Difference Between Alone, Lonely, Only

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Most Common Expression in English

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--have a word with
--back and forth
--beat around the bush
--like the back of my hand
--come on
--take it easy
--give me a hand
--sick and tired
--it doesn't
--what a small world
--in ages
--grab a bite
--on second thought
--dying to

Petty Cash Jar 美语怎么说(42)

source: 美国之音中文网     2013年8月1日
1. Right-hand man 得力助手;左膀右臂
2. Give it to someone straight 直说;
3. Burst someone's bubble 打碎某人的幻想;
4. Scot-free 逃脱惩罚;
5. Catch someone red-handed 当场抓获

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Eggs! OMG!美语

source: 美国之音中文网     2015年11月16日
话题:“How Do You Want Your Eggs?
I found it really hard to understand terms like "over medium", "over easy" How do you want your eggs? 你希望鸡蛋怎么做?
over easy 两面煎,蛋黄生
over medium 两面煎,蛋黄半生
over hard 两面煎,蛋黄全熟
What would you suggest?你建议怎么样好呢?
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