Fix these basic English pronunciation mistakes!

source: English Lessons with Alex    2016年7月25日
Do you make these common pronunciation mistakes? Good pronunciation is needed to be understood by native English speakers. In this important lesson you'll have a chance to practice your pronunciation by hearing and repeating vocabulary. I chose words that many of my students pronounce incorrectly in my classes. It doesn't matter if you speak Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese, French, or any other language – there is a good chance you have been pronouncing some of these words incorrectly. Fix these pronunciation mistakes today and you'll get closer to having a native speaker accent, be understood more easily, and sound much more fluent in English!

Let's Learn English Lesson 18 Speaking Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2016年6月22日
In this video, you can learn the new words for the lesson and practice using GET to show you understand.
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Let's Learn English Lesson 18: She Always Does That

source: VOA Learning English     2016年6月22日
Anna has a new job reading the news. Some stories make her feel happy. Other stories make her sad. Her boss, Caty, wants Anna to read "Just the facts!" What will Anna do?
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Speaking English - Bad Habits

source: EnglishLessons4U     2012年12月9日 Do you bite your nails? That's a bad habit! Watch this lesson to learn vocabulary and expressions to talk about bad habits in English. Then take the quiz:

English listening exercise - Cat adventures

source: Crown Academy of English     2014年11月9日
This is an English listening exercise based on a UK news story about cats. I start the lesson by giving you some new English words to learn to improve your vocabulary and also to help with the exercise.
I then present you the questions that I would like you to answer during the listening before playing you the article. You can listen to the article as many times as you need.
I then give you the answers to the questions and explain some more English vocabulary.
Finally, I play the article one last time with the transcript / captions / subtitles on the screen to help you fully understand what was being said.
The accent throughout this class is a British English accent.
English listening practice:
English grammar lessons:
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"OUT" Phrasal Verbs - Business English

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2013年7月26日 Are you studying English to do better in business? I would like to point out that the following business English phrasal verbs will help tp bail you out in meetings, and can help you figure out how to make it to the top in your career. Watch this lesson now... before your colleagues figure out your secret weapon: EngVid (and Mr. E.)!!! Take the quiz here:

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Working Out At The Gym - Conversations At The Gym In English

source: Twominute English    2014年2月3日
Do you exercise regularly? Go to a gym? How do you communicate with the people in the gym in English? Talk to you friends there, or talk to the instructors?
Make sure you listen to the vocabulary section at the end to improve your word-power and English comprehension.
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0:14 Hi there! How are you doing?
0:16  It’s a good habit to workout and keep ourselves fit and healthy.
0:20 Working out at the gym gives us focus and a schedule to stick to.
0:24 We can also get help and motivation from the trainers.
0:28 Today we’ll see some conversations at the gym.
0:31 Let’s listen to the lessons and build up our vocabulary.
0:35 Don’t forget to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!
0:41 It will help you build up English fluency.
0:45 Time to get started then!
0:53 Hey! My name is Patrick. I’m new to the gym.
0:56 Hey Patrick. I’m Michael. I’m the instructor here. Tell me how can I help you?
1:02 I was wondering if you could suggest some exercises to reduce my love handles.
1:06 Sure. This is a quite common problem among girls too.
1:11 Yeah! I sit all day, and hardly get a chance to exercise.
1:15 Alright! You’ll need to do a lot of cardio to fix that.
1:26 Hi! My name is Patrick.
1:28 Heya, I’m Brian.
1:30 Do you come at the same time everyday?
1:32 Yup. I come directly from my office, so it’s pretty much the same time everyday. What about you?
1:38 Today is my first day at the gym, but I guess I’ll be here at this time every day.
1:42 Alright! Good luck mate. I hope you enjoy your gym time.
1:47 Thanks man! I’ll see you around.
1:49 Of course. I'm sure you will!
1:58 I was wondering if I should get a treadmill at home.
2:01 Well, that’s not a good idea if you’re going to be a regular at the gym.
2:07 I know, but my exercise regime is shot! I skip out too many days.
2:13 That’s not good for you buddy. If you want I can send you reminders about gym-time to your phone.
2:20 Yeah? That’d be great!. Thanks chief!
2:23 No problems mate!
2:31 Dammit Sofia! You’ve lost a lot of weight.
2:33 You think so Patrick? I’ve been working out for a couple of months now.
2:38 You’ve made some fantastic progress! How much have you lost? 10 kilos?
2:42 No, not really. It’s actually 7.
2:46 Well... it has made a hell of a difference to you!
2:49 Thanks Patrick. Alright I better be going. I’ve got some running to do!
2:53 Hey Sofia! Can we go out sometime?
2:56 Maybe Patrick. Goodbye!
3:08 When you stick to something, you don’t give up. You don’t desert it.
3:12 When you stick to your schedule for example, you make sure you do things according to it.
3:22 Love handles is an informal way to describe extra fat around the waistline.
3:31 Cardio is a short form of cardiovascular exercise.
3:35 These exercises speed up your heart-rate due to their intensity.
3:39 Running, aerobics, cycling are examples of cardiovascular exercises.
3:49 Regime means a form of government, but you can also use it to describe your schedule, or a system.
3:57 For example, your exercise regime.
4:05 When something is shot, it’s broken. For example if your fridge is shot, it’s not working.
4:12 When your exercise schedule is shot, it means you’re not sticking to it.
4:22 When something changes radically you can informally say there is a hell of a difference in it
4:29  For example,
4:30 when someone has lost a lot of weight and looks very good, you can say there is a hell of a difference in the person.
4:40 Thank you for watching this lesson. We’ll be back with a new one tomorrow.
4:43 Do come back and watch it!
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4:54 See you soon!

English Prepositions: In Inside, Into, Within

source: Espresso English    2014年9月28日
600+ Confusing English Words Explained:
Free English Tips:
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How to make polite requests

source: Learn English with Rebecca     2012年11月30日 "Could you please"? "Would you mind"? This important lesson teaches you how to succeed in personal and professional life by learning to make polite requests in English. Master these key expressions until they flow easily and automatically and watch how your life improves. Now, could you please take the quiz?