CNN Student News - March 31, 2016 with English Subtitles

source: Thanh Do    2016年3月31日
CNN Student News with subtitles.

7 Common School Expressions in English

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) 2012年8月17日 Learn 7 very common terms and expressions about school and studying. You'll learn what terms like bookworm and teacher's pet mean, as well as how to use expressions such as play hooky, flunk out, and more! You can also take a quiz on this lesson at

CNN Student News - April 01, 2016 with English Subtitles

source: Thanh Do  2016年4月2日
CNN Student News with subtitles.

IDIOMS lesson 3 'Body'

source: MrSkypelessons   2013年9月2日
Here is my third idioms lesson, explaining how we use 10 different idioms all connected to the theme of the body. The level is upper intermediate. Here are the idioms
1) butterflies in the stomach
2) all mouth and no trousers
3) not know your arse from your elbow
4) put your nose in someone else's business
5) to turn a blind eye
6) to stick your neck out
7) to have your hands full
8) to get something off your chest
9) chin up!
10) to get cold feet
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6 tips for dealing with speaking anxiety

source: Learn English with Emma  2013年3月9日 Scared of speaking English in front of people? Do you get nervous when you have to speak in class, at meetings or even social events? You are not alone. Speaking anxiety is one of the most common problems students face. This video will give you six ways to overcome speaking anxiety. I have used each of these tips myself and know that they work. Test your understanding of this lesson with the quiz:

TOEFL iBT: Independent Speaking Task – 5 Ways to Succeed

source: English Lessons with Alex  2015年4月3日
What is the structure of the TOEFL independent speaking task? What types of questions are on it? For how long must you speak? I answer these questions and give five tips on how to prepare yourself for the TOEFL iBT independent speaking task. Watch the video to prepare yourself and get a high score.

Real English - Ordering food on the phone

source: Learn English with Rebecca  2014年12月26日 Do you avoid simple tasks like ordering food on the phone because you are too nervous? Does the idea of speaking on the phone in English frighten you? Watch this lesson and you won't be scared anymore. Learn what to say and what to expect the other side to say in response. Your confidence will grow as you improve your practical life skills in English.