right Neil?
4:17 That's right.
4:18 Yes.
4:19 Brock mentions Jimmy's melanoma charity.
4:22 Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer and Jimmy is raising money and awareness to
4:27 help people who suffer from it.
4:29 And Brock says he was on board from the get go – meaning he wanted to be involved with
4:34 the charity right from the start.
4:37 We should also mention 'Movember' and 'Decembeard' – both campaigns invite men to get hairy
4:43 for good causes.
4:44 That's right, good causes – moustaches in November and beards in December.
4:48 Now, let's have the answer to the quiz question.
4:5 1I asked: what's the name for someone who loves beards.
4:54 Was it: a) barbophile b) pogonopile or c) pelophile?
5:00 And I said a) barbophile.
5:02 Wrong, I'm afraid.
5:04 The answer is actually b) pogonophile.
5:07 Oh, well, you can't win them all.
5:09 Now then, Rob, can we hear today's words again?
5:12 Sure.
5:13 We heard: all the rage
5:16 get on a bandwagon talking point
5:23 competitive advantage clean shaven
5:29 peaked sport
5:35 flamboyant feminism
5:40 women's lib testosterone
5:46 melanoma on board from the get go
5:49 Well, that's the end of today's 6 Minute English.

Turn it on - Learn English Phrasal Verbs with Simple English Videos

source: Simple English Videos    2014年4月3日
You can see this video with a clickable transcript at my video website:http://www.simpleEnglishvideos.com/la... along with another video where Fluency MC performs a rap with these exact same verbs
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Expressing Time in English

source: Learn English with Valen   2009年3月22日
http://www.engvid.com/ This is a lesson on different ways to express time in English. The lesson covers vocabulary related to time -- something every beginner needs to learn!

How to pay with DEBIT or CREDIT CARDS

source: EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! 2015年2月11日
http://www.engvid.com/ Out shopping and out of cash $$$? Learn how to pay with a debit or credit card in English! It can be intimidating to use a bank machine in a new language. Which account should you choose? What is a "PIN"? When people are waiting behind you, it is embarrassing when you don't understand something. Take a deep breath, and watch this video. Afterwards, take the quiz, and you'll be ready to check out!

IELTS listening practice | English listening test

source: Crown Academy of English    2013年10月23日
This is an IELTS listening practice video to help you practise for the IELTS test with this exercise with subtitles based on a British news report about a surprise event in London last week.
0:19 Lesson plan
2:30 Learn the English Vocabulary needed for the lesson - gig, truck, audience.
6:53 Listening questions:
1. How old is the singer?
2. What did the singer say to the audience?
3. Why was Harel disappointed?
4. Complete the sentence:
In an interview with the BBC, Paul said "It was very exciting. ____ _____ _____ _____ ______ ."
5. When did the singer surprise his fans in New York?
6. Who had the idea for these surprises?
9:00 Listen to the English news report.
11:40 Answers to the questions
13:45 Listen to the report with the transcript
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How to Summarize

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2010年6月22日
http://www.engvid.com/ I've told students in previous lessons that they should summarize what they read. In this English lesson, I explain how to do that summary. Follow my simple system and learn better and more efficiently.

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10 common expressions use in business English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2013年11月10日
In this lesson Ceema teaches some common expressions used in business English. In a business environment there are situations where we need to use correct expressions and we fall short of them. These common expressions would help you to express your thoughts more clearly in various situations - may be agreeing or disagreeing on something, displaying your happiness or displeasure, closing a deal etc.

Cancelling an Appointment - Business English Lessons

source: Twominute English    2013年11月17日
There are times when you may not be able to keep an appointment. In this case it's very important to inform the person you were supposed to meet so that they don't end up waiting for you. You should inform people of a cancelled appointment as early as possible. In this lesson we will see some words and phrases that you can use when you want to cancel an appointment.
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0:15 Hey, my name is Jack and I have an appointment with Mr. Chang today.
0:18 Yes Jack. You are scheduled for 3 PM.
0:22 Actually, something came up and I won’t be able to make it. Could you please reschedule my appointment?
0:26 Sure. No problem. Mr. Chang will be available at 4.00 pm the day after tomorrow.
0:32 That would be fine. Please pass on my apologies to Mr. Chang.
0:41 Hello. Can I speak with Mr. Francis?
0:44 Francis this side. Who’s on the line?
0:47 This is Kylie from Sutan Associates. I’m calling to cancel Mr. Chang’s appointment with you tomorrow. He had to go to New York due to a family emergency.
0:56 Okay. Thanks for informing me. When’s he coming back ?
1:00 I think he’ll be back on Monday.
1:02 Alright. Just let me know when he’s back.
1:04 Sure. I’ll do that.
1:11 Hey Lucy!
1:12 Hi Jack! What’s up?
1:15 Lucy listen… I can’t go out with you tomorrow. I am really sorry.
1:20 What? Why?
1:22 My boss told me he needed me for an important meeting.
1:25 But I was waiting all week long for this!
1:28 I know. I am sorry. But we go on Sunday.
1:32 I hate your boss! He’d better not give you any work for Sunday!
1:42 Hello Jack.
1:43 Mr. Francis! Hi! How are you doing?
1:46 I am good, Jack. Thank you. I wanted to talk about our meeting.
1:50 Yes, what happened?
1:52 Well, I think we need to reschedule it. Mr. Chang has left town, and we can’t close our deal unless I speak to him first.
2:00 Oh, that’s too bad! When can we meet?
2:03 What about Wednesday next week?
2:05 Suits me. I will give you a call on Tuesday to confirm.
2:09 Good idea. See you!
2:15 Actually, something came up and I won’t be able to make it. Could you please reschedule my appointment?
2:25 I’m calling to cancel Mr. Chang’s appointment with you tomorrow.
2:33 I can’t go out with you tomorrow. I am really sorry.
2:40 I wanted to talk about our meeting
2:44 Well, I think we need to reschedule it.

Confusing English Words - One Word or Two?

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Polite English - Softening Your Message

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