Trump Meets Obama at the White House

source: VOA Learning English    2016年11月10日
President Barack Obama invited President-elect Donald Trump to the White House today. It is part of the process for a peaceful transition of power. Trump will be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2017.
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How to order an ice cream?

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2016年11月12日
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The lesson is divided into categories and will give you an idea of placing the order correctly.
# Size 
How many scoops would you like?
1) Kiddie Scoop - Small scoop of an ice cream
2) Single Scoop - One scoop of an ice cream
3) Double Scoop - Two scoops of ice cream

# Flavors
Which flavor would you like?
1) Vanilla
2) Chocolate
3) Honey almond
4) Butter scotch/pecan
5) Sundae - It typically consists of one or more scoops of ice scream topped with sauce,syrup or nuts.

# Types
1) Cup
2) Cone
3) Sugar Cone
4) Waffle Cone
5) Kiddie Cone
6) Candy Stick
7) Popsicle

# Toppings
Would you like to add some toppings on your ice cream?
1) Whipped cream
2) Sprinkles
3) Crunchy nuts
4) Fresh cut fruits

Dialogue - I would like a single scoop of chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone with some whipped cream on it.

Veterans Day & Remembrance Day

source: EnglishLessons4U    2016年11月10日
Do you know what Veterans Day is? What about Memorial Day? You may have also heard about Remembrance Day or Armistice Day. Find out how and why we celebrate these holidays in this special lesson. I'll teach you some key cultural points that are important to know where this holiday is celebrated. I'll explain a little bit about the history of this holiday and how these names are used in the United States and other English speaking countries. Last but not least, learn some key English vocabulary and expressions we use to talk about Veterans Day.
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Will I Win? + How to Talk About Gaining / Losing Weight in English

source: To Fluency     2016年11月6日
In this video, I talk about gaining weight vs losing weight. And a competition between me and my wife.
Yesterday’s lesson was all about consistency with English -
To put on weight = to gain weight
To go on a diet = not forever (temporary)
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Phrases for Admitting and Resolving Mistakes

source: Espresso English     2016年10月17日
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BBC 6 Minute English | THE FIRST SPACE WALK | English CC | Daily Listening

source: Daily Listening     2016年10月9日

0:04 Hello, Neil!
0:05 I watched that space movie last night – the one where those astronauts are stranded in
0:10 space.
0:13 Stranded means stuck in a place with only a small chance of leaving.
0:18 Gravity, you mean?
0:21 That's the one.
0:22 And this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first ever space walk.
0:29 On 18th March 1965 Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov was the first man to drift free in
0:36 space – 500km from the surface of Earth.
0:41 And that’s the subject of today’s show!
0:43 What on earth must that have felt like?
0:46 Ah ha!
0:47 Exactly.
0:48 It would have felt like nothing on earth – and that’s to say, very strange indeed.
0:52 He was the first person to experience the colourful geography of our planet stretched
0:57 out before him.
0:59 Very poetic, Rob!
1:01 But moving on, how about answering today’s quiz question: How long did the first space
1:06 walk last?
1:07 Was it... a) 2 minutes?
1:10 b) 12 minutes? or c) 22 minutes?
1:14 Hmm.
1:15 All quite short – so I think I’ll go for the one in the middle – 12 minutes.
1:21 We'll find out if you're right or wrong later on.
1:23 Now, ‘cosmonaut’ literally means ‘sailor of the universe’.
1:28 But Leonov’s mission wasn’t plain sailing – in other words, it wasn’t easy or straightforward.
1:33 That’s right.
1:35 No one had ever gone out into space before – it was unknown territory –unknown territory
1:42 means a place or activity that people do not know anything about or have not experienced
1:47 before.
1:48 And as it happens, there were big problems.
1:51 When Leonov left the capsule his spacesuit inflated – or swelled up – like a balloon
1:57 because the pressure inside the suit was greater than outside.
2:01 This made it impossible for Leonov to get back through the door of the spacecraft, putting
2:06 him in a life-threatening situation.
2:09 Let’s listen to Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space, talking about it.
2:14 So he decreases the pressure of his suit, which means that it’s a bit more able to
2:18 move inside it, but it means the amount of oxygen he’s got around his face is now dangerously
2:24 low so he can’t cope with that for very long.
2:27 So if he’s not able to get in quickly, he’s going to die of oxygen starvation, um […] so
2:36 he had the presence of mind to get on with all of this, got back in, swivelled himself
2:40 round, managed to close the airlock, and then when the pressure was equilibrated was finally
2:44 able to, you know, hug his compatriot up there in space.
2:47 Now, if you can’t cope with something it means you are unable to deal successfully
2:52 with a difficult situation.
2:55 And here the situation was having very little oxygen.
2:58 But Leonov had the presence of mind to find a solution.
3:02 Presence of mind means being able to react quickly and stay calm in a difficult or dangerous
3:07 situation.
3:08 And if I was in Leonov’s shoes – meaning if I was in his situation – I would have
3:14 panicked big time!
3:17 And there was plenty more to panic about before the mission was over.
3:20 The spacecraft’s automatic re-entry system failed so the cosmonauts had to fire the rockets
3:26 manually – meaning controlled by hand – which they had never done before.
3:30 And that’s not all.
3:32 Their capsule failed to detach – or separate – from the spacecraft’s equipment module,
3:38 and this sent them tumbling through space towards Earth.
3:42 But the capsule did finally detach.
3:45 And then you would think they’d have been home and dry, wouldn’t you?
3:49 Home and dry means being close to achieving a goal.
3:51 Well, they certainly weren’t dry.
3:53 The capsule touched down – or landed – hundreds of kilometres off course in freezing Siberia
4:00 populated only by wolves and bears.
4:03 Leonov had sweated so much on the space walk that his boots were filled with water up to
4:08 his knees!
4:10 Both cosmonauts had to wring out – or twist and squeeze – their clothes to avoid frostbite.
4:17 And off course, by the way, means not following the right route.
4:21 Those men must have been overjoyed when they were finally airlifted to safety two days
4:26 later!
4:27 But what seems unfair to me is, we all know about the Apollo moon landing, but how many
4:31 of us know about the first space walk?
4:33 Well, at least we do now, and of course our listeners do too!
4:37 OK, let’s have the answer to the quiz question.
4:40 I asked: How long did the first space walk last?
4:44 Was it… a) 2 minutes b) 12 minutes or c) 22 minutes?
4:50 I said a) 12 minutes.
4:52 And you were right!
4:54 Excellent.
4:56 Good!
4:57 So 12 minutes eh?
4:59 What an amazing short stroll that must have been but a very historic one too.
5:04 Well done.
5:05 Now, can we hear today’s words again please?
5:07 OK.
5:08 We heard: stranded
5:11 like nothing on earth plain sailing
5:18 unknown territory inflated
5:22 can’t cope with something presence of mind
5:31 in Leonov’s shoes manually
5:37 detach home and dry
5:41 touched down wring out
5:46 off course Well, that’s the end of today's 6 Minute

Worth: Learn English with Simple English Videos

source: Simple English Videos    2015年6月2日
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Job Interview Skills - DOs and DON'Ts

source: EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie! 2011年7月6日 Job interview tips: what to do and what NOT to do to get your dream job! Some of the tips might seem obvious, and some are more subtle. Make sure you are prepared fully by watching this video.

Future simple tense - will and shall | English grammar

source:      Crown Academy of English      2014年1月18日
0:15 The affirmative form of the future simple using will and shall followed by an explanation of the differences between will and shall in British and American English.
2:50 I explain the basic rules of The question form and negative form.
4:35 How to write the contracted forms of "will" in the affirmative and the negative (won't). We also look at the negative contracted form of "shall" (shan't)
7:23 When do we use the future simple tense?
15:40 Here you will learn an important rule for which tense to use with time expressions.
18:21 Future simple tense exercises.
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Introducing Yourself - Part 2

source: Twominute English     2013年9月7日
Introducing yourself is not as easy as it seems. You need to take into consideration a lot of factors such as place, occasion, and people you are meeting while introducing yourself. So how would you introduce yourself in different situations? We'll find out in this lesson. Watch the video and pick up the phrases they've used to communicate. Use them in your everyday conversations.
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Saying Hello and Goodbye, formally and informally

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2008年10月5日
In this English lesson, I go over some of the ways in which real native speakers of English say hello and goodbye. When people ask "How are you?", they don't really want to know how you are! They are just saying hello. There are many other ways to say hello and goodbye in different situations, and in this video, I'll teach them to you!

Informal Business English Expressions - Staying In Touch

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2013年6月1日
Informal Business English : Staying in Touch

Expression No 01 : Give me a Buzz.
In standard English, you can say: "Call me later." But if you're speaking to a friend or close colleague, you can also say: "Give me a ring." Another variation you may hear is: "Give me a buzz."

Of course, our cell phones only buzz when they're on silent mode, and they hardly ever ring because we usually choose a catchy tune from the hundreds of downloadable ringtones. Nevertheless, Give Me a Ring and Give Me a Buzz continue to be used in everyday English.

Expression No. 2: Text Me
Phones these days aren't just for conversations. We can check e-mail, take photos, watch videos and text message. Plenty of communication in the business world is done in writing, and if the nature of the information is informal, a text message via our cell phone can be a convenient way to convey it. Text Me is a quick way to ask someone to send you a text message. For example: "Hey, can you text me the address of the restaurant we're meeting at for lunch?"

Expression No. 3: Shoot Me an E-mail
In the world of business, time is money, and the pace of activity can be very fast. E-mail is certainly faster than snail mail (the regular mail service), so it's easy to understand how Shoot Me an E-mail came to mean "Send me an e-mail message." As fast as a speeding bullet, e-mail can send information from one businessperson to another.

Expression No. 4: Touch Base
People conducting business together must remain in contact. To Touch Base means to contact one another so that everyone can have the same information. If necessary, one person can update another. For example: "Let me make a few phone calls and find out more. We can touch base early next week, OK?"

Expression No. 5: Keep Me in the Loop
This expression is related to the previous one. Touch Base is actually making contact via phone, e-mail, etc. But when you ask people to Keep You in the Loop, you're simply asking them to keep you informed and not forget to pass along new developments.

Expression No. 6: Talk Shop
Sometimes colleagues get in touch simply to enjoy one another's company and not to conduct business. It's perfectly natural for one businessperson to suggest to another during a lunch break: "Let's not talk shop." This is a request not to discuss things related to work.

Of course, it's also possible for two colleagues to have few common interests outside work, so all they may do is Talk Shop.

Common English collocations with the words big, great, large, deep, strong, and heavy

source: Espresso English     2012年11月18日
In English, a collocation is two or more words that go together naturally. Learning collocations is essential for making your English sound fluent and natural! Here are 50 common English collocations with the words big, great, large, deep, strong, and heavy.

How to find a new job - Transferable Job Skills

source: Learn English with Rebecca   2011年9月16日 Find a new job more easily by learning how to identify and describe your transferable job skills in English. Not sure what transferable job skills are? Watch this video to learn more about this important concept in job hunting.