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Words that Facebook made famous. (Facebook Vocabulary)

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Friend: A friend in the language of Facebook means someone who you are in contact with. They are your virtual friends . So if you want to connect with your school friend, you send him a friend request to add him/her to your contact list.

Un-friend: If there is someone who annoys you from your contact list, you can delete him from your friend list. When you do that, you un friend him. It means he no longer appears in your contact list.

Like: Like is a thumbs up sign that appears at the end of every post. When you click on it, you show approval or agreement on what the article/picture says. It’s a way of appreciating what your friend has posted.

Unlike: It is the opposite of like. It shows disagreement or disapproval.

Post: When you upload a photo or a message on your FB account, it means you have posted something. So, all your friends can read or see what you have posted.

Tag: When you tag someone, you add a link. You could be tagged by your FB friends too.

Poke: A “poke” is basically someone trying to get your attention. It's one of the meaningless features that are used just to annoy someone. If you poke someone not in your network and they poke back. You can view their profile even if you’re not their friend.

Status: A Facebook status is an update feature which allows users to discuss their thoughts, whereabouts, or important information with their friends. When a status is updated, it posts on the user's personal wall, as well as in the news feeds of their friends.

Propic:Propic is a slang term for your profile picture. The square thumbnail which is your identity on Facebook.

Wall: A Facebook wall is the area on a profile or page where friends and fans can post their thoughts, views, or criticisms for everyone to see. Walls also incorporate the news feed, displaying updates made by the user such as statuses, links, pictures, and other recent activities.

Timeline: Your Timeline is the space on your profile where you can see your own posts, posts from friends and stories you're tagged in organized by the date they were posted. So if you go into your friend’s FB account, you can see all that they have posted.

Stalk: Someone who is obsessed with someone else and stalks them on Facebook. Not always traceable or noticeable, but clues are: wall posts replying to every status update, viewing every posted picture of the stalked, etc. They are people who want to know all about your life and deliberately attempt to gather information about you.

Share: When you share something on FB, you share it with your friends. It could be a link, image, article or anything. Once you share something, your friends can see it and like it if they want to.

Check-in: Enables your friends to know where exactly you are. If you are dining at a restaurant, you can use the check-in option to let people know of your whereabouts.

Government Shutdown 美语怎么说(49)

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1. Come to a standstill 陷入停滞状态
2. Leave something unattended 无人看管 ;
3. Make it worth someone's while 使某人获益,贿赂某人;
4. Skin someone alive 严厉惩罚

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What's Up Man! OMG!美语

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话题:What's up man怎么回答
Nothin' much 没什么
Just chillin 歇着呢
Just hangin' out 玩儿
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